Hey all, (Vanilla Bean speaking)

It’s been 52 posts and 26 weeks since this website started with the manhua Princess Wei Yang (not really the best choice as a beginning learner of Chinese). So thanks for all the follows and likes <(^∆^)> *gives lots of hugs*

As it is December break, the website will be running itself for the last two weeks of December (If your comment isn’t going through, it will be approved upon return in January)

Most of the posts are going to be text synopses for being picked up in the New Year but I plan to have two full chapters ready for Christmas day.

Also, get excited! Starting January, there is finally going to be a schedule!

After taking sips from many teas, I’ve decided on two favourites (update every week):

– Considering the Possibility of Falling in Love With the Villain (CPFLWV)

– Befriending the Most Powerful Person (BMPP)

Update once a month until I get faster at reading and interpreting ancient/cultivation texts:

– Di Daughter’s Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei (DDRSSWF)

– Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads (CBCFR)

– Heaven Defying Dark Empress (HDDE)

Update every other week:

1st set

– Reborn, I Became a Male God (RIBMG)

– Living in the Last Days (LLD)

2nd set

– I am Not a Chick (INC)

– Female Emperor’s Peerless Luck (FEPL)

– Quick Transmigration: Villain Walkthrough (QTVW)

(About the every other week updates, this is like a super positive outlook. It might turn into a three set rotation since I decided to take some seminar classes)

I really like manhua but I’ve honestly been so averse to cleaning after attempting to clean Princess Wei Yang. So, I’ll probably keep up with 2013, Beloved Wife, and Soul Soldiers if I see no one else has updated it when I get hit by a bout of got-“nothing”-to-do. I’m tempted to translate Rhapsody of Mulan since I love it so much but ×_× cleaning. #always_on_the_lookout_for_cleaners

Nearly done, nearly done…

As my personality has workaholic-chan as its default, I am always open to picking up new completely untranslated texts and abandoned texts (just email xtrawhipped@gmail.com). However, my attention span per sitting is like two hours max (fun fact: same amount of time it takes me to drink a venti Vanilla Bean frappe); hence the half chapter posts but I’ll try my best to start on suggestions as soon as possible. #uni_made_me_become_this_way #anyone_want_to_join_me_as_an_MTLer #releases_will_be_faster #get_fellow_fujoshis

The Novel Pickup Request corner of NU troubles my fast-reading but slow-translating soul. #goal_of_the_New_Year_hide_my_eyes_la

Also, do people prefer that I get rid of T/Ns altogether (unless it’s important like the meaning of Zhu Ai’s name) or the amount is fine, not too crazy?

Yay! You’ve reached the end!

If you have been enjoying our translation/just want to chat, join on Discord

As well, as this website is named after our Starbucks addiction, feel free to support and request chapters through http://ko-fi.com/xtrawhippedcream0_0

2 thoughts on “Updates…Updates

  1. Ah are you still updating this manga!? And if so where can I find it? I’m trying to find translations for this manga but there’s none!😞


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