QTVW Chapter 1.2

Let Me Refresh my Memory

Reading the beginning of Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess Chapter 27 made me feel like there was yuri action about to go down #had_to_reread_for_a_moment

The maid escaped and was captured by external forces. Several men took a lot of effort to save her.
After the maid was rescued, she confessed to her harem. She washed herself clean with tears, smeared An Mulan with the so-called ‘truth,’ and An Mulan became hated by the four brothers. They teamed up with An Mulan’s husband and sent the helpless An Mulan to the mental hospital.
Even when An Mulan was in the mental hospital, her life was still very difficult. Not only did the maid’s harem include her four brothers but other young masters. They arranged for her to be tortured but could not die.
When An Mulan was dying, she was only thirty years old but she looked as old as a 50-year-old woman. When she died, she swore revenge on those who had harmed her at the expense of her soul.
This is the cannon fodder woman chosen by the System. In exchange for using the other’s body, she must fulfill the desire of the original female host.
For Mulan, the task of a woman wanting revenge was not very difficult. The time she passed into the world was just after her 18th birthday was over, the early days of the plot, she would have a long time to plan for it.
According to the memory of the original host, in a few days, Father An will tell her that he has arranged a fiancee for her.
The original host had a serious illness after receiving the news so her impression of the incident was very vivid.
But for the current Mulan, this was a quite a good opportunity because this fiancee was also her main task, she needs a villain BOSS walkthrough.
In the novel, there was no direct description of this villain BOSS, only a few lines of her activities.
The book writes that this villain was an orphan without a father or a mother. She worked hard to rise through the ranks of hierarchy from commoner, having been involved in the underworld and the military. She was a great influencer in both fields.
At the age of twenty-one, she built a new clean identity. With it, she opened a company, and then a few years later built a huge business empire.
When she was twenty-seven years old, she used this money to enter the political world and in this future world, mixed in without a stir. 
Overall, she was a great winner in life. Even at the end of the novel, although the existence of this role was downplayed, even the female’s powerful harem did not dare to deal with it.
Compared to her glorious life resume was a vague description of her character. When she was mentioned in the novel, she would always be associated with the words of insidious, blackmail, murder, cold, and bloodthirsty.
There is no doubt that this woman was a very qualified villain BOSS, but as a target of the System, it was a headache as Mulan anxiously did not know where to start.
Mulan sighed helplessly, then got up, washed up and dressed. Looking at the young figure in the mirror, she whispered: “From now on, I am An Mulan. Let those want to harm me pay the price.”
After that, she went to the living room. Fortunately, she did not see the protagonists. She sat at the table and finished eating cold food before returning to her room.
She turned on the computer and recorded all the things that were going to happen from memory.
All the trade secrets and crime evidence, she wrote a brief account and sent it from a newly registered email. Then describe the list of major forces in the future world.
After that, she browsed through her bank account to discover that there was a very large amount of assets. She used part of it to buy surveillance cameras and other items and the rest was transferred to a new account. It was good to be prepared.
In the afternoon, she dressed up neatly and spent a little pocket money to have a few eight-year-old children send anonymous letters to the designated mailbox.
For example, she sent the confidential documents related to the family to the opposite of the family; sent the evidence of the underworld forces to the opposing forces… She sent all the secrets of the company that had harmed the original owner to the company. After that, she only needed to watch the action.
In the afternoon, An Mulan returned home and placed the purchased surveillance monitors in all corners of the house. She photographed the love affairs of the maid and her brothers. It took a few days to stitch the videos together before it was anonymously sent on the female protagonist’s campus network.
The female protagonist will be troubled for a long time.
In the novel, when writing about the female protagonist, she would be described with first time and purity and the exposure of this video will make those brain-damaged men realize the truth of the matter.
After An Mulan finished all this, she was relieved for a while. In any case, the task of revenge for the original host has made initial progress. Next was the task of attracting the villain BOSS.
During dinner that day as they were sitting at the dinner table, Father An told An Mulan that her fiancee would be coming soon to visit in the morning so she must perform well.
An Mulan, habitually expressionless, nodded in response.
After dinner, An Mulan returned to her room. Lying in bed, she began to think.
From the plot of the novel and the memory of the original host, it can be concluded that the villain BOSS is a very good person. She was tough enough to attain power despite her origins; bloodthirsty and cold; unscrupulous; at the same time, she was also a woman with a strong desire to control everything in her hands.
Such a woman, she suffers if she wants to pursue her and if she opposes her, she can only die. Then, she can only choose to act in the former direction and aim to hug this thigh.
The villain BOSS grew up in a poor living environment where she had to survive in the slums. She hated men and liked petite girls. The girl’s appearance must be clean with elegant taste, decent behavior and excellent education.   
In this case, An Mulan made a decision.
At about 10 am on the third day, An Mulan was sitting on the sofa in a quiet manner. The long black hair was sparsely decorated with diamond ornaments and the rest of the hair lay smoothly on the shoulders. She was wearing a white bubble dress*, making the entire person look very delicate and compact like a doll in the window.
*T/N: apparently this is what a bubble dress looks like

The doorbell rang, answered by Father An, who then walked in followed by a tall, full-bodied, cool-looking young woman.
Following the beckoning action of Father An, An Mulan stood up gracefully and walked to the woman.
Her round and dark eyes fell gently on the other party and when she received a reaction from the other party, she immediately lowered her head slightly. The long, curled eyelashes shivered and the white cheeks with baby fat flushed with just the right amount of shame.
Father An smiled with satisfaction. He introduced: “This is the president of Qitian Company, Ling Xihan, President Ling, this is my daughter, An Mulan.”
Ling Xihan responded: “Miss An, hello.”
An Mulan looked up and smiled, revealing a small dimple on both cheeks. Slightly opening her lips, she politely responded: “Hello!”

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