BMPP Chapter 8.2


The angst is strong in this chapter …and Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days


Following the modified car driven by Chu Jin’s team for ten minutes, they finally arrived at the place where Chu Jin said that they could rest well.

It was a factory on the outskirts of S City, abandoned before the end of the world and surrounded by wilderness. Therefore, there were almost no zombies inside and there was a large wall surrounding the shelter making it a good place to rest.

The modified car slammed into the broken factory gate and rushed in. The other cars followed closely. Then everyone got out and quickly cleared the zombies that had chased the cars. The Earth ability users  also ran to solidify the walls and blocked the entrance. The whole process was extremely efficient.

Soon, a seemingly safe temporary shelter was completed.

“Let your men take turns on night watch, let’s go to rest.” Chu Jin said. Nonchalantly, he took a look at Shao Ci, who just got out of the car before heading into the factory.

There was nothing in the factory as whatever was there seemed to have been removed previously and it was easy to clean up the large area..

However, because there were a large number of people, Chu Jin proposed to let his people sleep outside.Yin Han would naturally not refuse, so Chu Jin left..

Soon, Chu Jin’s men cleaned up the outside a bit more and took out the tents that had been prepared in the car before they were placed on the ground.

Yin Han sent his people to clean up the inside of the factory as he had something he wanted to deal with. Only Shao Ci as a healing ability user did not have anything to do. If they go in, they have less ability to act quickly compared to those outside.

Shao Ci: “!” What if Chu Jin took the opportunity to retaliate at this time?!

Shao Ci subconsciously turned to look at Chu Jin but Chu Jin completely confronted him with a stranger’s attitude and his expression was extremely cold.

“Chu Jin must be waiting for me to apologize to him.” After a few months of having to pursue him, Shao Ci knew what Chu Jin was thinking. “Just dream, even if I am bitten and turn into a zombie. Even in death, I will not apologize to him. While he waits for me to ask for mercy, I will raise my ability level first.”

It was too boring outside so Shao Ci had to sit alone in a remote place to eat compressed biscuits.

Suddenly a few people came up to him. Shao Ci  looked up. It turned out that Chu Jin’s men were injured when they dealt with the mutant zombies. Due to previously being treated for free, they subconsciously came towards Shao Ci and began demanding treatment.

“Sorry.” Shao Ci waved his hand in a cold manner. “I have to ask for nucleus in exchange for treatment.”

A few people suddenly felt uncomfortable. They used to be treated free of charge. Asking for nucleus now was like asking for their life. “Did we not treat you well before? Now you have changed team and look down on us?”

“It’s ridiculous to think about your broken abilities. If people have the money to buy from the pharmacy, who will come to you?!”*

*T/N: I feel like they just face-slapped themselves with this sentence.

“We are looking for you to treat us all to enhance your abilities and yet, you still want to be paid?”*

*T/N: …then just die~ *cough trying to remain calm cough*

Shao Ci doubted he would ever have treated these people if it was not to please Chu Jin.. They were all so rude. “Sorry, I suddenly feel so tired, even if I receive crystal nucleus, I don’t want to treat.”

“What do you mean?!”

“I just said that I want nucleus, now I am tired, are you hard of hearing?”

“I see you are looking for a fight!” said these people as if they were going to start one.

Shao Ci suddenly changed his expression, considering whether he had to run fast and find someone to save his life.

“Give me a hand.” A voice suddenly sounded.

Don’t know where Chu Jin popped from but he was usually close by. When he teaches his men a lesson, he aims to do so with dignity. He said: “Everyone, we are part of the same base. How can you do this? Help me and give an apology to Shao Ci.”

Several of the men were suddenly stunned, quickly apologizing to Shao Ci and fleeing.

Shao Ci also stood up and wanted to leave as if nothing had happened.

“Come on, I have something to say to you.”

Shao Ci: “!”


On the other side, by the time the cleaning was finished, several men had reported the situation to Yin Han.

When Shao Ci was absent, Yin Han did not hide his true nature. He listened to the reports in a cold manner and his aura made everyone feel they were about to be frozen.

“I have already figured it out. Tonight, Chu Jin will have people spread powder on the other side of the factory to attract zombies.” Yin Han’s man, Xiao Zhenghui, reported: “The powder is the latest research from S City, known for being especially attractive to mutant zombies. Even if they were separated by a few tens of kilometers, the mutant zombies will come as fast as they can.”

