BMPP Chapter 9

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Happy Holidays! And here’s a Christmas themed yaoi I found cute.

Christmas special – Full chapter (2/2)


Now that there were no other people, Chu Jin did not hesitate to show his true face. His expression was much colder than before and his face curled into a sneer.

Shao Ci who suddenly saw such a Chu Jin was somewhat shocked but this way he released a more authentic feel than the hypocrite of before.

“Don’t meddle in other people’s business.” Yin Han said coldly but in the dark he was paying close attention to Shao Ci’s expression.

“In the end, still able to retort.” Chu said, eyeing them coldly. Like any other villain, he began to bring up a bunch of nonsense while sneering: “I had saved your life in order to get the materials from the research institute but I didn’t expect to advance successfully. Now, you are useless.”

Shao Ci saw that Chu Jin began to reveal his own purpose, which is obviously a prelude to the bigger picture, and then turned to look at Yin Han, pale and weak. They would have to rely on themselves, how to fight this?!

“I don’t need a stronger person than me to live in this world.” Chu Jin continued to sneer and looked over. “Blame yourself for not being wary.”

Seeing that Chu Jin was finally going to act, Shao Ci can’t help but keep Yin Han behind him*. Although he knows that it’s useless, he still knows what to do: “Stop, there is no deep hatred. Is it necessary to do this? If you kill Yin Ge now, who knows if there will be more mutant corpses in the future? What should be done then?”

*T/N: Lol, I feel you Shao Ci – who got time for that villain’s run-on speech? Commenter Milly, Shao Ci didn’t let us down, properly protecting his Hubby with his body.

“What qualification do you have for me to stop?” Chu Jin saw that Shao Ci was so protective of Yin Han and he snorted: “I didn’t expect it to be just a few days and you call him so affectionately. Your relationship with Yin Han has become so good? Is there some unspeakable affair between you?”

“We are all normal men, what affair do you hope to find?” Shao Ci said very frankly.

“Only you believe this sentence.” Chu Jin said: “Don’t you just follow him because of Yin Han’s strength?”

Shao Ci: “It is not like that!” This sentence he said was a bit faint… because what Chu Jin said was indeed a fact ah → _ → such a cruel reality

“Now you have seen it. The one rumoured to be so powerful is now just a waste that I can kill at will.” Chu Jin slowly approached. “Will you still pursue him like you used to? In your heart, you will regret it, regret your decision and regret that you actually chose him.”

“No.” Shao Ci said this sentence completely from the heart, very firmly: “I said I will not regret, even now.”

After hearing this sentence, Yin Han’s eyes were slightly brighter and the pale cheeks were flushed.*

*T/N: awwwww, Yin Han got his confession

Not expecting Shao Ci’s feelings for Yin Han to be so deep, Chu Jin’s face became even darker and his heart became more anxious.* “Don’t want Yin Han to die? I can let him go but I need you to do something, are you willing?”

*T/N: yoooooooooo, kill first, talk later ah! #sorry_peeps #still_on_the_ChuJin_x_ShaoCi_ship_a_bit

“You say it.” Shao Ci’s heart sank. According to his understanding of the original text, Chu Jin’s villainous character will definitely not let Yin Han get away. After he proposed the conditions of an ultimatum, he would still kill Yin Han even if Shao Ci did it. Even if he knows clearly about this matter, he has no way to refuse.

“I want you to apologize to me in front of me.” Chu Jin’s voice filled a bit of pleasure as he spoke: “Apologize for leaving me and say that you will stay with me forever as my slave. Are you willing?”

Shao Ci sweat a bit: “This…” Even he had known Chu Jin for so long, he didn’t expect Chu Jin to be such a person. Somehow he had the shamelessness to say the words “be my slave” without care for violating Shao Ci’s feelings. Shao Ci felt as if he had not looked down on him enough before.

“Don’t like it?” Chu Jin said with a smile. “It seems that your feelings for Yin Han are just at this level. If you don’t do this, let me kill him. But don’t worry, you don’t have to help, just look. I have let go of you for so long.”

If Shao Ci had to be under someone, rather than Chu Jin, Shao Ci felt that he was better off sticking to the Zombie King!

