FIS Chapter 1 Elopement (2)

Ye Chunqiu changed his thoughts, searching the words eight-legged essay (1). Millions of articles appeared in his brain. Ye Chunqiu was entirely in a shock, oh dammit…..His heart is shaking…wtf…

Doesn’t this mean any document from any time period, as soon as I change my thoughts, will appear in my brain?

Ye Chunqiu peeked at Ye Jin quickly. Ye Jin’s sight is focused in the direction of the Ye’s Fu, not noticing him.

Ye Chunqiu sighed in his heart, it will be good if his system isn’t found by anyone.

Having lived twice, Ye Chunqiu definitely understood the importance of keeping this secret. He can’t act strange and let anyone notice the unusualness about him.

The ox cart finally stopped at the Ye’s door, the blue brick and white tiled fu is now covered by the snow. Only the red painted with gold outlined plaque says ‘Ye fu’ is still vivid under the eaves.

An elderly man has his hands clasped and covered by sleeves as he strolls outside of the door. When he sees the person on the ox cart more clearly, his mouth opens as big as an egg. He looks at Ye Jin, then yells in shock: ”The…The young master…young master is back.”

Ye Jin holds Chunqiu’s hand behind his back. His eyes filled with smiles. In Ye Chunqiu’s view, his dad’s eyes always look friendly. But Ye Chunqiu thinks that even his dad didn’t show much emotion, his mood must be hard to explain.

Ok…Hiding behind him should be good.

The entire house got disturbed, as if the spring suddenly comes after winter, everything woke up again.

Ye Chunqiu followed Ye Jin to walk around the shadowed wall and through the moon door, finally entering Ye’s main hall.

The main hall has lots of space, and lots of people were already standing or sitting here.

Sitting on the top, definitely is Ye Chunqiu’s grandfather, Ye Jin’s father, the grandfather Ye.

Ye Chunqiu carefully peeks at grandfather Ye, feeling like things might not be as easy as he thought. Grandfather Ye has a murderous look. Where is the happiness for a father and son get-together? The motionless face has an awful look. Ye Chunqiu wanted to draw grandfather Ye’s figure down, so whenever it’s New Year, he could save money and put it on the wall to scare ghosts away.

Standing beside grandfather Ye are two people around the same age as the dad. The older one wears a headband, so he is apparently a successful scholar, he puts on a smile, but when he sees my dad, he is ready to give scolding words.

So that is the second uncle?

The third uncle, has an ashen face, seems like he drinks a lot, even his eyesight seems listless.

Besides the three of them are the ladies in the family with their children, some of them the same age as Ye Chunqiu.

What a big family. Seems really complicated.


(Translator’s Notes)

(1) Eight-legged essay: a style of essay writing that needed to be used to pass the imperial exam.


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