FEPL Chapter 2.1

Ughhhhh have to find some more cleaners so that when midterms come around and I decide to switch to procrastinating by novel translation, manga updates don’t drop off schedule T-T

Chapter 2 – Pie/Corn Porridge/Gale

The 14-year-old boy asked palely, “Mother, just now, didn’t they say it was going to rain? We have to go home quickly. I remember that our clothes are still drying outside, shouldn’t we hurry home and collect the clothes?”

The boy wore a gray short coat, lifted his head and pulled Wu Meili’s sleeves.

Wu Meili hearing this, gently shook her head, said.

“Look at this sky, it is not yet time for it to rain here. Let’s eat something to pad the belly, drink some tea, and then go home. You have been driving for more than half an hour. The drive back is also long and your body won’t be able to take it. If we hurry back, you will have to lie in bed and be unable to get up.”

Zhou Sanlang’s eyes lit up and cheerfully said. “Thank you, mother.”

Not all people have this kind of ability to eat something in the town.

But in the next moment, he was a little worried, and asked with a furrowed brow.

“But Mother, do you have any coppers left?”

Flicking her little son’s forehead with her finger, Wu Meili spoke with confidence.

“Sanlang, don’t worry about the money. There are three copper plates in your mother’s hands, which is enough for us to eat. ”

Zhou Sanlang heard this and released a sigh of relief. Letting go of her sleeve, he followed her closely.

Looking on are Zhou Dalang, Zhou Erlang, and their wives, all of them are elated.

Farmers and their family members have always saved money and when they can avoid spending more money, they would always choose to spend less.

This time, the town’s food seemed to have a fresh taste. Once the blessing that was rain arrived, all kinds of good things could be eaten.

The family decided, led by Wu Meili, to head for a small stall in town.

That’s right, it’s a small stall, very cheap, relatively clean stall.

A family of six, with a cow, only three copper plates in hand, what better place could they go?

“Dalang, go tie the cow and the cart well. Luya, go help Dalang’s wife.”

Wu Meili’s easy instructions were just a sentence and soon hands were released in order to take the reins.

Zhou Dalang nodded and said excitedly.

“Ok, Ma, I will go right away.”

After releasing his wife’s hands, he turned his body and handed her over to his younger sister’s hands. Then, pulling the ruminating* cow, he drove the cart to the side.

*T/N: ruminating = constantly chewing

Luya smiled and quickly took over her brother’s place, taking Hehua’s arm while talking to Wu Meili.

“Ma, do not worry. I will take care of eldest brother’s wife and not let her suffer any harm.”

Wu Meili nodded with satisfaction, took the lead, walked a few steps, and sat on the table and chairs outside the small stall.

Zhou Erlang and Zhou Sanlang followed at once, their wives supporting each other to follow behind.

Just as Zhou Dalang was still dealing with the oxcart, a middle-aged woman in her 40s came over and asked with a smile.

“Esteemed guests, what would you like to order?”

The table’s juniors did not speak and they all looked towards Wu Meili. Wu Meili looked at the booth’s owner and replied with a smile.

“Help me to get three pies cut before being sent to us. Also, we want this corn porridge that is free, is it filling?”

“Esteemed guests are quite sensible, I would presume that you are already aware that there hasn’t been rain lately. Therefore, this corn porridge cannot be full, only one pie bowl.”

The woman in her 40s smiled and calmly said this reply.

The juniors heard this and felt a little disappointed. Even Zhou Dalang, who has just returned, was stunned.

There is a considerable difference between free eating until full and eating a free barely full bowl.

But Wu Meili turned her head and looked pointedly at the sky.

“Big sister-in-law*, I don’t know if you have looked at the sky but I am afraid it will not be long until there is rain. Waiting for this rain, I am still afraid of lacking water?”

*T/N: Just to clarify, they aren’t related.

The female owner of the booth looked in the direction pointed by Wu Meimei. It turned out that there were more white clouds in the cloudless sky and it looked very thick.

“Big sister-in-law, there is a cloud on this day but that does not mean there may be rain.”

The female owner bowed her head and spoke with sorrow. But if you took a closer look, you can easily find that her mouth contains a little smile.

When Wu Meili heard this, she also bowed her head and looked at the female owner.

“Big sister-in-law, you are right, there may not be rain in the clouds, but you have forgotten one thing. Our place has not rained for more than four months, and there is no cloud. Listen to some elderly speak, having some clouds in these circumstances surely means it will rain.”

The owner smiled and nodded, speaking with relief.

“Since big sister-in-law said so, there’s no harm in believing once.”

Wu Meili’s face finally had a smile as she asked.

“That big sister-in-law, this corn porridge…”

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