BMPP Chapter 8.1


When you start fangirl screaming over the cuteness level of Counterfeit Bride but then you realize you are in public so you have to turn it into awkward wheezing and switch this slightly calmer text…


However, after a few tens of seconds, the system did not have any changes.


It was impossible to expect this system to suddenly have a conscience so the only reason was that Chu Jin’s power level was still not better than that of Yin Han… Think about it too, he was in the presence of a protagonist and as the protagonist, the greatest advantage was the value of his powers. If even this point was exceeded, it would be really terrible.


  Shao Ci finally sighed in relief. He felt like he was just a fool before he looked up and saw that Yin Han was looking at him.


  Although Yin Han’s eyes were no different from the usual, Shao Ci didn’t know why he especially felt like he was being stared at by a beast. Scared stiff, he spoke, “W-what happened? Looking at me like this…”


  ”Nothing, I just…want to confirm something.” Yin Han’s mood didn’t seem too good even as he looked expressionless. His delicate looks were more attractive when it was cold. “Do you have anything you want to tell me? Looking at you just now, you seemed to be scared.”


  Because he was quite concerned about Shao Ci, Yin Han had his followers go and investigate on the day he came to S City. Not only did he find out everything that happened to Shao Ci, but especially what happened between him and Chu Jin. Even when he accidentally discovered Chu Jin’s plot, he secretly bribed the people of the research institute and thoroughly investigated Chu Jin’s affairs.


  Under such circumstances, even if Yin Han didn’t want to think about it, he would no doubt suspect the purpose of Shao Ci being at his side.


  It was only during this time that Chu Jin did not do anything. Even if he was skeptical, it could only remain in his heart. Compared to a traitor, he was more willing to believe that Shao Ci was a snobbish person who followed at one’s side because of strength.


  In that case… he can tie Shao Ci to his side for a lifetime. Even if Shao Ci doesn’t really like him personally, it doesn’t matter.


  But now, Chu Jin’s abilities had improved and the threat was completely different from usual. Yin Han’s heart became more and more vigilant, especially when he saw Shao’s Ci’s reaction because of Chu Jin, his heart was cold at that moment.


  Shao Ci didn’t know what was going on in Yin Han’s brain. How could he suddenly ask this question? He spoke carefully: “Yin Ge, can you be a bit more careful?”


  ”En, I will. You should rest first.” Yin Han did not express his disappointment and smiled at Shao Ci as usual. Then his men pushed the door open and he turned to leave.


  After Yin Han left, Shao Ci’s heart relaxed. He looked at Yin Han’s back with suspicion. He didn’t know what happened in the end… but why did he feel that Yin Han was suddenly terrible?


  No, no, the original Yin Han was a terrible person. In the original work, it was said that he had a very indifferent personality, even if the people around him were dying, he would not stop to look at them more.


  It was only during this time that he got the illusion that the cold was very easy to get along with. Realizing this, Shao Ci’s face paled although he was glad that he discovered this matter so early and did not make a mistake.


  After getting out of the car, Yin Han looked in the direction of Chu Jin, feeling too lazy to give even a perfunctory smile, and coldly said: “I give Captain Chu my congratulations and will not accompany you.”


  The attitude of Yin Han has always been cold with some degree of disgust. If it were an ordinary person, they would not continue to ignore but Chu Jin was not an ordinary person.


  ”Please wait a moment.” Although Chu Jin was dissatisfied with this attitude, he was used to pretending. At this time, he still kept a smile. “Since we were lucky enough to come across each other on the road, we should rest together.”


  ”No.” Yin Han refused without hesitation.*

*T/N: Yin Han be like, sorry the only one I want to “rest together” with is Shao Ci


  ”Don’t refuse so quickly.” Chu Jin tried to convince Yin Han and said: “The one that I just killed was killing a lot of zombies nearby, but there are still many zombies following behind. It is not a good choice when the sky is darkening. I know that there is a good place to rest close by and by staying together, it can be safer at night, right?”


  With such a sincere attitude, if Yin Han refuses again, he would seem cold and unreasonable.


  Yin Han does not care about this. Even if everyone blames him, as long as he was happy, what was the relationship?


  The only thing he cared about was Shao Ci’s thoughts. He just worried that Shao Ci would leave him because of Chu Jin’s progress… and this is a good opportunity for temptation.


  So Yin Han raised his eyebrows and nodded. “Since Captain Chu has invited, let’s go together.”


  From the car, Shao Ci listened to the conversation of the two people and suddenly, he didn’t feel good at all.


  Chu Jin is a villain! How can the invitation of the villain be so casual? How can there be good intentions?


  In the original work, Chu Jin had always tried to become the strongest ability user and secretly let the researchers study how to capture the abilities of others. In the end, there was still some progress.


  However, the methods developed were not perfect and the information in the old research institute was required to be fully completed. However, the vicinity of the old research institute was very dangerous so Chu Jin invited the famed strongest person to accompany him to get the information.


  If Yin Han got the information, it would be better. If he didn’t get it, Chu Jin could attack him when he was seriously injured. He directly tried to grab it and take out the ability.


  At that time, it was already very late in the story. The Zombie King had also been upgraded. It was perfectly when Chu Jin prepared to steal from Yin Han that he was killed… Yes, Chu Jin died in the original text miserably.


