FEPL Chapter 1.2

After listening to the judgment of the old doctor, Wu Meili was relieved. She glanced at the delicate daughter-in-law who was looking a little worried.

“Doctor, how is my daughter-in-law’s face? Does she need to eat a bit of medicine for the child to be born safely?”

The old doctor stroked his white beard and shook his head firmly.

“Old Furen, your daughter-in-law is thinner, but her face is very good. You can be relieved and know that your future grandchildren will be able to live peacefully.”

When she heard this, there was a sudden expectation in Wu’s heart, which originally felt hopeless. Perhaps this child can survive in this miserable world!

A middle-aged man, who called himself a godly fortune-teller, sat on the street, his dead eyes watching the crowd come and go.  He had already opened and had not had a single customer today, how he could continue to live?

It caught his eye that of the few people that came out of the medical hall, several of them were beaming. Especially one of the women, who unconsciously put her hands on her abdomen as if protecting something.

The godly fortune-teller saw this and felt a change in his heart suddenly.* He quickly readjusted his thoughts and looked at the people who were about to pass his booth.

*T/N: His conscience puts him in crisis…for a second.

He quickly said, “Congratulations to old Furen.”

Suddenly hearing a familiar greeting, Wu Meili stopped with her son and his wife.

“Sir, dare I ask where you come from?”

The godly fortune-teller stroked his long black beard and replied meaningfully, “Blood is being passed down, burn incense and naturally, there will be joy.”

Wu Meili glanced towards the godly fortune-teller and the original calm face immediately contained a little more trust. She moved past her son and daughter-in-law without hesitating to sit before the godly fortune-teller.

With a smile, she asked, “Your path is excellent. I admire it. The obstacles of my path are too many to count. How can I know what kind of life is in the future for the future grandchild I will hold in my arms?”

The godly fortune-teller thought: There is no business today, how much can be earned by answering? Plus, this family does not have much money so there is not much to offer.

After considering for a long time, he finally spoke:

Of all things, the virtue of having peerless luck is unbeatable.

The godly fortune-teller finished speaking and a scholar who passed by not too far away sneered before covering his face.

To act on luck, one must have a good life. If the child has such good luck, would they not become Emperor?  This year, there were many specializing in fortune-telling. Unafraid of the backlash, their tongues would flap.

In the end, Wu Meili was not a scholar and did not understand what the two words meant. Peerless luck, these did not seem like words to be said casually but it showed that the child’s future life would be particularly good.

“Godly fortune-teller, what do you mean?”

The godly fortune-teller stroked his long beard and replied with a nod.

“Yes, this child’s life will be very good. Old Furen’s age must be honored by this child.”

When Wu Meili heard this, she didn’t know how to describe her happiness. Regardless of whether the fortune-teller was telling the truth or not, she was very happy now.

Then, she took out the money from the purse that she had not used up in the medical hall and prepared to give a small portion to pay the godly fortune-teller.

Just then, an old man looked up at the sky and shouted in surprise.

“Look at the clouds in the sky. It won’t be long before we experience rain here.”

When the godly fortune-teller heard this, he looked towards the sky. Then, he looked down at Wu Meili in front of him and continued to say good things.

“Old Furen, you can trust me when I say this child will have a good life! Look at this unborn child, it has come to us in a place that has been dry for four months. Yet, it will bring with it an unprecedented heavy rain.”

Upon hearing this, Wu Meili trusted this godly fortune-teller seated on the road even more. She was so delighted, she took a large part of the amount in the purse and placed the six copper plates on the table in front of the godly fortune-teller.

“Thank you godly fortune-teller, I hope this child is really as you expected and will become a good person in the future. My daughter-in-law, perhaps, can also enjoy the blessings brought by this child.”

Looking at the six copper plates in a quiet manner, the godly fortune-teller was slightly disappointed. However, he also knows the hardships of ordinary people. Most barely have any oil and water that can be squeezed。

Then, he nodded mysteriously.

“Definitely, definitely, this child is a blessing at first glance.”

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