“I do.” Shao Yan bit his lip, thinking fast in his mind. As he was kneeling, if he took the opportunity to tackle Chu Jin, there was still a chance to let Yin Han run.

Just as Shao Ci was ready to go forward, Yin Han suddenly reached out from behind and directly took Shao Ci into his arms.

“Oh?” Chu Jin’s look was cold as he sneered: “Can our heroes not go through it? Now you can’t protect yourself but you still want to protect others? It’s really moving… but also ridiculous.”

“This is a lot of nonsense.” Yin Han looked at him coldly. In an instant, the surrounding temperature plummeted until even the ground was condensed with frost. Only Shao Ci held by Yin Han was untouched.

Chu Jing’s face changed and he quickly jumped back. Almost at the next moment, his original position was occupied by a bunch of ice cones glittering with cold rays.

Suddenly, all the space around him became occupied by the ice cone, which quickly condensed. Chu Jing was stranded within the ice cones. There was no place to escape. He could only hope the water shield would protect himself from being killed directly by the ice cone.

“You can still use so much of your ability.” Chu Jin’s face became more and more ugly. “Is your injury just for show?”

Yin Han looked cold, “Do you want me to praise you for being smart?”

Shao Ci: “!!!” Yin Han was actually fooling around and he, Shao Ci, was almost ready to go try and delay the time.

After that, Shao Ci felt fortunate. Fortunately, he had stood firm on the side of Yin Han. Otherwise, he might be beaten together with Chu Jin by Yin Han.*

*T/N: Nay, Shao Ci, you wouldn’t get beaten with that pa-pa infront of Chu Jin.

“I didn’t expect that the hero who saved the B City would actually do such a thing. Really opened my eyes.” Chu Jin said: “Don’t underestimate others. Even if you are not injured, it still consumes a lot of ability to fight another level 7 ability user. It’s not necessarily easy to say who will win.”

After Chu Jin finished speaking, around his body appeared countless drops of water. Like bullets, they flew towards Yin Han’s side, dense enough to make phobia patients crazy.

Chu Jin was still confident in his own move. Even if Yin Han’s ice abilities can freeze the water drops, freezing such a large range of water drops will definitely consume more ability. In Chu Jin’s mind, the battle between the two should be a long-term battle. The one with the worse stamina would be whoever loses first.

In the face of this amazing water show, Yin Han just raised his eyebrows and said indifferently: “Oh? When have I said I am only a level 7 power?”

As soon as he spoke, all the water droplets solidified in the air.

Chu Jing subconsciously wanted to retreat but he could not retreat. There was a sense of astonishment on his face. “What? Are you already a level 8 power? This is impossible! You must be deceiving me, how can you… …”

Clearly everyone is the pride of heaven, yet why could Yin Han have such strength; this is impossible. Chu Jing didn’t want to believe that even after he has advanced, there was still a big difference between him and Yin Han.

Shao Ci was also shocked and he clearly read the original work. Why did he not know anything about it? Is there such an inhumane book?

“Since this is your own move, then I will give it to you.” Yin Han smiled slightly, but in the eyes of Chu Jin, he is like a demon.

The dense ice beads moved towards Chu Jin like a rain of bullets. Chu Jin tried to keep calm and use his power to condense numerous water balls in front of him but these water balls that could easily smash the mutant zombies were broken like bubbles in front of the ice beads.

All the efforts of Chu Jin became futile. In the blink of an eye, the ice beads had already reached him and the moment they seemed they were going to pierce through his body, they stopped.

“I suddenly thought that it would be too cheap to kill you.” Yin Han said. All the ice beads scattered and the deadly crisis disappeared without a trace.

“Yin Han, what do you want to do…” Chu Jin’s sentence broke off as an ice cone pierced upwards from the ground through this body. Chu Jin coughed fiercely, blood flowing from his lips.

Because of the angle of the ice cone, Chu Jin couldn’t relax. If he accidentally did, the ice cone would stab deeper. He could only rely on the ice cone to keep standing.

Compared to the average person, the body of an ability user was much stronger. Even if one hung for a day and wanted to faint, they couldn’t.

“I just want you to see how happy I am now.” After Yin Han said this, he bowed his head and kissed the lips of Shao Ci’s stunned face.*

*T/N: opes, I was wrong. Yin Han does like PDA

Chu Jin: “……you! !”

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