FEPL Chapter 2.2

“Big sister-in-law spoke for quite a while, exactly for this corn porridge…”

The boss’s face was full of smiles and she waved her hand generously.

“Since big sister-in-law has worked so hard, I can’t help but give big sister-in-law face. This time, this corn porridge is still the same as before, free and full.”

With such a guarantee, the family of six showed a cheerful smile. In this way, they can save a little more food. Although not much, it was also a comfort.

“Ok, Big Sister-in law, you have been sitting for a while now, I will go and arrange it for you.”

The female owner held Wu Meili’s hands between her hands and spoke with a polite smile.

Wu Meili naturally did not expect to be disappointed. As she gently nodded, the owner left the table. What was she doing next to the booth?

As the eldest of the brothers, Zhou Dalang stood up slowly after the boss’s departure, and whispered.

“Ma, I will go get a few bowls and bring the porridge back.”

“Let your second and third brothers go with you and it will be enough to go back and forth.”

Wu Meili nodded, speaking her instructions. After, she seemed to think of something and groaned.

“When picking up the corn porridge, remember to use a pair of ladles to stir a few times so that the corn porridge at the bottom comes to the top.”

“Ok, ma, I have noted it.”

After speaking, Zhou Dalang took his two brothers to find the owner of the booth and took a few bowls. According to Wu Meili’s instructions, he hurried to and fro, placing the six bowls of porridge on the table.

Even so, there is not much corn in the free corn porridge. Although it is said to be a bowl of porridge, it is better to say it is a bowl of water with sporadic pieces of corn inside.

However, some people present at the scene were very satisfied and did not feel that they were being deceived. Food is not cheap and yet, the owner of the booth being able to give away a little bit for free is already alright.

Zhou Erlang’s wife, the 16-year old Luya rose, her mouth somewhat dissatisfied.

“Ma, why don’t you let me go? This kind of thing should be taken care of by our family’s daughter.”

Wu Meili took a bite of the corn porridge, glanced quickly at second daughter-in-law, unconvinced.

“You, take care of your big sister-in law well, this kind of thing is their work. All able-bodied yet what happened with the porridge?”

Luya heard this and thought it was quite reasonable. Unable to figure out what was wrong, she thought for a long time. In the end, she still did not understand and had no choice but to nod.

At the same time, the owner also delivered to the family of six. Each pie is for two adults, two inches high and made from a variety of grains.

The three big pies have been cut open by a knife, revealing a thick layer inside. Although there is not much meat, there are a variety of vegetables that are combined to give a colorful look.

The family of six looked at the oil that flowed out of the pie. They swallowed their saliva in the same breath. It was really a place worthy of having a stall located in town. When they smelled the aroma, they felt very good.

After drinking corn porridge, eating good-tasting pie, and feeding a bit of water to the ruminating cow, the family took the cart and returned.

“Hehua, you are going to sit on the cart.”

Before leaving, Wu Meili pulled the oxcart, not hesitating to call for her daughter-in-law standing nearby.

“You are Zhou family’s eldest son’s wife, I cannot allow you to suffer any grievance, especially the child in your belly must not be hurt.”

Hehua smiled and complied. With the support of younger siblings, she sat down on the cart.

Once all are located, the family left the town and continued on their way home. Not so long after leaving, there was a large gale. Whistling, as if to blow a girl’s skirt.

Wu Meili looked at the sky, said decisively.

“It’s getting windy and it’s going to rain soon. The child in daughter-in-law’s belly is indeed lucky. Luya, you also sit on the oxcart, block the wind for daughter-in-law and don’t hurt the child. We will continue on our way to get home before it rains.”

“Ma, I will go up here.”

Luya complied joyfully and clambered to the cart. When she is able to be lazy, she is not willing to continue walking.

After feeling the wind on his face, some of Zhou Sanlang’s inner worries surfaced.

“Ma, can we go back before the heavy rain? We would be fine in the rain but elder sister-in-law is carrying a child.”

Wu Meili looked at the sky, smiled, shook her head, and said calmly.

“Old Third, don’t worry, after we go home, it will take a while to rain.”

Zhou Sanlang’s eyes flashed surprised, his face full of questions like a blind man trying to find his way.

“Ma, how did you know?

Wu Meili smiled and replied meaningfully.

“Old Third, when you have lived long, had a few experiences, you will also look at the sky.”*

*T/N: Maybe it’s just me but I felt like she was going to say something deeper.

Hearing this statement, Zhou Sanlang nodded and seemed to understand.

The author has something to say: Every night at two o’clock in the morning are the golden hours of writing*, the little fairies cannot leave one alone.

*T/N: The feels are too strong. #that_uni_life

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