BMPP Chapter 6.1

If everyone`s caught up, let`s jump right in…


Shao Ci was truly incapable of understanding Chu Jin`s mind. After all, any individual seeks to utilize a servant but one that runs like this is certainly difficult for people like Chu Jin to tolerate.
However, Chu Jin was not the target of the System now. Shao Ci, too lazy to control his attitude, said directly: “Chu Jin, I don’t think we have anything to do with each other so I am not very concerned about how you treated me before.”

Once daily tasks were not required, Shao Ci`s intimate call of Chu Ge downgraded to directly calling his name.

Two people with zero good feelings for each other should not be forced to get along anymore, for the good of everyone.
Chu Jin did not believe Shao Ci`s words. He just sighed and stared at Shao Ci with gentle and tender eyes. “I’ve been busy recently… After I’ve handled this wave of zombies, I’m going to take time to accompany you, so don`t be so difficult, ok?”

If Shao Ci really liked Chu Jin, he would be so embarrassed that he forgets to nod and agree.

However, Shao Ci almost got goosebumps. While he didn’t expect Chu Jin to save a man, he did not expect him to lack hesitation to say such a thing. Such a person is really suited to be a villain. This kind of acting really makes one want to concede defeat.
“I haven’t been difficult.” If not for the remark made about himself, Shao Ci was not prepared to offend Chu Jin. It was too ridiculous to tell the truth. Now, he decided to give Chu Jin a little face and said: “You have not done anything wrong. I just think that I have found who I want to accompany more… So, please leave.”

Chu Jin’s face made it seem like he had heard a joke. He didn’t do anything at all. He said, “Don’t make such a joke with me again. Do you think that Yin Han is really good to you? He just uses you. Only beside me can you be the safest. I know that you are mad at me and deliberately say this.”

Shao Chi felt that he had already said it clearly enough. Yet, Chu Jin was still continuing on in this not-in-touch-with-reality manner, pitying him as if he was running around because of sympathy.

“Yin Han is much better than you.” Shao Ci, unable to stand it anymore, said: “When I was with you, I was blinded. Now that I am awake, I know you are not missing me anyway. So let this end. Let go. ”

“Yin Han is much better than me?” Chu Jin’s eyes turned dark as he could not figure out why there was anxiety in his heart. Feeling that Shao Ci’s attitude should not be like this…didn’t Shao Ci like him? Maybe he should simply give him a kiss, get a kiss, and it will be like a dream to Shao Ci.
Although he is loathe to admit, he is still looking forward to this kiss too.

Chu Jin immediately held Shao Ci’s shoulder and lowered himself.

Shao Ci does not have to read Chu Jin’s mind to know that he should save himself from being given a kiss… After all, the previous statement had to make him suspect that Chu Jin was laying down the path for this move.
However, even if there was a reason, one can’t forgive! !

At this moment, Shao Ci, scared senseless, lifted his legs, kneeing Chu Jin between his legs with a speed that could not be described.

Even if he was a prideful villain, Chu Jin just had to scream. His face was filled with black lines, cold sweat fell from the forehead, and for a moment, it felt as if he couldn’t move any part of his body.

After Shao Ci consciously thought of what he had done, he knew it was not good. Escaping from Chu’s side, he rushed out of the apartment.

He also did not dare to look back in fear of being caught by Chu Jin.

Now, Chu Jin was not only a villain in role but also in behavior, the kind of villain that must be reported. If he was caught by him, his chrysanthemum will be destroyed.

Shao Ci did not want to think about it and rushed directly to the villa where Yin Han was.

The man watching the door saw that it was Shao Ci and suddenly, he smiled and asked him what he need. He still had a good impression from Shao’s last free treatment for them.

When Shao Ci said that he came looking for Yin Han for something, he was directly sent in… It was not like looking for Chu Jin before, still wanting him to experience disdainful looks.

There was no comparison at the beginning but now there was a noticeable contrast making him feel that he had lived in hell before.
Shao Ci came to the door of Yin Han’s room and hesitated for half a day before knocking on the door.
The next moment, the door opened and Yin Han was sitting on the wicker chair by the window and looking at a book. The sunlight outside the window poured in on him, highlighting the beauty of the pale face, as if it were a centerpiece in a painting.

