BMPP Chapter 7.1


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Yin Han looked at Yang Fei with eyes that looked just like he was watching a dead man. Then he turned his head and looked at Shao Ci. He said softly: “Xiao Ci, don’t pay this kind of person any more attention. Don’t care about what he said, we will leave first. Let’s go.”

Yin Han’s people looked at the Yang Fei who had fallen to the ground with a pitiful look. Others might not know but they were very clear about his methods.

The pain of having one’s insides burned is not the end, just the beginning. After the pain has passed, this person will be unable to move and can only recuperate in bed. Then, he will find that his abilities are fading away day by day and this lapse is irreversible. When he can stand up, he will find that his abilities have completely disappeared and he has become a waste man.

For those who are proud of their abilities, losing their abilities is the most terrible. Most ability users can’t stand the process, the slow disappearance of their abilities makes them almost become mad. These people in S city were unclear about Yin Han’s methods and dared to be so arrogant in front of him. When this was over, they would probably know who can and cannot be provoked.

If the people in the city continued to be dissatisfied, Yin Han had his own way to make them convinced. The ability to cross to the next level becomes more difficult but the strength growth is not the ordinary 1+1 but the geometric growth.*

*T/N: Eww math

At the level of Yin Han, even if the members of the entire S city’s base came together, they can’t cope with him. Chu Jin might fare a little bit better against him but not by much.

The other base members wanted to say something but looking at Yang Fei’s miserable appearance scared away their words and they dared not say anything as they watched the group leave.

Then, Yang Fei, who was carried to a stretcher by his fellow base members, was still cursing and swearing that he must make Shao Ci suffer. He did not know what tragedy would befall him.

Soon after Yin Han left, Chu Jin arrived. Although late and having experienced such a profound blow yesterday, he quickly recovered and returned to his normal behavior. Today, he had to leave and accomplish the task.

Seeing Chu Jin, Yang Fei endured the pain and could not wait to complain about how rude the Yin Han and his party were and how they did not put S city in their eyes, especially how Shao Ci was simply a traitor to the city, clinging to outsiders.*

*T/N: yep, this guy definitely deserves what’s coming to him

Because he was too angry, Yang Fei even told the words that Shao Ci asked him to pass on.

The other base members were all trying to avoid looking at the two conserving. Although they did not agree with Yang Fei’s words, they did not dare to say a word to his face. In fact, most of the ability users in the base are from other places and they are not bound to the S city’s base. It is very common to leave because the base was not treating them well but in Yang Fei’s mouth, it was a crime as sinful as treason.

“Oh?” Chu Jin said, looking down at Yang Fei, who described in great detail, and quickly dismissed his guilty feelings that had been hidden in his heart. He said gently: “It’s okay, Xiao Yang, your hatred has been heard. You should rest now.”

With the assurance of Chu Jin, Yang Fei surrendered his grievances and focused instead on the painful attack. He could not stop struggling on the stretcher.

In a place where others could not see it, Chu Jin’s eyes flashed and he sneered, “Since you have done this kind of thing, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

After passing the inspection, Yin Han and his group left the base in a modified car.

Shao Ci had already gone out of the base who knows how many times to do this task but this time, he was extremely nervous. Even though he was sitting in the car, he can’t calm down.*

*T/N: ahhh, calm down Shao Ci, doing kinky things in areas with zombies is dangerous

After all, he is now going out with the protagonist Yin Han to do the task! !

*T/N: tsk, I thought he was having perverted thoughts but instead he’s just having a fan moment

As everyone knows, the protagonist’s aura will cause strange things to happen. It is impossible for the protagonist to go out without accident. This mission will not be as calm as before.

Shao Ci was always vigilant, in order to stay alive for as long as possible, otherwise he would not even know how he died.

At the beginning, it was normal. The zombies near the base were almost dead. Occasionally, they encountered a few stragglers, which were easily solved by Yin Han.

In this way, the sky began to darken and everyone planned to find an empty place to pitch a tent to rest for the night. However, a person with vision-enhancing abilities was determined to scope out the area and then his face changed. “No way, there is a corpse tide coming, there are at least a few thousand… No, there are more, you can’t see the end!”

Shao Ci, who had stayed in S City’s base for a few months, was shocked and unable to speak for a while. It was the first time that he had seen so many zombies…. Truly the protagonist’s aura, he has only seen a few in the past and now there were hundreds of zombies coming out because of Yin Han.

It must have been really hard for his men to stick to their lives until now.

“Damn, it is reasonable to say that it is far from the city center of S city. How can there be so many zombies? Let’s go quickly! If you are surrounded, you will be in trouble!” Xiao Zheng, one of Yin Han’s men, said anxiously. .

Shao Ci: “!” Hey, don’t raise the flag!

Almost after this sentence was said, the shadow of the zombies began to appear in every direction.

Everyone in the car caught a glimpse and quickly drove in the opposite direction. Such a joke, although they came out to kill the zombies this time, wasn’t rushing into tens of thousands of zombies not looking for death?

There are also a lot of zombies on both sides of the car’s direction. From time to time, they rushed in front of the car to be easily killed by the ability users in the car and then crushed by the modified car itself.

The atmosphere had become very tense for a while but everyone was still calm. After all, as long as the car has a strong engine, they don’t need to worry about falling to the horde.

Shao Ci also prepared to play a part. If there were more zombies, the mutant zombies with particularly high strength values would jump out. At that time, someone will be injured when confronting the zombies and that, is when he will come in handy.

Only Yin Han in the whole car had a lazy look, not like facing a crisis at all as if this were any usual time at home. Others could not be relaxed but he was so relaxed that he also slowly cut the cake he had brought from the base.

