CPFLWV Chapter 3.2

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Boya, Feng Yu Heng is about to get her heart stolen by the female Prince #everything_has_a_yuri_moment_now


  ”Because I don’t want to be entangled with those annoying men, I have been covering my face during the Apocalypse.” Zhu Ai said.


  Shen Qingjia removed her gaze from Zhu Ai’s face and nodded her head in understanding. This kind of thing, she had also done in the life before.


  Just now, Shen Qingjia discovered that the so-called white clothes worn by Zhu Qin was an ordinary long shirt, just Zhu Ai’s temperament was too good and wearing anything white makes people feel that it is purer than snow.


  From previously walking all the way in the sewer, the clothes had been stained with a lot of dirt and odor. Now cleaned and drying over the flames, they were only wearing shirts and one was only wearing a thin coat. It was very embarrassing.


 In the campfire, the dead wood burned and sizzled. Shen Qingjia eagerly provoked the fire to dry the clothes but not so much as to accidentally let the flames rise and burn them. 


  Zhu Ai saw that Shen Qingjia had found leaves and hay and was laying them on the ground to be used as beds for two people. Seeing that Shen Qingjia was in a hurry, Zhu Ai bent down to help. Shen Qingjia’s eyes glimpsed a face that was too beautiful coming closer and couldn’t figure out why her face felt hot.


  The shape of Zhu Ai was slim and tall and the complexion was white, even more than the snow. Even if you look at it at close distance, you can’t find even a little bit of pigmentation. Even the wound after re-bandaging at the right calf seems to have a different attraction. The lining of the shirt was long, perfectly wrapped around the sexy upper body, but she bends slightly at this moment…


  Shen Qingjia did not dare to look again and focused on the clothes that were drying*. Fortunately, the fire was raging at this time and Zhu Ai did not call her out for her strange behaviour.

*T/N: tsk, should have peeked a bit more


  Villain BOSS Zhu Ai… This kind of appearance and style was beyond the imagination of human beings. If not strong enough, this would not be a glory for her and only welcome disaster.*

*T/N: Does this mean the conflict with the Saviour was actually Ji Qianhuang trying to push Zhu Ai down?


  Shen Qingjia was feeling quite complicated. In order to make her own life, she really wanted to kill Zhu Ai now. However, in light of the girl’s sorrowful life, she can’t bring herself to do it.


  Falling on the “bed” of hay, Shen Qingjia looked towards the other. Tonight, Zhu Ai had accepted staying up and keep vigil. Shen Qingjia would be responsible for the next night.


  Zhu Ai sat at the side on the hay and looked back at Shen Qingjia with her hands wrapped around her knees. They seemed as soft and fragile as a child in the dim light of the night. She said, “Good night, Shen Qingjia.”


  Shen Qingjia sighed, “Good night, Zhu Ai.”


  The sky has just released first light when Zhu Ai opened her eyes and found that Shen Qingjia had disappeared. The traces of the backpack and other person had completely disappeared!


  Zhu Ai paused for a moment before picking up the clothes, folding them neatly, and checking the injuries on her calf. She opened the bandage and found that the wound that happened yesterday was completely healed. There was not even a trace of scar on the wound.


  ”Sure enough… Zhu family!” Zhu Ai’s face became cold and her eyes darkened.


  Taking the gauze with a lot of dry blood in her hand, she took a lighter from the jacket pocket and ignited the gauze into ashes.


  Zhu Ai lay down again on the “bed” of dry grass and stared at the overcast, dark gray sky that had been lead gray after the Doomsday crisis.


  Yesterday, Shen Qingjia escaped from the sewers, indicating that she knew that there were no threats to humans in the sewers… neither being threatened by zombies nor viruses.


  Why can an ordinary person who was vulnerable in the last world get such accurate information? And the Apocalypse environment was ever-changing, why can she be so sure? Why did she release such a strong killing intent when she heard the name Zhu Ai yesterday? Why was she feeling so troubled last night?


  Shen Qingjia, she…who is she?


  There were so many questions in her thoughts, Zhu Ai bit her lips… No one has ever troubled her.


  Footsteps suddenly sounded behind her and Zhu Ai turned back to see Shen Qingjia.


  Compared to last night’s furrowed brow, today’s Shen Qingjia is obviously in a good mood, with a smile on her face. She carried a three-tailed carp in her hand.


  Zhu Ai saw the three-tailed carp and did not speak.


  Shen Qingjia smiled and said: “The fish in the water can still be eaten by humans, at least it was so in the first year or two.”*

*T/N: referencing her previous life


  Shen Qingjia did not even realize that she had little concealment in front of Zhu Ai. Perhaps she subconsciously regarded her as a demon king who was wise and violent and thought that some lies could not hold up against this future metamorphosis. She was not as calm as she seemed.

  First year or two? Zhu Ai heard the obvious foresight but she did not ask anything, only taking the carp and dealing with it.


In the morning when Zhu Ai noticed Shen Qingjia’s absence, she felt a little lonely in her heart and when she saw her coming back with the carp, she almost said the words “You didn’t leave”. But all of this would remain deeply buried in the heart, unnoticed by the other.

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  1. she pretty much just spoiled that she is from the future, also can you put the translation notes at the bottom, having them mid-chapter is a bit distracting as there is so many of them

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    *stabs myself immediately with insulin*
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    “I need a stronger one”

    (Waiting for more! Especially from the FL POV’s!)

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