FEPL 3.2

I Need a Recap


Wu Meili smiled and calmly said.

“It’s good to stay in the town, so one doesn’t come back and feel they are dirtying one’s clothes.”

Meng Family’s Sister-in-law nodded and asked curiously.

“Zhou Family’s Dimei*, how many kids are there in your family? Why don’t you let them come to fetch water? Don’t spoil them.”

*T/N: Dimei = younger sibling

Wu Meili smiled slightly and explained calmly.

“I left the kids in the house and asked them to help repair the roof. Can’t let our house get wet in the coming rain.”

Meng Family’s Sister-in-law put the hair that had scattered in front of her forehead behind her ear and said with a smile.

“This is really a coincidence. I also left my kid at home and let them clean up the house.”

“What coincidence, isn’t that normal?”

Wu Meili ridiculed and smiled at the Meng Family’s Sister-in-law.

Suddenly reminded of something, Meng Family’s Sister-in-law asked.

“I saw your family of six going to the town. What were you going for?”

Wu Meili turned, suddenly raised her voice and said.

“Today my family’s daughter-in-law was uncomfortable. I decided to have someone take a look in the town. As a result, the old doctor in the medical hall told me that I would be a happy grandmother and definitely have a healthy child.”

When Meng Family’s Sister-in-law heard it, her eyes flashed with a bit of surprise as she began to give congratulations at once.

“Zhou Family’s Dimei, congratulations. It seems that when you start spring next year, your family will have a big fat boy!”

The people around them heard the conversation between the two people and they quickly gave Wu Meili congratulations as the lineup was not too close to getting water.

Smiling emotionally, she responded to the people with a few words. Wu Meili proudly said to the Meng Family’s Sister-in-law.

“Whether the child is a big fat boy or a female doll does not matter, it will have a good life. In the future, I will be a grandma and definitely enjoy his/her blessing.”

Meng Family’s Sister-in-law sighed and asked in confusion.

“Zhou Family’s Dimei, what do you mean?”

Other people have also raised their ears to hear what Wu Meili means.

Wu Meili looked around, proudly, and raised her head high to speak loudly.

“When I was in the town, I met a very good fortune-teller. The fortune-teller said that the child’s life will be very good. Peerless luck, he said. There are two more sentences that I don’t remember. Anyway, it is a very good life. If the child is a male, it is estimated that they will be a special person in the future and the court will worship. If it is a female doll, maybe they will marry a very good person and even become a person in the palace.”*

*T/N: I love this over-exaggeration

From hearing this, more than half of the people around her are showing a look of disbelief. How can a farmer’s little child have such a good life? Being able to pass the imperial examination to become a seventh-rank magistrate is already considered good.

Perceiving the disbelieving thoughts of the people around her, Wu Meili was suddenly anxious. She patted her thigh hard and gave an example.

“You still don’t believe that the child in my family will have a good life? You don’t know, when the fortune-teller finished speaking, the sky suddenly burst out with clouds. The older generation looked at the sky, with hope, shouting loudly for rain.”

When these words came out, everyone was half-believing. Is it true that Zhou Family’s child will have a long life? Who knows, but it is still a very good life. Such comments are not easily said but it is better than what a kitten or puppy can get.


There are a lot of people in the village, Wu Meili lined up for a long time before it was her turn. Behind her, there was still a long line of people fetching water.

Listening to the discussion about the unborn children of her family, Wu Mei’s mouth showed a satisfactory smile while preparing to pick up the buckets of water.

Then, she bent her waist and straightened her back. She struggled to pick the buckets on her shoulders. In the gloomy, windy environment, she swayed home.

The water in the big water tank in the kitchen is actually half full. However, just in case, Wu Meili went to the well and picked up two extra buckets of water.

When the big water tank is full, there is still more than half of the water in a wooden barrel.

After dealing with the problem of water, Wu Mei finally had time to deal with other things. The daughter-in-law with child that used to walk back and forth is now resting and could not be bothered.

Although the two daughter-in-laws just married, they were also well-behaved – packing up the clothes of the whole family and working hard on housework.

As for the three sons, they ran across the roof and the yard and worked hard to repair the roof.

Fortunately, there are not many bad places, otherwise when would they finish?

Wu Meili has never been a lazy person but now was the perfect chance to relax.

Instead, she walked along the ladder, crawling up to the roof with her hands and feet.

“Ma, you should be resting, let us work! Us three brothers are not lazy and this little thing is nearly done. Plus, the wind is so big, very dangerous.”

The Zhou family brothers stopped to persuade their mother in unison. Whether it is the 12-year-old third or almost 18-year-old eldest, they all disagreed.

Wu Meili shook her head and looked at the three sons sternly, before saying.

“Your mother might be a widow but she is not a person who has no ability. A little wind can’t blow me away. Don’t stop me, come let us work together. Start early, stop early, so that time is not too late.”*

*T/N: I love her, she reminds me of my mom

The three brothers tried to persuade her while working. Seeing their mother was unmoved, even though it was hard to intervene, they felt they still had to.

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