Seeing that Shao Ci’s face was pale as he rushed in, Yin Han suddenly frowned and his eyes became cold. “What is this? Who is bullying you?”
“No, no…” Shao said as he did not want to cause such a big trouble. He gave this topic a little thought before looking at Yin Han with enthusiasm. “Just, it’s just that my apartment isn’t liveable because of some problems. I have no crystal nuclei and don’t know where to go… I don’t know if I can stay here for a while. I can help you where I can help. My abilities should come in handy.”

The nuclei were left in the apartment. Now, it took too much courage to return and get it. So many things made Chu Jin a scum man.

“Of course.” Yin Han certainly saw that Shao Ci was hiding something but he did not ask, just put down the book in his hand and said with his chin lazily: “Just, there are not enough rooms. If you have to stay, you can only live in this room with me.”

Shao Ci: “!” What a lie! Even he knew that the villa had a lot of rooms, all the younger brothers brought by Yin Han were not enough! Before the end of the world, he didn’t know what would have been done.
“If I don’t agree, I have no choice.” Yin Han raised his eyebrows and smiled with a bit of darkness in his eyes. “You would have to go back.”
Shao Ci noticed that Yin Han wanted to force Shao Ci to sleep with him. However, Shao Ci had no choice but to bite his lower lip and say, “Okay, I promise…”

Isn’t it just being a pillow? Is there any difficulty in this, it is better than going to face Chu Jin 100,000 times!

“Come over, sit by the window and take a rest. Today’s sunshine is very good.” Yin Han said: “I will go outside tomorrow and I have to relax today.”
Shao Ci nodded and walked toward the wicker chair opposite Yin Han. When he was halfway there, he saw that the wicker chair was frozen directly by the ice…how to sit here?! It’s impossible for Yin Han to deliberately be nice to him.
Shao Ci turned to face Yin Han. He saw Yin Han smiling at him and pointing to his thigh. “Come on.”
Ah, what a shameful play! !
Shao Ci almost fell to the ground in defeat but he is also a veteran who has survived such trials before. What is this shameful play?! Then he walked slowly and with great psychological pressure, sat on Yin Han’s thigh, his nose filling with Yin Han’s smell.

Yin Han moved one hand to hold Shao Ci’s waist of Shao Ci and the other hand to pick up the book. Seeming a little troubled, he said: “I want to read a book but I’m also feeling a little tired. Help me to read the rest of the small words, ok?”
Of course, Shao Yan could not refuse. He took the book, saw it, and was shocked.

This, it turned out to be a little yellow book and it is the male and male little yellow book!*
*T/N: yellow book = porn book (if anyone didn’t know)
Who would believe that the literature that was being read by the window turned out to be a little yellow book?! Still, male and male, where did he find this book? Where did the straight, through-and-through, Yin Han go?
Of course, Yin Han, who should have put this book down long ago, had a look of intense interest. Shao Ci’s eyes couldn’t look directly at the words on the book without feeling embarrassed.
“It’s okay to read it out.” Yin Han whispered to his ear and said softly, “Look at this paragraph, you can read it directly. If you don’t want to read it, I can.”
Then, Yin Han used the very nice voice to describe the movements in the male and male little yellow book and there was no embarrassment at all.
To be honest, listening to such a good voice, even if it read the contents of the canteen’s menu, can be fascinating, not to mention the little yellow book. The Shao Ci who heard this all at a close distance only felt that the body had to react.
After realizing this, Shao Ci’s face was white. How could he let Yin Han continue to read? Interrupting, he said quickly: “Let me, let me read!”
Shao Ci took a deep breath and looked down. The contents of the next paragraph already made his face turn violent, incapable of looking at it directly. However, he had already promised that he would read. Feeling tortured, he could only cry internally.

After reading through a few pages of content, the protagonist in the book was still not finished. Shao Ci, experiencing a cold sweat, wants to drill into the ground in shame. Unable to tell if he was just imagining it, but he felt as if both his and Yin Han’s body were very hot.*

*T/N: I do the translation starting from the end for fun and starting with this sentence, made me so hyped for the next half.

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  1. Our little shou just escaped from a naughty wolf only to be caught by a bigger wolf ╮(╯▽╰)╭
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  2. Thank you very much for this chapter, the quality is very good. But just asking, did you get permission from the previous scantalation group to do this? Don’t get me wrong, I’m head over heels for this story but I don’t know much as to what’s happening concerning the translating.
    P.S. I totally did not expect this when the cliff was coming. Does this novel have a OTP or is a harem? Kekeke


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