INC Chapter 1

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Christmas special – Full chapter (1/2)

Chapter 1: Wu Zhe crosses over

On the river, a big boat sailed slowly downstream without raising its sails. In the sunset, several candles had been lit in the forecastle of the ship*. Wu Zhe was ruthlessly thrown into a small dark cabin in the hold. A moldy decaying odor assailed the nostrils. Nowadays, girls wore silk clothes and a distinct creaking sound was generated by the rubbing of silk on the hold’s wood.

*T/N: turns out I didn’t need Pirates of the Caribbean for this *opens boat diagram for this* but Wikipedia

The 30-year-old man dressed up in ancient swordsman style clothing who had captured Wu Zhe resentfully slammed the hatch door and locked the iron door tightly: “You, little girl, why do you want to escape when you have the chance to enter the Yuanliao Hall? If someone falsely accuses us of spoiling your yin body and killing people, would it not damage the reputation of Qingling’s three heroes? Want me to die of thirst and starvation! When the time comes to hand over your corpse to the sect’s gate for examination, I will at once report back the completion of this mission.

Wu Zhe was confined in the cabin for a long time before he adapted to the new physical changes. I crossed over into the ancient world and became a woman? Moreover, this swordsman wants me to die? Wu Zhe, who has just crossed from another peaceful world, was unable to adapt his mindset for a time. The mysterious metallic voice in his mind had also been silent for a long time and Wu Zhe had been asking questions many times without response. Unable to fully exercise control over this body, he has definitely gained a woman’s appearance.

Both the slightly raised chest and the smooth skin in the silk dress can help him confirm this fact. Because of a special power, his body transformed into a woman in this world. Simply put, after crossing, he became a replica of a young girl. He didn’t know if the original of this body was still alive? If she meets with her, she will be surprised that she has a twin sister. Ah – the word sister makes him really speechless, can he sing: You are my sister~ Are you my baby~?*

*T/N: Weird but ok

At this time, a voice was heard outside the door. A hoarse voice said: “Chen Lao-san, you saved her and locked her inside, is it to watch her die? This little girl’s clothes were soaked in the river and there is no ability in cultivation, I am afraid she won’t even last three days.”

“Hmph, Zhai Lao-er, you, don’t interfere.”

As long as the sect’s gate was open and dedicated to the offering of twenty Yin females of age 27, no matter their fate, it cannot be regarded as their responsibility. “Truly fearless!” Wu Zhe was shocked.

Hey! I am not the woman you have mentioned, I am just a weird copy! Wu Zhe struggled to get up from the ground and grabbed the small window on the door to shout that he had been wronged. In the ship’s corridor, a well-dressed man in his fifties stood four or five steps opposite the man who saved him. It seems that he is the one known as Zhai Lao-er and the other man who saved him was Chen Lao-san.

Zhai Lao-er’s tone was full of ridicule: “Chen Lao-san, does her escape make you think of the daughter-in-law who did not cross the door at that time?” As soon as his voice fell, Chen Lao-san took a fierce forward position and punched Zhai Lao-er, apparently stimulated by his words. Zhai Lao-Er seems to have been ready for it and met it with another punch.

Peng ——The two fists slammed into each other and a strong wind circulated around. Inner qi? Wu Zhe only felt the hair whip against the new body, combed through by the wind from the other side of the door. It’s not the inner strength of a swordsman but the inner qi of the world of martial arts! Wu Zhe was surprised. After the fight, the two men were shocked enough to retreat.

Zhai Lao-er’s hoarse voice croaked before he smiled, “Lao-san, it’s good to have recovered well and finally returned to good condition. Congratulations!!”

Chen Lao-san said: “Hmm, recovery is too slow.

“Lao-er, you intentionally tried to test me?”

“Don’t be angry, Lao-san. How can I conflict with you for a girl of twelve silver, who is so humble?”

Zhai Lao-er continued to giggle. “I’ll bet you that she’ll die from lack of oxygen soon. How about that?”

“No water, no food, no air for two days. Five crystals.”

Chen Lao-san shot out his hand and five pieces of red crystals were inserted into the wooden planks of the corridors. Ka ka, the sound echoed towards the person within the cabin.

“Come on, I’ll bet three days.” Zhai Lao-er also fired five crystals into the ship’s planks next to each other. When they finished, they left. “Hello! I’m not the woman you wanted to catch!” Wu Zhe shouted hurriedly. The girl’s soft voice made him very uncomfortable.

But they left the corridor without looking at Wu Zhe again. Fuck! Wu Zhe smashed the hatch door and the solid wooden door panels collided with the iron locks. Kneading hands that felt painful, Wu Zhe grieved. Just crossed over, will be starved and thirsty to death? These two warriors bet on his time of death?! Others learn martial arts before crossing, I not only don’t have JJ but also have to think about living first…Why am I so unlucky?! Look around, the cabin is locked… The vacant room, … Is this the treatment of a heroine? !


*The boat is actually supposed to look more like this but I needed labels

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