“Is he crazy?” Another person said with amazement, “This is totally a trick to hurt the enemy by using another’s hand. The S City base should have nothing to do with this kind of thing.”

“Probably after the upgrade, Chu Jin became too confident in his strength and the S City research institute has even studied even more terrible things. This kind of thing is nothing.” Xiao Zhengdao.

“He will sprinkle the most potent powder on our side so that all the zombies will come here. Chu Jin plans to use the bodies of so many zombies to seize the opportunity to overthrow our boss.”

“In that case, we should leave directly.” Another person said: “Let this Chu Jin play by himself with these zombies, we will not accompany him.”

“No.” Yin Han coldly said: “We have to stay tonight. And, you can’t destroy Chu Jin’s plan, let him do it.”

“This…” Everyone looked at Yin Han with amazement and couldn’t quite understand what he was thinking.

However, in the days of following Yin Han, their trust in him has reached a feverish level. They believed in any judgment he made and would unconditionally obey the words spoken by Yin Han. Therefore, no one put forward different opinions.

After the other people left, Yin Han went to the window and stared at the scene outside. He just saw  Shao Ci being humiliated by the wounded people and his eyes suddenly became cold.

In fact, his ability can already rise to level 8 but the power is too strong. Once advanced, he may not be able to control such power and cause the other ability users to lose their senses. Therefore, Yin Han had been suppressing his own strength. .

But even if he had been suppressing his own strength, his strength was far more than the ordinary level 7 ability users. Chu Jin was not his opponent at all. As for the number of mutant zombies, it was unknown how much can be killed.

“Everything depends on tonight.” Yin Han whispered: “Shao Ci, who’s side are you on?”

Using such a dangerous method to test Shao Ci’s real thoughts, only Yin Han will do this. He does not care at all whether this will lead to accidents and cause more people to die.

The person he cares about was only Shao Ci .


In fact, Shao Ci did not want to say anything to Chu Jin, but Chu Jin also saved him before (in fact, Shao Ci suspected that this matter was Chu Guide’s self-directed performance), and he had to give Chu Jin a little face. “It’s just a thank you. What else is there to talk about?” If he wanted to talk nonsense again, he would turn his head and leave.


As for kicking Chu Jin before, Chu Jin was cautious not to mention the affair. Shao Ci would not be a fool and try to stir up matters that were calming down.

“Now I just want to tell you.” Chu Jin looked at Shao with a cold look and said: “You will regret it, regret that you actually left me.”

“I will regret it?” Shao said with a sneer. “That was the least regrettable thing I have ever done in my life!”

“You can only say this now.” Chu Jin said in a very confident tone: “After a while, you will kneel in front of me and pray for my forgiveness.*

*T/N: *takes notes* Chu Jin – Oujidere

After speaking, Chu Jin left directly.

“???” Shao Ci glared at Chu Jin’s back, don’t know where Chu Jin’s brain is.

It is better to go to Yin Han’s side to avoid getting in trouble when he was not careful. Just as Shao Ci thought so, he turned around and happened to meet the cold eyes of Yin Han standing by the door.

The eyes were very cold and Shao Ci can’t describe how it feels like being looked at by such eyes. He only feels fear from the bottom of his heart. His body stiffens so much he cannot even take a step.

“Come on.” Yin Han realized that his eyes actually scared Shao Ci because he had just been feeling like killing the people who ridiculed Shao Ci and the emotions had not calmed down yet.  Pausing, he said: “It’s already almost unpacked and now it’s time to take a break.”

“Hmm…” Shao Ci said, his scalp tingling.

Right after his talk with Chu Jin, he had the bad luck of bumping into Yin Han.

Yin Han didn’t ask much. It seemed that he didn’t care what Shao Ci and Chu Jin spoke about. The cold eyes seemed like they were just an  illusion of Shao Ci’s but the more he said, the more he worried.

“I didn’t say anything to Chu Jin before, but he came over to me.” Shao Ci couldn’t help but explain, “Then we said a few words, nothing important.”

Wait, why is this line made like a guilty husband after derailment?*

*T/N: Shao Ci, I like the direction your mind is going but you are the wifey not the hubby (•∆•)


“En, I know.” Yin Han nodded unconsciously, then grabbed Shao’s hand and pointed to a place: “How would you like to sleep here tonight?” ”


Shao Ci looked at him and he knows that Yin Han doesn’t believe him. He sighs. Anyway, he had already explained it. If he didn’t believe him, there was nothing he can do.


