BMPP Chapter 6.2


Reading Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do makes me feel like I need to translate more and make the touchy-feely scenes come faster

Enjoy the second half!


As Yin Han had been quietly listening to the story, Shao Ci could only hear his soft breathing, occasionally mixed with a few chuckles, so that Shao Ci’s face was red.

“I, I think… it is now time to eat, I should go down and see how the food is going!” Shao Yan finally couldn’t stand it, just put the book down and tried to find an excuse to leave.

Yin Han caught Shao Ci’s hand and bowed his head to kiss the fingertips, then whispered: “Thank you for today, for letting me have a good afternoon.”

The place where Shao Ci was kissed felt like it had been shocked by electricity. He subconsciously forced open the door, then stuttering said, “I, I will go down…” and rushed down quickly.

Dinner is sent directly. After all, the S City’s base is not likely to let the guests pay for the food themselves and the taste of these dinners is quite good.

At dinner, all the followers started after Yin Han was finished. Shao Ci also wanted to be as low-key as the others to eat. However, Yin Han said that he could not eat alone and took Shao Ci to eat dinner together.

Shao Ci was still worried that other people will be dissatisfied, but these people’s enthusiasm for Yin Han was not comparable to ordinary people. As long as Yin Han wanted to do things, they will unconditionally support him. If Yin Han is good, they will be better. There is noone that is unhappy.

After sleeping at night, nothing happened. Shao Ci fell asleep on the pillow.

On the second day, everyone had to go out to clean up the surrounding zombies.

This may be a task for ordinary abilities to risk their lives to accomplish. However, for Yin Han, it is but a wave of a hand to solve a zombie. The most terrible variation of zombies to others, to him, it is just a bigger bug.

Of course, the city base does not hesitate to hand over the most dangerous tasks to Yin Han or else how would they justify how much they paid.

The removal of the nearby zombies was only a side task. The real task was to go to the old research institute to get precious research materials.

The old research institute was built on the outskirts, far from the city center with the most zombies. It is reasonable to say that it should be safe. However, when the institute was attacked by zombies, the newly developed enhancing fluid flowed into the mud and surrounding rivers.

Because of this incident, after absorbing the enhancing fluid, the number of nearby mutated zombies is abnormally large. Although the number is not comparable to S City’s center, the strength is far higher than the other zombies and the ability users sent there…almost no one can survive.

S City’s base had always been obsessed with strengthening abilities. This time, Yin Han was secondary. The most important were the things in the institute.

And that place… was also the place where the Zombie Boss was born.

Thanks to the original author, who used a chapter to describe how the zombie boss was born. Otherwise, Shao Ci would not know how to find the Zombie Boss. Although he saw the plot completely, he felt that the author was completely looking to exploit opportunities.

When they left the base, they needed to check it out. Several base members saw Shao Ci in the team. Even though everyone heard the previous gossip, they saw Shao Ci’s resignation. Teams not on the mission, instantly felt like they were experiencing a miracle.

One of them suddenly frowned: “Today, Captain Chu will also go out of town to do the task. Shao Ci, you are not going with him?”

This person was called Yang Fei. He was a good friend of Chu Jin before the end of the world. He was a powerful person before the end of the world. Now he is a small person in charge of the base by relationship with Chu Jin, who had to go out to deal with zombies.

Shao Ci gave free treatment to most of Chu Jin’s friends. However, because of the influence of Chu Jin, these people’s attitudes towards Shao Ci were aloof . There were no good looks, as if Shao Ci was below them. Sometimes the complaints became more and more ridiculous such as the speed of treatment is slower etc.

Definitely, Yang Fei was the one with the worst attitude. It was your pleasure to help Chu Jin. It was your honor to treat me.

A few of the Yin Han’s men screamed back at Yang Fei. Finally, they acquired a strong healing ability user in their team. How could they allow others to take it away in front of them?

Yin Han was almost impossible to injure but his men were different. Everyone was an ordinary ability user. Moreover, Yin Han also liked to go all out when he was in danger. He believed that those who often toe the line of life and death would grow up as quickly as possible. If anyone wanted to retreat, then they were not worthy to follow him.

But at the same time, Yin Han would also distribute most of the crystal nucleus obtained by killing the zombies to everyone. In other words, he would give the best treatment so no one would complain.

