BMPP Chapter 7.2



The two mutant zombies followed the team not far from each other and almost all of the ability users on the car could not hit them as they evaded every time at the last moment.

Yin Han’s men were still okay as they had struggled to survive between life and death several times. They also had experience facing mutant zombies. Although they cannot directly kill the mutant zombies, it is still possible to injure them.

However, the ability users on the cars next to them were not very good. They lacked experienced in general. While the ordinary zombies were as simple as cutting melons, they were quick to panic when they encountered the mutant zombies and became completely unable to respond.

These two mutant zombies were smart. They can easily kill everyone in one breath but they were enjoying playing with their prey. They didn’t do it intentionally but they came closer from time to time making people feel uncomfortable.

When the vigilance of the crowd lowered a little, a mutant zombie rushed over. A screeching scream arose from the car next to him. The throat of one of the ability users was directly smashed by the mutated zombie and the blood sprayed like a bloody rain.

Shao Ci was the first to see the horribly bloody death of the ability user, his face paled.

“What’s wrong, scared?” Shao Ci did not know when Yin Han had moved closer and taken his hand. A pair of black eyes looked over and asked: “After all, that person seem to be very pitiful. Since they were part of your base, would you want to save them?”

“No, I don’t want to.” Shao Ci did not understand what Yin Han said. He just shook his head and said: “I don’t have the ability to protect myself. How can I save anything? I don’t know how long I can live. .”

It’s a normal thing to end up a dead person during the apocalypse. Although Yin Han had the strength to save people, Shao Ci was not the kind of person who was arrogant enough to abuse others’ kindness and did not feel he had the face to ask Yin Han to save him. Yin Han would definitely have his hands full.

And what about these strangers around him? If they were seriously injured by his side, Shao Ci could use his ability but the situation was very clear.

Yin Han took his hand and smiled: “With me, you will not die.”*

*T/N: Is there any better confession than this during the apocalypse?

His tone was different from usual. Gentle with a bit of firmness, making Shao Ci feel a bit embarrassed.

At this time, the person sitting next to Shao Ci did not pay attention. The mutant zombie grabbed his arm and suddenly ripped a hole so deep that bone was visible. Immediately, the mangled arm was retracted into the car.

Shao Ci put aside the things he had just said and rushed to treat the person. The longer the wound festered, the greater the burden on his ability.

Yin Han gives a meaningful look at the modified car next door. Relying on his strength, naturally, he can feel the faintness of a strong amateur’s aura sitting at the back of the car, and that person is definitely Chu Jin.

The Chu Jin that he was told would also be coming out to do the task today.

While he did not know what happened to Chu Jin, he was happy to watch the fun instead of immediately standing up to deal with the mutant zombies.

Chu Jin was definitely no good at helping the situation. If Chu Jin was dead, he would not care. He just worried that Shao Ci would be sad…

Although Shao Ci had already demonstrated his attitude towards Chu Jin, Yin Han felt he had not been able to let go in his heart. He always feels that Shao Ci was careful with his words as if he did not know when he would leave.

Suddenly, a mutant zombie jumped directly onto the car, scratching the roof with its sharp and hard nails, creating a harsh sound. If it was an ordinary car, one can only fear it would have been pierced directly by the zombie’s nails.

Although the car was modified and it is much stronger than the average car, it can only persist for so long.

“What should I do?” Shao Ci was tense. He quickly looked at the other people in the carriage, only to find that while everyone was completely vigilant, they were still relaxed enough to continue whatever they were doing.

The next moment, Shao Ci understands.

The originally lazy Yin Han frowned and whispered: “It’s noisy.”

Almost at the moment he spoke, a cold current swept through the compartment. Then, the roof shook greatly, as if something was struggling, before the next loud bang sounded.

Shao Ci could see from the window, there are broken ice cubes scattered on the roof and pieces of rotten flesh are frozen in those ice.

Undoubtedly, the mutated zombies that had troubled and were feared by everyone were killed ruthlessly under the hands of the Yin Han.

Even after knowing the original text, Shao Ci could not help but be surprised at this time. “!” The cold ability of Yin Han is so OP, he couldn’t imagine the abilities of the Zombie King in the legend being higher than Yin Han.

