Teaser ~ Boss’ Death Guide boss作死指南 Chapter 1

Just saw someone looking for it on NU forum and their description had my favourite words: Apocalypse, rebirth, ability users so just checking it out for fun… #has_really_good_MTL #legit_just_copied_and_pasted #changed_only_a_few_words


   The whole world was gray and you can hardly see any bright colors at first glance. 

   If only this place was like this, maybe it was not something to worry about but now the whole earth was like this. 

    The sun was still in the sky but its original bright red color now hardly passes through the gray-black sky, leaving only a faint light gray circular shadow. 

    If there were plants on the earth, they will die in large numbers because the sun is blocked. Fortunately, all kinds of plants have long been extinct. 

    No, they were not completely extinct. On the highest mountain on the planet, there was a small fingernail-sized piece of grass.

    This kind of grass was abundant and very inconspicuous before the end of the world. It was often used for lawns. It was visible everywhere but there were not many people who knew its name. People were used to stepping on them, never paying them any attention.

    But now, it was the last plant on earth, packed in a beautiful transparent crystal bottle, stretching its body to bring the last hint of green to the world. 

    A man in a thick black robe puts the crystal bottle in his sleeves and brings warmth to the plants inside. Standing closest to the sun, the watching eyes look at the most precious things in the world.

    It was also indeed valuable because plants that were far more beautiful than they or taller have mutated or died. 

    The man in the black robe stood quietly in the highest place in the world. He wrapped himself in black cloth and the whole person was as dead as the world but his body was very much alive. Those gray mists were rolling but they could not break through into the body of the man as if they were completely blocked by a transparent cover. 

    That’s really a cover, or a forcefield, that level 7 ability users can have.

    The black robed man stood there for a long time, staring at the crystal bottle in his hand, until there was some movement from below, he finally turned his neck and looked far away. 

    A bright red color ran away through the fog and towards the black robe. There were a lot of black plants around attacking him but they were all pushed away by his flaming forcefield. Not only did they not hurt him, they didn’t even slow him down. 

    Near the black robe, the forcefield had many layers and in the next second, the black plants instantly receded. 

    “Lord, I am coming back.” The hair was cut at random and a man with a lot of beard on his chin but full of mature charm dragged his body into the forcefield. The clothes he wore were ragged but he held something within his arms carefully. 

    The black robe did not care for him, turned his head and looked at the crystal bottle in his hand. 

    “Lord, I found a little food!” The man with the red forcefield didn’t care that the black robed man was indifferent towards him. He took the black robed man and sat down, letting the two men’s fields overlap. Kneeling, the things were then taken out of his arms. It was a few cans. These cans were produced at some bases after the end of the world but the bases capable of producing cans have disappeared for at least five years. These cans have certainly expired. 

    “The cans are well kept, although they are out of date, they can still be eaten.” Protecting themselves from the fog in the forcefield of fire, the red man held out the cracked hand. Those cans, who wanted to put them in the field of black robes, suddenly found that their hands could not reach at all, and some sorrow appeared on the face. 

    “You eat.” The black robe finally spoke. His voice was hoarse, but he had a strange charm. 

    “I have already eaten.” The red man smiled. “You eat a little.” He said, he opened a can, and then his expression quickly became stiff – inside the can, there was only a dark goop left. 

    Obviously, this can has been contaminated by those damn black substances.

    The fire ability user has long been accustomed to encountering such a thing. After a pause, they started to open the cans until they finally found a good one. “I say, the cans that I got out of the layer-protected lab could have been bad.” 

    He smiled freely and the only can was brought to the black robe. 

    “One and a half.” The black robe said in a simple and concise manner. 

    The fire ability user did not object, but laughed. “Okay, but I have already eaten it. I had half of it and wait for you to eat.”

   The black robed man stared at the fire ability user and looked at the half-eaten canned food for a while. Although the canned food was not contaminated, it had long since expired. The taste was terrible, but the black robed man was used to eating all kinds of disgusting food. I will eat the things without changing the color and then I will give the remaining half to the man

    “I don’t have the strength to expand the field, let it be there.” The fire abilities said, narrowing their field to the side of the black robes. 

    The black robe again looked at him for a while, and the field suddenly enlarged a bit and included him. 

    The fire ability user was happy and they have scattered their own fields and sat next to the black robes. “On Lord, you are the best for me.”

    The black robed man did not speak this time, and the fire abilities did not care. And again.. “Lord, sit down, don’t you stand tired?”

    The black robes slowly sat down, and the fire ability user was filled with joy, and quickly leaned against the black robed man. At the same time, his words have increased. “Oh Lord, the two of us are really amazing. Now they are the two people who have lived to the end. Those people didn’t want to die in the beginning and they all died. We are still alive.”  

    The fire ability user did not expect his words to be answered by the black robes, but the black robes responded. “En.” 

    Hearing this response, the face of the fire ability user filled with a smile, he suddenly said. “Qi Jingchen, I am really happy to meet you.”

    The black robe had not heard of this name for a long time as if it were someone else but he still has no reaction at all. 

    “Qi Jingchen, now there are only two of us in the world. If we don’t talk anymore, it will be too cold. You can talk to me.” The fire powers said again, he also said before. Respectfully, the black robe was called “the Lord”, but now he has called his name one after another. 

    “What are you talking about?” asked the black robe. 