Shao Ci was amazed. “Chu Jin also wants to leave the city? I have never heard of this news before…” He kicked an important part yesterday. Yet, now Chu Jin is okay…

“I don’t know what you think. Since you have followed Chu Jin, you will help him. Don’t worry about other things all day.” Yang Fei continued to speak and looked at him with an unpleasant look. Thinking Shao Ci would admit his mistakes, he continued, “If you still want to stay with Captain Chu Jin, you should know what has to be done now.”

In the past, Shao Ci’s remarks had to be swallowed up in front of these people. He could only think in his heart that it was really a matter of getting closer to people by being close to his people but now he no longer has to endure.

“Thank you for reminding me.” Shao Ci said with a smile and looked at the person in charge. “But I am sorry, I don’t mean anything to you and I don’t want to stay with him. Now I am gone. Tell him again not to bother me.”

“What are you talking about?” Yang Fei didn’t think that Shao Ci dared to refute him. He suddenly became furious. “What is with your attitude? Who do you think you are? It’s just a healing ability. You really think you are amazing? Do you think that if you can’t do it, there isn’t someone else?

When Yin Han’s men heard this sudden outburst, they were very angry. Although their relationship with Shao Ci was not for very long, it could be seen from the attitude of Yin Han that he was very fond of Shao Ci. Yang Fei even dared to ridicule Shao Ci, which is equivalent to ridiculing the taste of Yin Han. It would be strange if they were not angry.

Shao Ci quickly stopped the few people who wanted to start fighting, turned his head and said: “You guys also look down on my abilities. I don’t have much to say. You can buy medicine treatment for yourself later. As you said, there is not much money for a cure, right?”

After that, Shao Ci turned around once more to add a sentence, “Yes, one thing I forgot. Please tell Chu Jin, don’t do any more things like breaking in. It makes me very troubled.”

Yang Fei’s face became extremely ugly before he sneered. “Hey, you’re just trash, showing off your ass to the leaders. It’s daring to slander the captain, how can Captain Chu break in? This is simply impossible. I understand, I see you simply don’t want to mix with the people of S City’s base…”

Suddenly, a cold wind blew. Yang Fei’s body instantly became frosty and his cheeks were frozen and purple. He stared past Shao Ci, his eyes revealing a deep fear and his body subconsciously shivered. .

Shao Ci was too late to turn around. There was a hand on his shoulder. Yin Han, with a cold voice, spoke, “Exactly, since your city’s attitude is such an attitude, let Xiao Ci come to B city. We, B City, especially welcome capable ability users, and would never make such disgusting comments like other bases.”

Yin Han’s people did not expect that some people would dislike such a powerful healing ability. Yin Han quickly said these words and all of them knew that if Shao Ci joined their team, the treatment would be several times better than here.

In fact, it was always Shao Ci helping others avoid doing something clumsy and saving face. People in the S City’s base thought that his abilities were very low. Otherwise, if he revealed his true strength, the attitude might not have been so bad.

Several other base members are still watching the excitement. Now, when the situation is not good, Shao Ci quickly lost his smile. “Yang Fei just drank too much before to say such a thing. Mr. Yin, you should not care about a drunk.”

“Yeah, our city is still good to ability users. There is absolutely no contempt for Shao Ci.”

They only remembered that they had ridiculed Shao Ci on the evening of the banquet. The ice on the mouth of those who did not kneel did not melt at all. Suddenly, the onlookers were glad that they did not ridicule together.

“Oh?” Yin Han raised his eyebrows. “Those words, Xiao Ci is a person I value. I can’t sit by and do nothing.”

When Yang Fei trembled, his eyes showed his hatred. As a friend of Chu Jin, when was he not treated well in the base? He was actually taught by an outsider today. However, for this reason, he still looked down on Shao Ci in his heart.

“If you apologize to me, I will forgive you. The previous things can be written off. How about it?” Shao Ci certainly knows what character Yang Fei was and pretended to be the Father.

Sure enough, Shao Ci’s words angered Yang Fei. He angrily said: “Shao Ci, do you think that your backing is that amazing? Let me apologize to you? DREAM ON!” Anyway, he does not believe that Yin Han really dare to do it in this city!

What he didn’t know was that even Chu Jin had lost his face in the restaurant because of Yin Han. Afterwards, Chu Jin immediately used his own power to suppress this matter so no one in the base knew about it.

After saying that, Yang Fei felt pain in his body, his body was extremely cold, and the internal organs felt like they were being burned. The two opposing pains superimposed together led him to immediately scream out and fall to the ground.


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  1. I love that novel series too! But for me, this novel is the best of all worlds. I’ve been rereading the updated chapters for a while and it’s charm cannot compete! The (not so love) interests have really intense and interesting emotions.

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