Living in the Last Days 末世之活着 [GL] Synopsis

Lol I thought someone else was picking up this cute text so I originally deleted my synopsis and first part of chapter 1 but apparently not… *rummages around a bit* *pulls out of trash* *cleans it up a bit* Kk, chapter 1 is now the New Year’s special… #drops _at_midnight


Author(s): 满城时光 (Hahahaha, I just realized that this same author wrote another text that people are asking to get picked up on NU, *goes to check it out*)

Before rebirth, Xia Man had been wondering, when did Qu Zhen begin to hate her? Was it when she foolishly followed behind her and constantly talked while eating? Or when she would always clumsily break the gifts she was given? So she started hating her? Did she think such a person was not worthy of being her friend at all? Doesn’t deserve the sunshine? Right! Sunshine or whatever, it can only be her Qu Zhen! Xia Man always felt that the friendship between the two people was like Qu Zheen’s alms to herself, never equal. Xia Man didn’t understand what Qu Zhen meant until she died. “I thought I never missed it. Now I understand that I’ve never been right.” Qu Zhen, in a sense, died by Xia Man’s hands, not from a zombie. Qu Zhen, you could never have been right after doing something wrong. You should never fall in love with a person with distorted personality. After Xia Man was reborn, she only wanted one thing. She wanted those who used her to hurt Quzhen to die rather than to live!

In a sentence: the slag was reborn into a loyal dog, the owner accepts ~~ ~

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