The other mutant zombie seemed to be scared by this scene and changed to attacking the few cars nearby. He did not dare to touch the car here. Only ordinary zombies that were completely unthinking were still coming around.

The people in the few cars nearby saw this scene more thoroughly. They were all scared by Yin Han’s ability and could not speak.

Fortunately, there was only one mutant zombies left. Although the pressure was less than before, the other ability users were also weaker. In the end, they still couldn’t cope with the mutant zombies.

The mutant zombie was also getting tired and when he noticed this, he wanted to kill all of the ability users and rushed towards the cars. Suddenly, the sound of helplessness was heard.

Not waiting for people to react, a burst of powerful energy suddenly burst out of the modified car next to it. The next moment, the mutant zombie was raised into the air, suddenly surrounded by a huge water ball.

The mutant zombie was shocked and struggled wildly but its situation did not change as the water was wrapped around it anyway.

“Wait, water ability?” Shao Ci spoke with amazement. According to his memory, only Chu Jin had such a strong water ability in all the nearby bases. No, this ability seems to be much stronger than Chu Jin. Such a powerful person wasn’t mentioned in the original. Was it just that Chu Jin had advanced a level?

Shao Ci’s conjecture is correct. After Chu Jin led the team today, they happened to encounter a corpse tide.

At that time, Chu Jin did not take it seriously. As long as his abilities were sufficient, these ordinary zombies couldn’t stop him and as long as the nucleus was in his hand, his power would continue to be useful.

However, an accident happened. Chu Jin once again killed a wave of zombies and went to grab the nucleus. After he madly absorbed the power in the nucleus in order to restore his abilities, he was caught off guard and found that his abilities began to advance.

Increasing ability level was a good thing but when one was advancing, they would fall into a coma and only wake up when they are completely advanced. Many of the ability users struggled to advance because they would be half running and half hitting the zombies.

After Chu Jin fell unconscious, the rest of the group suddenly had no trouble and originally planned to return to the base with Chu Jin. But they did not expect to have bad luck and run into two mutant zombies.

Usually, when they encountered a mutant zombie, Chu Jin would handle it. When there is a need for them to face, these people who dare not face the mutant zombies have to flee in the opposite direction, which was how they came upon Yin Han.

To a certain extent, they are also very lucky. If they didn’t encounter Yin Han, they may have been killed by the mutant zombies.

After Chu Jin’s success, he felt that he was more powerful than the past and became extremely excited. He only had to think of a move and the mutant zombie in the air would be directly twisted by the raging water.

In the next moment, the water ball, dyed red by blood, burst like a bomb and smashed countless zombies around it.

Suddenly, this area had become clear. Only the mindless zombies who escaped from the hustle and bustle by being out of range were left, which were not a threat.

Everyone looked at this scene with horror and finally realized that another level 7 powerhouse was born.

After listening to the reports, Chu Jin also understood what had happened. He straightened his clothes and pushed himself closer to the car door. He looked towards the modified car in front of him with a smile. He said, “Yin Han, I heard that your help let me succeed in my advancement. Thank you very much.”

His voice was not very loud but it could be heard clearly by the people around him.

Chu Jin looked at the modified car nearby with a bit of pride. He admits that originally his place was lower than Yin Han’s. Now his ability was also level seven. There was no difference between the two people. He doesn’t need to look avoid Yin Han’s face and he doesn’t need to swallow any difficulties anymore.

There was also Shao Ci that abandoned him and chose Yin Han. After seeing Chu Jin’s present self, he should also be wallowing in regret. When Shao Ci cried, he would be allowed to return to his, Chu Jin’s, side.

Thinking of Shao Ci holding his thigh, the smile on Chu’s face grew wider. Look, God is still on his side.

Reality was almost the same as Chu Jin’s thoughts. Now Shao Ci was wallowing in helplessness. He shrunk into his seat, his face was extremely ugly, and his mood was quite bad.

*T/N: awwwww *pushes Yin Han to comfort Shao Ci*

Now that Chu Jin advanced, his ability was the same as that of Yin Han… If he became just a little bit stronger than Yin Han, this unruly Befriending the Most Powerful Person System will definitely want him to re-hold Chu Jin’s thigh! !

He also kicked the part of Chu Jin’s that can not be described yesterday. If the target of the System changes back today, Shao Ci feels that he is better off surrendering himself to death.

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