    “Do you remember my name? Call me a few times to let me hear.” The fire ability user smiled. 

    The black robe turned to look at the fire ability user, and then the hoarse voice sounded. “Nie Yi.” 

    “Qi Jingchen, how do you feel since this world has become like this? If you knew that the world would become like this, you would enjoy life and never work hard every day to make the company bigger.” 

    “Well, I can’t say that, if I didn’t work hard enough, I can’t live now. Now I’m mixing myself. The world is second.” 

    “I am really happy to meet you. At that time I thought I was going to die. You saved me…” Nie Yi said slyly, the color of the gray fog around them became darker and darker, and now it has become black – the sun goes down. 

    “You saved me,” said the black robe. 

    “If I didn’t save you, you wouldn’t die, but if you didn’t save me, I would really die. At that time, I was nearly gone… I thought about it when you saved me. This world, there are still good people, I must not let you die.” Nie Yi spoke. 

    The black robe was silent. 

    “Qi Jingchen, you talk to me about your life before the end of the world. I have told you everything about me. Should you tell me about your business?” Nie Yi said with a smile. 

    Now that the sky is completely dark but Nie Yi is the person most familiar to the black robe. He can imagine Nie Yi’s present expression by imagination alone.

    He was silent for a while, and suddenly he said. “I don’t have much to say about my previous affairs.” 

    “Why don’t you have anything to say? I want to know!” Nie Yi burst into a big smile in the darkness – this one, what is the name of the supreme being of the whole earth? Whatever it looks like, it has always been known to him alone. This feeling is really great, but unfortunately, he still does not understand the things before Jingchen. 

    The man in black was silent before suddenly saying: “I was very young when my parents divorced, parents do not want me, adoptive grandparents took me to the village, a family surnamed Qi ……” 

    The man in black never liked to talk to people about his own life. After the end of the world, he experienced even the most extreme pain. He even refused to tell others his name, but at this time, he slowly said his own experience. When he came out, the pain and despair he had experienced were the same. 

    After the arrival of the Apocalypse, he was recognized as the most evil person in the world. The most widely circulated thing he had done was that he had destroyed a large security base and then killed the human beings overnight. Nearly half of the ability users knew these two things. 

    After these two years, he stood on the opposite side of all human beings. Countless people attempted to kill him quickly but his strength was too strong and his abilities could completely ignore zombie attacks. He was even able to control the abilities of the lower-level zombies so no one could hurt him. Later, many people gathered around him for strength, for safety, or to become his family. At that time, he was really very lively. . 

    Unfortunately, in the end, there were only two people left, him and Nie Yi. 

    When all the animals become zombies that are irrational and only know how to attack, when all the plants are no longer green but weirdly black with toxins, when the world’s water ability users were no more than five, people can make clean water but… how can humans survive? 

    Seeing that there were fewer and fewer people around, every piece of land in the world was covered with black, which was not very good.

    His strength was very strong. He can always hold the energy cover and keep all the dark energy outside but only a small space can be maintained. 

    Before, he stayed in one place for a long time in order to retain a little life and then placed a box full of flowers by his side but then the head of the security base suicidally attacked him. After that, everything was ruined. 

    Now he had only the grass in his hand and there was only one person left by his side, Nie Yi. 

    Even if it was Nie Yi, he will die sooner or later… The black robe closed his mouth and the person that leaned on him had already… stopped breathing. 

    In the case where everything is contaminated, the only place where you can save the next bit of food is estimated to be the research room in a large area, and in such a place, how could there be no strong zombies? 

    He can control the zombies but only for the lower level. Those powerful zombies will also hurt him. How can Nie Yi make it without paying a price to them? 

    The black robe touched the man leaning on his body and touched several huge wounds on the other’s back. 

    When Nie Yi came, he had not found this but when Nie Yi approached him and entered his protective cover, he immediately knew that Nie Yi was injured. 

    He didn’t say anything. At this point, both left and right were just death. What is the difference between saying and not saying? And he did not have a way to save Nie Yi. 

    Nie Yi probably knew this too and he asked him so much… just, in the end, without waiting for him to finish, Nie Yi died. 

    In fact, he knew Nie Yi and he felt very good. If there was no Nie Yi, he will die after hating the world.

    Living really does not mean anything. 

    However, Nie Yi wanted him to live and left him half a can.

    The black robe moved the body of Nie Yi, put it on his lap, and then used his own forcefield to protect Nie Yi from the air. This person stayed by his side, he would allow, because of the darkness outside, him to turn into a zombie… 

    Two days later, the black robes ate the remaining half of the disgusting can and then drank a little water that Nie Yi had already prepared with his water ability. 

    After another ten days, the black robe pours a little water into the crystal bottle in his hand, and then completely seals the crystal bottle. 

    “I am going to die, I hope you can live a few more days… Although it is very difficult…” The black robe was thin, almost just a layer of skin on the bones, put the crystal bottle on the ground, slowly closed his eyes. 

    It was not long before the grass in the crystal bottle withered. 

    After the end of the world, many scientists want to create a closed ecosystem to keep humans alive. However, they all failed. How can the grass in this crystal bottle survive? 

    There was no living thing on earth since then.


Verdict: I lovvveeee it *tears trickle down face* *smacks I Want Some More button repeatedly* *hoping someone translates this*

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