BMPP Chapter 13

I Need a seems zombies are always ready to jump into eating tofu #There_will_Always_be_Protagonists_with_Delusions_of_Starting_a_Harem_Chapter_46 Thanks to K. Samel for topping up the full chapter counter (>^•^)> 💙💙 -----Although Shao Ci had mentally prepared to stay here for a while, it was merely the second day and he was already on the verge of dying.Because … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 13

RIBMG Chapter 1.2

I Need a Recap Looking at all the genderbenders on Dong Ruong's site makes me feel like learning a new language... #looks_fun #Korean_is_next_though_because_the_below_text_loooks_interesting_to_translate Author-san gives spoilers... *Cough* I mean, answers commenters' questions *cough* #working_on_translating_authors_notes_from_now_on Proofreader: Cofefe ----- “Didn’t you just want to have sex with them, but the person is a guy so you can’t. … Continue reading RIBMG Chapter 1.2

FEPL Chapter 4.1

I Need a Recap So far, it feels like Wu Meili is the main character when the synopsis sounds like it's supposed to be the child #I_like_it_though Welcome our second proofreader, Espresso Short-Hot-Doppio! They helped me catch the misnaming of mother so Ma = Niang from now on. ----- Chapter 4: Warehouse/Stars/Wrath of Heaven The … Continue reading FEPL Chapter 4.1

CPFLWV Chapter 6.2

I Need a RecapTrust is knowing someone will give you a bullet when the end comes for you in the Zombie Apocalypse... #the_meng_level_is_risingProofreader: Cofefe ----- Zhu Ai supported her chin as she watched the busy Shen Qingjia, "Do you want external or internal application?"Ever since she met the mysterious girl in front of her eyes, … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 6.2

Teaser ~ This Game Will Kill 这个游戏会死人 Chapter 1

After reading Escape the Infinite Chamber, I happened upon this while trying to find horror game Yuri... #the_synopsis_sounds_interesting #should_I_open_a_teaser_page Author: 大木老湿 Synopsis: Are you sure you want to enter the game? There's no exit option unless you die! You ask me who I am? The author? NO! NO! NO! The author went in and never … Continue reading Teaser ~ This Game Will Kill 这个游戏会死人 Chapter 1

BMPP Chapter 12.2

I Need a Recap Just as I was feeling like I needed something similar to Welcome to the Nightmare Game, Rainbow Turtle Translations translated Game, Live Broadcast and Game Loading #horror_game_yaoi #is_there_even_horror_game_yuri #Kaleidoscope_of_Death_is_good_too ----- Why is this happening? Is he going to die in such a humiliating way? Not knowing where the strength came from, … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 12.2