After dark, everyone was ready to rest and the area was quiet.

Of course, it’s just on the surface that it looks like this. In fact, the two groups of people knew what was going to happen and no one was going to sleep well.

Only Shao Ci, who was out of the loop, had already been lying down preparing to sleep. Because there were so many ability users around him, he thought that there should be no danger so he fell asleep like usual.

Don’t know how much time passed but Shao Ci was suddenly awakened by a loud noise.

“What’s wrong?” Shao Ci quickly stood up and saw that everyone else was completely sleepless. His expression quickly became vigilant and the roar of zombies came from the other side of the wall.

Shao Ci: “!!” Wait, he just slept, what happened? Why is this factory suddenly surrounded by zombies? What did the watchmen do?  


… Sure enough, you can’t relax at any time around the protagonist.

Shao Ci also quickly stood up and looked in the direction of Yin Han. This time, of course, it was safest to be around the person with the highest strength level.

When he finally saw Yin Han and wanted to rush over, a loud bang sounded. A mutant zombie suddenly smashed the wall on the side of the factory and rushed in directly.

The walls opened like a bean curd. Other ordinary zombies crowded in like the tide. Fortunately, the number of ordinary zombies is not much and the rest of the ability users can still be saved.

The situation does not seem to be very good, Shao Ci can hear the special effects sound of powers being used.

As for the mutant zombies, other people can’t do anything, they can only leave it to Yin Han.


When other people ran to deal with the ordinary zombies, Shao Ci, as a healing ability user, could not do anything. He had to stand in a hidden corner, not daring enough to escape but also not daring enough to go halfway to where the mutant zombies were being killed.


Except for the mutant zombie that had just broken the wall, all of the mutated zombies have funneled in – they are all speed-type…


These speed-type mutant zombies jumped up and down the room like a gust of wind. They seemed to know that Yin Han was the only human being threatening to them. Once they dealt with him, the ordinary ability users would be lambs to slaughter.


 In any case, the value of Yin Han was so high that Shao Ci did not need to be taken care of. Except for the Zombie King, these small mutant zombies did not know fear.


However, unlike in Shao Ci’s thoughts, it was obviously difficult for Yin Han to deal with these zombies. When he killed four or five zombies, his movements became slower. Obviously, the power that consumed most of them also made him tired.


“Is not right…” Shao Ci had a strange feeling. He always felt that Yin Han should not be like this but it is not necessary for Yin Han to pretend at this time… Was it because the situation was not good today?


These zombies made scratching motions from time to time, which had caused many wounds to appear on Yin Han, and one zombie even accidentally caught his back. Suddenly, blood flowed and Yin Han also took the opportunity to kill this zombie.*

*T/N: Shouldn’t the system be reminding Shao Ci to hurry up?


The situation became more and more dangerous. On several occasions, Yin Han seemed to be on the verge of being killed by the zombies. Shao Ci had long abandoned the doubts in his heart and nervously turned his attention to the scene in front of him. He did not even notice when the other ability users had disappeared.

*T/N: Yin Han to his followers: When you see Shao Ci peeking at me, clear the scene as fast as possible.


When Yin Han finally killed the last zombie, he was exhausted and almost fell to the ground. Shao Ci quickly rushed out to support him. He bowed his face to look at Yin Han’s face. He stayed. 


Seeing the blood stains on the pale cheeks of Yin Han, there was a thrilling kind of beauty*… No, now was not the time when he should appreciate the beauty of others! !

*T/N: Shao Ci, does this mean you want  to see your chrysanthemum’s blood on Yin Han’s face? #match_made_in_heaven 🎵bad boys bring heaven to you🎵


Shao Ci quickly gave Yin Han a healthy and after the ability was used, the wound on Yin Han quickly recovered.


Suddenly, a sneer sounded from the direction of the door and the door was kicked in.


Chu Jin was walked in while applauding. His face with a gentle smile contrasted his voice full of sarcasm. “It’s ridiculous, who can think of it, the famous Yin Han, actually falling to such an extent because of the siege of several mutant zombies. Falling to such an extent, if you say it, won’t everyone will be shocked? Hahahahahaha…” 


Shao Ci’s face was green. At such a critical time, Chu Jin actually ran out… No, of course he did, he’s a villain! 


This could be troublesome. If the wound was not so large, Yin Han could be cured immediately. However, there were also many abilities that Chu Jin consumed before. If they were at the same level, Shao Ci was not necessarily sure of who would win.


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