Shao Ci looked at Yin Han: “…there are so many zombies now.” Why did he suddenly feel so stupid when he was so prepared to save people?

Yin Han picked up a piece of cake and lifted it towards Shao Ci, saying: “If you don’t eat well now, you can’t treat well with a hungry stomach. Come and eat. Ah. ”

Why was that statement so reasonable? Let him even forget, for a second, they were surrounded by zombies.

Shao Ci opened his mouth. At this time, the modified car just ran over the body of a zombie and slightly bumped so that some of the cream ended up on his lips.

The taste of the cake was so delicious. Shao Ci couldn’t remember the last time he ate cake. At this time, he felt a dribbling feeling. He reached out and tried to wipe the cream but his wrist was pressed down and held.

“It’s not good to waste food.” Yin Han said, conveniently approaching as if to check the areas around Shao Ci’s mouth. Using the tip of his tongue, he lightly guides the cream, as if to clean him up, into Shao Ci’s mouth before kissing him at the corner of his lips a few times.*

*T/N: *muffled fangirl screams with pillow*

Shao Ci was completely overwhelmed: “????”

Wait, what is this development? !

In the crisis of being besieged by zombies, he was actually personally fed cake by the male lead… For Shao, the latter is a hundred times more powerful than the former!

“Xiao Ci is similar to the rabbits I used to raise.” Yin Han inserted the rest of the cake into Shao Ci’s mouth and he did not eat much.*

*T/N: soooooo, did he use the fork or his own mouth to insert the rest of the cake into Shao Ci’s mouth??????????? *Shakes author hysterically*

Shao Ci surrendered his heart while eating.

…… Before the system also said that Yin Han regarded him as a pet. That meant kissing a pet was no big deal and in the end of the world, having a pet was really precious.

Shao Ci completely decided to escape from reality and find a reason for this.

“This should be no problem, just some ordinary zombies, and it will open up later.” Xiao Zheng, who had set the flag before, wiped the sweat on his head and said: “As long as no accident occurs……”

At the next moment, five modified cars immediately appeared next to the winding road and tried to squeeze onto the road.

Shao Ci: “…” Hey, in fact, Xiao Zheng is the protagonist.*

*T/N: Wow, the jinx level is powerful with this one.

The ability users in the five cars were barely holding out against the zombies around them. Fascinating abilities were thrown out and no one was lost to the zombies but their people were obviously very tired.

After all, abilities were not infinite. If the usage time was too long, the power would be exhausted and the ability users would directly faint. It was impossible to use the abilities without four or five days of recuperation. So the average ability user would try not to use up all the abilities or take nucleus to absorb the energy.

These five cars also attracted many zombies to the road and there were actually two mutant zombies!

It was necessary to know that the mutant zombies were zombies that are particularly prominent in speed or strength. These aspects were several times better than that of ordinary zombies and were extremely difficult to deal with.

The mutated zombies that focused on speed were more terrible than the mutated zombies that focused on power and they can even surpass most of the ability users. Many people with slower reaction times may not have time to respond when they are fighting before they are killed by the mutant zombies.

As for the Zombie King in the original work, the strength level was terrible. Even Yin Han spent a lot of effort to kill the Zombie King at the end of the story and nearly died.

“There are mutated zombies and both are speed-type. What kind of luck is this?” The faces of the people turned ugly and the people on the car closest to the mutated zombies are full of distress. In the current situation, it was better not to be beside or behind the vehicle that was closest to having to fight the zombies.


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  2. I am Miley confused. Is her reincarnated or not? With the first translator it seems they were just attached to the system as the apocalypse started?


  3. I mean isn’t it kind of too much to do that for someone who only insulted you lightly? It was all merely verbal abuse, it never even went to the extinct of violence. Did they really have to disable him? I’m kind of disappointed in both the MC and current ML because I know there was a better way to handle that kind of situation.

    Like, I know the author may have wanted to emphasize the MC’s insensitivity but this wasn’t the most suitable situation to do so, it also makes me feel like the characters are narrow-minded. Like it’s always about losing face and slapping faces in Chinese novels and it’s supposed to fire up the readers or something? I don’t know about other people but it only makes me feel that this was definitely an unnecessary chapter and doesn’t really contribute to the plot development. And it just makes them unnecessarily petty when they could, in fact, turn their relationship into something better where both of them could mutually trust each other.

    Also, didn’t the ML in this one get caught up too fast? They made him feel like he’s unreachable but it didn’t take long till he brought the MC to his bed.

    I also feel that the MC didn’t handle Chu Jin very well. I felt that if he gave a bit more closure he wouldn’t have misunderstood. And you may think Chu Jin’s scum and maybe he is but at the least, he treated the MC well. Even if he asked him to do free treatments for his people it’s not like it was that hard for him to do it anyway and he was the one who offered it up for free in the first place. He was also the one that made them think he was weak and let them step over him instead of putting them in check from the very start and now because he doesn’t need to please Chu Jin anymore and has someone else to hide behind their back he starts to switch up… don’t know why but I feel that he’s really fake and really reliant on the love interests. It kind of leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    However, I still want to see what this novel is up to. Maybe it’s one of those novels that starts bad and ends super good?


  4. I do wish there were less translator’s notes in the middle of the chapter. They interrupt the scene and are really jarring. Every time, it cuts my immersion. I don’t think notes with stuff like ‘ew math’ or ‘blushing’ are important enough to interrupt the flow of the story. You can put them at the very end of a chapter if you want, but it’s just really annoying when it interrupts the story.

    It’s like if you’re watching a movie and every scene gets interrupted by a quick reaction voice-over from the director.


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