QTVW Chapter 1.1

Let Me Refresh my Memory


A young girl’s face bearing youth and inexperience leaned forward to kiss her lips and said with a smile: “I… love you.”

Mulan blinked, her lips trembled, wanting to say something but was interrupted by the sound of the System. The sound is cold and mechanical, without the slightest feelings. It says:

[The mission is completed, the corresponding memory of the system host Mulan is extracted; the system host Mulan withdraws from the cannon fodder role “Yao Mulan”.】

[Points obtained: 100 points;

Accumulated Points: 100 points;

Skill collected: Basic Cooking】

[Forced into the next task world; new task random screening… After the new task is downloaded, the host time and space transfer is officially carried out. ]

After a distorted dizziness, Mulan opened her eyes.

She sat up and took a quick look at the surrounding environment.

Here was a bedroom of about 50 or 60 square meters. A luxurious bed under her occupied more than half of the room. To her right, a white wooden wardrobe. On the left side, it is a half-opened light blue curtains.

A few rays of sunshine illuminated the room through the curtains, a contrast to the gloomy aura.

The room was very monotonous as cool color was the theme. Although cold and desolate, from the details, it was easy to see that this was a woman’s room.

After Mulan’s evaluation, the storyline was inserted into her mind.

Mulan fell weakly onto the bed from the pain that caused a headache. When the pain faded, Mulan exhaled a sigh of relief.

From the plot, she knew that the world of the novel she was now traversing was set more than a thousand years in the future world – that is, the thirty-second century.

In this world, the setting mentioned: because of the uncontrolled exploitation and destruction of the environment by human beings, in 2372, the worst crisis of survival happened. After this 300 year crisis, all women lost their ability to have children. After a long period of research, humankind had invented gene birth technology.

500 years after this development, humanity abandoned the marriage system between men and women and changed it to a society where women and men can legally marry anyone.

Although this idea was very original, the thinking behind it was the same old story.

The storyline was similar to those literary novels in modern times between a president and a maid. After a millennium, it was still the sons of rich and powerful aristocratic families that desired to engage in sadomasochistic relationships with the poor but gorgeous female servant.

After Mulan read the plot, she upchucked blood.

Retards plus countless cannon fodder scenes was the best way to describe this literary genre.

Mulan felt that this plot did not help her much so she began to absorb the memory of the original host.

Mulan’s name in this body, the System’s mandatory change, was An Mulan, the youngest child of Chairman An.

In the original text, this An Mulan was a very evil character, always wanting to destroy the love between the brothers and the adorable maid, and was finally thrown into the mental hospital by the impatient brothers.

Contrary to what one might expect, the memory of the original host filled in all the details of the storyline.

In the home, An Mulan possessed the identity of a young lady but An Mulan was not liked by the family.

Because An Mulan’s mother was taking her home, she died in an accident*. This directly contributed to the father’s unhappiness with the daughter.

*T/N: Was the daughter not allowed to get picked up????

The father’s feelings directly affected the attitude of the four brothers. While they did not abuse her, this caused the servants to neglect her as a lady.

An Mulan’s miserable existence would only last until 18 years old. A formal adult could leave the family on one’s own and under these circumstances, her father decided to marry her to a business partner – the villain BOSS of the novel, a small company chairman who had worked her way up the hierarchy.

The villain BOSS was an outstanding choice but the original host An Mulan did not like women and although she did not grow up in a healthy environment, being part of a rich and powerful aristocratic family meant that she was disgusted by commoners.

So after hearing the news, An Mulan was desperate.

She took the initiative to beg her brothers but they did not care about her at all and instead mocked her sarcastically.

Then, she went and begged the fiancée. The woman, being quite frank and straightforward, immediately agreed.

However, An Mulan had destroyed Chairman An’s plan and his dissatisfaction with her reached its peak. He locked An Mulan at home and prevented her from going anywhere and seeing anyone.

After An Mulan was locked up for four months, she begged Chairman An and said she was willing to marry a woman but it was too late and her fiancée had already married someone else.

Chairman An had to find another marriage partner and finally married her off to an old man in his fifties.

When An Mulan married, she was worn out by life and had already accepted her situation.

However, when she returned to the family on holiday, she met the maid who asked her for help in secrecy.

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13 thoughts on “QTVW Chapter 1.1

  1. Thank you for picking up a yuri novel! Eagerly waiting for how this will turn out.

    About the translation: please don’t hesitate to use proper English. There’s no sense in translating phrasing and idioms literally, because then it reads awkwardly and the nuance + literary value are lost. Basic cooking is English, primary cooking is chinglish.

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  2. Sigh… not sure i really like quick transmigration yuri but i will read it. Translator couldn’t you pick a more normal yuri where MC stays with FL ?


    1. There are plenty of quick wear gay novels where the ML is always the same person just with different life each time and doesn’t remember the mc. The ml and mc always fall in love though and the ML’s heart always rembers. Always a happy ending. Quick wear does not equal MC not staying with ML or FL.


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