CPFLWV Chapter 3.1

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Reading the first sentence of this chapter made me wonder if I opened the wrong text…#be_warned #there_is_an_explanation

…and then I realized Commenter Casey’s question about the meaning of the FL’s name is important to understanding the “puns” of this chapter. Zhu Ai means wish to mourn.


Chapter 3: The World’s First Villain

“The Phoenix dancing for nine days could not get a smile while the world beyond the fog is still mourning for a hundred years.”*

*T/N (V.B.): Bless Matcha Lemonade and NU’s Translator’s Corner for working hard on this sentence. I’m moving the long explanation of this sentence all the way to the end.

Four years into the Apocalypse, this sentence said by Ji Qianhuang, the Savior at that time, spread widely, reaching the villain BOSS. It was Zhu Ai, this bitch who self-exploded, completely destroying Shen Qingjia’s survival opportunities!

Last name Zhu, first name Ai… Born in Y City… Seventeen or eighteen years old, she was fated for misfortune. During the Apocalypse, she was betrayed by a pig teammate. Well, there was a possibility of eighty percent.*

*T/N (V.B.): 80% chance of falling in love with the villain *hehehe* or of being betrayed during the Apocalypse?

*T/N (M.L.): 80% chance of being the pig teammate.

“Your surname is Zhu? Zhu Ai? ” Shen Qingjia asked again. She had a faint smile on her face but her mind was wondering what would happen if she killed this person who might be the future villain BOSS now.*

*T/N (V.B.): Can’t have yuri moments with the villain if you kill the villain…OPES I forgot, it seems to be possible in Zombie Sister Strategy

In the previous life, the villain BOSS was indeed born in Y City, but Shen Qingjia did not expect that she had such a connection with her.

With a smile on her lips, Zhu Ai spoke, “Well, this is the name I gave myself.”

Shen Qingjia was stunned. Her killing idea faded like melting snow. She suddenly remembered her sorrowful life. She was born in a rich family but her childhood was rough. She was betrayed many times during the Apocalypse. Anyone who encountered this kind of thing would have the idea of taking revenge on society. When she was abandoned to feed the zombies in her previous life, this time she could not be blamed for being incurable of the desire to be powerful. In the future, this evil world must perish!

Although Shen Qingjia’s parents died early because of an accident, there was no doubt that she was doted on by her parents before that. Zhu Ai, her life was entirely laid out, like a cup set on the tea table!*

*T/N: Apparently this is another pun, the characters for cup set, 悲剧, also mean tragedy.

And Zhu Ai was going to be the villain BOSS of the Apocalypse. Although she now looked quite harmless, to some extent, she and the Savior were the sons of fate*, born with this imposed fate. If she hides her trump card, one can only end up in the gutter and not know how they died.

*T/N (V.B.): sons of fate aka leads

Shen Qingjia did not dare to gamble on this and sighed before turning and walking away.

“You used to know me?” Zhu Ai asked from behind.

“You have the same name as a person I have known before.”

“A friend?”

Shen Qingjia gnashed her teeth, “Until death enemy!!”

Zhu Ai released a sigh, her heart simultaneously unclenching before pulling her right hand out of her jacket pocket. She had experienced countless suffering since she was a child and was extremely sensitive to the changes of the human heart. Although the killing intent in the eyes of Shen Qingjia had dissipated quickly, she was still wary.

The night was getting darker. Although it was summer, the temperature would inevitably lower at night. Although there were not many forests on the outskirts of Y City, there were many low bushes. Shen Qingjia cleaned her body and coat at the edge of the reservoir and went to find some dry wood to make a fire.

Suddenly she heard the sound of water behind her. Shen Qingjia turned her head and saw a young girl walking ashore. The wet long hair was scattered on her shoulders. She was dressed in a white coat. Even though the night was dark, the dirt had been washed away and the girl seemed to be shining all over the body.

Shen Qingjia asked hesitantly, “…Zhu Ai?”

The girl nodded, her eyes were like the beginning of a winter snowfall, cold and beautiful.

*T/N (V.B.): Sorry for being a snow hater, but it’s only beautiful when you don’t have to go out into it. #just_a_tiny_bit_salty

Indeed, she was a very beautiful girl, destined to transcend everything and destroy the restrictions of this rotten world.

Her cold face was slightly lowered, her eyes falling on Shen Qingjia’s face. Bright and clean like the sky during autumn, several wisps of hair hung over her forehead to collect behind the ear. Unfolding from underneath her eyebrows, her eyes were dark, deep, and still, making people, with every breath, long for her to speak.

The villain BOSS of the Apocalypse, supreme NO. 1 among the Northern bases and even god will be afraid, Zhu Ai. She was celestial, pure and cold, in sight but unattainable like the bright moon in the sky.

Dazzling to the eyes in an aloof manner, ordinary people can only look and think about sullying. Zhu Ai…her beauty was really not human.

Resembling the stars, this beautifully bright and innocent girl, who could predict that she would be the villain that massacres tens of thousands of people?


*If you were like me and was wondering why the author decided to put some random literary sentence that seemed to have no connection to the story, NU’s Translator’s corner gives this explanation: 

The phoenix mentioned is the Huang in the Saviour’s name and the mourning mentioned is the Ai character in the villain BOSS’ name. So it’s supposed to be punny because it basically says Ji Qianhuang, the Saviour, protects the paradise. However, it’s not a good time for smiling since the world outside/beyond the fog is still under the control of the villain Boss, Zhu Ai.

If you guys like literature analysis, @anyudr really liked that this sentence was an antithesis (figure of speech that brings contrasting ideas together in a sentence through parallel grammatical structure).

Lol, once I understood the sentence, *puts English literature major glasses on* the Saviour only protects the paradise by blinding them to the difficulties of the world and debilitating people into thinking they can’t be their own Saviours. #damsel_in_distress_syndrome_is_strong_in_paradise #cant_be_a_paradise_without_something_to_compare_to

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