  It was still early and there should have been other parts left in the plot. However, Shao Ci did not know whether it was his own fault. He did not know where the original plot had gone and he could not guess what would happen afterwards.


  But even if the plot had already deviated from the original work, the things that Chu Jin had to do must have not changed. It was impossible for villains to do nothing. It was dangerous to go with him.


  Shao Ci was very anxious but Yin Han has promised. He was just a younger brother and could only remind Yin Han with a few words… After Yin Han came back, Shao Ci carefully moved to the side of the cold with an anxious look of wanting to say something and being too embarrassed to say.


  Others saw that they seemed to be doing something again and they all turned their heads, pretending that they had not seen anything.


  ”What’s wrong?” Yin Han looked over. “Is there anything you want to say to me?”


  Shao nodded and then went over, speaking in a voice that only the two people could hear: “…be careful, he has a problem.”


  The eyes of Yin Han seemed to illuminate for a moment and slowly asked: “What problems does Chu Jin have?”


  Shao Ci was afraid that Yin Han would not believe in him. After all, his words cannot be taken as evidence. Immediately, he went to hold the sleeves of Yin Han and wanted to tell the story he knows. “In fact, Chu Jin, he has been…”


  Suddenly, Shao Ci found that he was stuck. He couldn’t say half a word at all. The words he wanted to say were already hovering in his mind, but he couldn’t say it at all.


  [Warning the host, it is impossible to disclose the original plot. This will cause the world consciousness to detect the presence of the host and will make every effort to drive the host out. 】


  Shao Ci: “!!” There is such a setting? Why didn’t you say it earlier? Now, the confession is halfway and suddenly not saying anything is suspicious!


  ”What happened to Chu Jin?” Yin Han saw Shao Ci’s pause and he blinked slightly.


  ”I want to say…” Shao Ci saw that he had to find an excuse. “Chu Jin seems to be very serious but his sexual orientation seems to be problematic. He seems to… have some interest in men, Yin Ge, you are so good-looking. If you look so good, be careful, lest you be stared at by Chu.”


  The male lead should be most afraid of reaching bases with a guy. That said, it will definitely make Yin Han wary around Chu Jin!


  Shao Ci suddenly admired his resourcefulness.


  The light in Yin Han’s eyes completely darkened but he still touched Shao Ci’s head as gently as usual. “Well, I know, thank you for your reminder, I will pay attention to it when I get there.”


  ”And, maybe there will be traps and the like in the place where you rest. You must be careful.” This is all Shao Ci’s own guess so it’s not a spoiler. He said it directly, “Chu Jin is also not a good person. I lost a lot of face before and now I will find a way to retaliate.”


  ”You came to remind me of this, I am very happy.” Yin Han pulled Shao Ci into his arms and leaned next to his ear: “It doesn’t matter, I already know what Chu Jin is like. I already have people on his side to search. I already know what he wants to do.”


 Perfect, this was simply playing with Chu Jin in palm of his hands*. Shao Ci always felt that the protagonist and the villain’s position was subtly changing.

*T/N: Ugh, seeing the two Ba’s (把,吧) with different meanings in this sentence reminded me of my friends making a sentence entirely out of Ba’s.


  Moving on! Since Yin Han was wary to the extent of having people lurking around Chu Jin for a while, then Shao Ci’s statement was not very suspicious!


  Just a few days ago, one gay guy, Chu Jin, was chasing Shao Ci as if he owed him money. After seeing Yin Han for a split second, at once the attitude became good… The Chu Jin, who had been crazily chasing before, became incomparably cold.


  If someone thinks that Shao Ci is vain or someone inflexible, it would not be too much to think that he was a spy sent by Chu Jin… Shao Ci became more aware of his heartbeat.


  Shao Ci’s face turned white in an instant and he cautiously asked: “But, Yin Ge, you told me such an important thing, aren’t you afraid of it being leaked?”


  ”I know that you will not betray me.” Yin Han said this sentence gently.


  Because, before he was betrayed, he would break Shao Ci’s wings and put a chain on his hands and feet so that he could not even leave his own side… In that case, there would be no betrayal.*

*T/N: …Yin Han is getting ready for BDSM #wearing_chains_and_running_through_zombie_hoards_can_be_a_special_kind_of_play


  Thinking of such things in his heart, Yin Han’s look was more gentle*, reaching out and picking up some of Shao Ci’s long hair and putting it behind his ear before moved his hand to rest on Shao Ci’s cheek.

*T/N: *takes notes* Yin Han – secretly a yandere


  Shao Ci did not know what was going on in Yin Han’s mind and his cheeks suddenly became red. He was very embarrassed and bowed his head: “Since Yin Ge believes me so much, I will definitely work hard, absolutely will not fail to live up to your trust.”


  ”Yeah.” Yin Han nodded and whispered: “I believe in you, I believe you will not let me down.”


  Shao Ci: “…” I don’t know why, listening to this voice makes one’s hairs stand on end.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! So it was twisted love at first sight? Was this side of Yin Han mentioned in the original story? Cuz I think it’s going to mess up the original plot pretty completely…

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  2. Hello there, thanks for your hard work 🙂
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