CPFLWV Chapter 2.1


Boya, reading The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report makes me appreciate this…slightly smarter protagonist… *coughsthoughtshewassmarterbut thentheendingofthischaptercoughs*

Chapter 2: The villain BOSS?

“Sorry… but you really don’t have to die with me.”


Having left the room for a while, the girl lowered her head.


“Don’t misunderstand, I am not doing this for you.” Shen Qingjia carried her shoulder bag and clenched the deboning knife that the small team leader had given her in her hand. Gazing towards the road, she watched carefully. More than four hundred zombies wandering about twenty meters away blocked the only exit.


“This base’s information is faulty, the number of zombies has changed from fifty to more than four hundred. If you are incapable of leading this group of zombies away from the exit alone, then we have to accept that we are ordinary people who can’t function without firearms. It is inevitable that you will repeat the fate of cannon fodder. There is no difference between an early demise and late death. It is better to take this opportunity to learn to handle them with a weapon and have a chance at life.” 


In fact, the same was true. In the past life, this girl was taken out for only an hour and then it was her turn. Presumably, only a few of the squad were able to survive and not become food in the end.


Thinking of the ridicule or pity of those people who hadn’t volunteered but would soon become zombies, Shen Qingjia couldn’t help but sneer. She really wanted to see their expression when they were introduced to feeding the zombies. It must be wonderful!*

*T/N: Oy, are you sure you aren’t the villain?


There were so many human asylum seekers in the base. It was impossible for everyone to have access to weapons. Even for a small squad like them, on average, most team members had steel pipes or bats and even the rest had to make do with stones. Weapons, there was a chance to pick up a weapon. Shen Qingjia would not miss it.


”I know.” The girl smiled a little but even the smile seemed a little stiff. Even though her face was full of mud, it was still very attractive. She looked up at the lead-gray sky. “I just didn’t expect anyone else to accompany me when I died… At least, now I am not alone.”


The girl held a heavy hatchet. She held the handle with one hand and looked familiar with the tool. Shen Qingjia sighed softly and her eyes had some sympathy for this girl who had the same fate as her previous life. However, in the Apocalypse, people’s lives were as worth as much as paper, the weight of smoke…


Ordinary zombies, although not afraid of the sun, can’t fully adapt. They are now wandering in the shadows 20 meters away but once humans appear, their instinct to devour flesh and blood will overwhelm the disgust of the sun and they will rot as they hurriedly crowd around to feed on a share of the human body. At present, Shen Qingjia and the group of scum hiding in the back, unless they grow a pair of wings, would be unable to break through the area of zombies. 


Shen Qingjia walked as far as possible, pressed against the wall, looking for something on the road. She smiled when she heard the girl’s words. “Hey you, I have no intention of making sacrifices.”


The girl reacted very quickly. “You… you can escape the zombie area?”  


Shen Qingjia did not speak, took two steps to the front, and then breathed a sigh of relief. Squatting down, she pressed her index finger to her lips indicating to the girl not to speak. They were already in the sensory range of the zombies, any  slightly louder sound would attract zombies to rush over.


The girl looked at the road and opened her eyes in surprise. She finally knew where Shen Qingjia’s confidence came from.  




In the last life, human beings were influenced by their own mindset. For a long time, it was thought that the unclean water made it easier to be infected by the zombie virus. Only two years after the end of the last year, scientists discovered that the current zombie virus had difficulty surviving the current.


The zombie virus was very overbearing. Unlike small medium-sized animals such as humans, small animals such as rats in the sewers, if infected with viruses, almost all died because they could not bear the virus. Therefore, in the early days of the last days, in addition to the poor environment, the sewers were relatively safe.  


One year after the Doomsday crisis, the city’s sewers were gradually occupied by evolutionary flora and fauna. Those who discovered the safety of the sewers, who were hiding there and kept their mouths shut, became rations of the evolutionary flora and fauna at that time!  


Pitiful and ridiculous, the day does not allow people to live and hiding can only be so good, the difference is only early demise or late death. The only thing humans can do is be brave, raise their heads towards the sky, and prepare for the worst case scenario at the end.


Be strong or die, there is no third choice.  


Shen Qingjia carefully picked up the manhole cover of the sewer with the deboning knife, opening the hole wide enough for people to enter and exit, and used gestures to urge the girl to hurry. The girl lacked stealth and jumped very simply.*

*T/N: So dumb ah, quietness is key


As she jumped, there was obviously a lot of water in the sewer. After landing, the sound of the water was loud. Many zombies heard the sound and immediately dashed over. The ordinary zombies’ speed was faster than ordinary so the distance of ten meters was only a few seconds for them.  


For a few seconds, the stench of the zombies gushed towards them and raised the hairs on the neck of Shen Qingjia. She did not dare to slow down. She quickly jumped into the sewer and at the same time, tightly closed the sewer manhole cover!  


Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! 


The zombies madly slammed the sewer cover with their arms and the sound was frantic. 


The sewers were filled with nearly one meter deep of stinky water. When Shen Qingjia jumped down, the water almost drenched all over her body. However, she was so excited that she could hardly feel the cold and smell the stink.  


“We have survived…?” The girl calmed down and there was still a bit of disbelief in her voice.


Shen Qingjia’s heart was also slowly calming down. “It’s not completely safe now. At least we have to make sure that we get out of the sewer before we starve. I, at least, don’t want to see anymore zombies after I get out of the sewer.”


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  1. Waiiiiiiit, girl, isn’t your leg broken? Why you jumping? Do they not have bars on the side for you to climb down? 🤔 Thanks for the translation~
    (Also, thanks for the tag~ 💕)

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  2. Of course, if you actually tried to lift a manhole cover with a deboning knife, it’d just snap the knife. You’d need something like a crowbar.

    But I can ignore that in a zombie apocalypse, I guess.


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