RIBMG Chapter 1.1

I Need a Recap

After reading the synopsis of this text, I felt like I needed a genderbender yaoi and I found it in Ugly Empress and Reborn as My Love Rival’s Wife.

Now, I feel like I need a genderbender yaoi with a zombie setting but that need should technically be fulfilled by Dominion’s End but I am unsure of the MC’s sexuality and suspect it is *coughcoughincestcoughcough*

So if anyone sees anything, recommend me!!


Jing Ling never thought that she would have a day when she suffered defeat.

As the contractor of an Elite Assistant System, she constantly traveled back and forth between worlds doing tasks. The Elite Assistant System would select a female host to help achieve career success. This was her official position and on the side, she had a special hobby – slag abuse. One of the tasks was assisting a woman to become a master of fashion; she abused six different types of slag men from different occupations and her system began to self-doubt whether it had made a mistake when it first tested her talent.

The answer is whether or not Jing Ling does not know. Anyway, every time while assisting the female host to achieve her career, she will easily pick up a few scum men when she has time and then directly dump the person after completing the task. Along the way, almost every world can harvest a bunch of scum males who hate her to the bone.

For this reason, the system also advised her to hold back a little better and not have every world gather so many slag men, only one or two should do. This Jing Ling said: I can’t be bothered to remember to count a few!

System: …

The latest task was surprisingly low in difficulty and it took only half a year to complete. Because the time was too short, she only abused one slag this time. For this reason, she joked with the system that she was rehabilitated and received praise. The system quickly returned her to the hustle and bustle.

After less than a minute, the system suddenly prompts, “Host, be careful! Behind you!”

Jing Ling didn’t want to roll directly to the side. A truck brushed past her body into the mountain wall ahead with a loud CRUNCH.

“System, what’s going on?” she asked.

The moment the truck passed, she glanced at it in a hurry. Because of her enhanced vision, she could barely see the side view of the person in the driver’s seat. She felt vaguely familiar with them but she could not remember them for a moment.



The sound of the system sounded almost at the same time as the huge explosion. Jing Ling didn’t even feel pain before losing consciousness.

When she woke up, she first tried to contact the system but there was no reply at all. It took her a whole day to accept the fact that the system disappeared. During that time, she also recalled where she had seen the truck driver. That person was Tang Zhihua, a truck driver, married with a family, lived next to the house rented by Jing Ling.

Jing Ling likes to blackmail men but she has her own principles. One is to be ugly, the other is not to touch family. Tang Zhihua fit both and was not her target at all. However, she could be hired. Tang Zhihua’s wife was fierce and tightly grasped financial power in hand. Although he went outside several times to find someone, he ended up without money.

Jing Ling was too lazy to talk to his wife directly about this slag. Later, this person became honest and although she did not pay attention to the follow-up, she heard around the neighborhood that his wife could not bear to divorce him.

Because she was the last straw to overwhelm the camel, did the bastard heap hatred on her? Jing Ling felt as if she had touched the truth. However, it was no use. She avoided the truck collision but did not escape the subsequent explosion, which was so close that it could be assumed that the corpse could not be pieced together in the end.

md, death is awkward!*

*T/N: According to the slang dictionary, md = mom and dad

It took another half a day to swallow this bad thought and then Jing Ling began to sort out her situation.

This was a parallel time and space that was basically the same as the previous mission world but the timeline was earlier than the original, still in 2012. The name of her body was also called Jing Ling, 17 years old, born in a poor family, and a high school student in the town that would face the college entrance examination in a few days.

However, these things do not matter to Jing Ling, what really mattered was that this body was male. Looking down at the chest that is now flatter than the airport runway and the extra between her legs, her mood was complex and sour. However, it was a good thing to travel through countless worlds. Although the scum gods were generally not good, she quickly accepted this turn of fortune.

Anyway, the attributes and skills that were redeemed from the system were all there. For her, nothing was unacceptable.

Looking at the face that could cause the downfall of countries in the mirror, Jing Ling exposed a smile deserving of a good spanking.


Don’t be afraid, slag men. This time I don’t want you. Change your girlfriend 🙂

I’ll let you follow your right hand for a long time.

But this was all in the future. What she had to solve now were the two people who followed her from the school gate and trailed behind. After trying to finish drinking a large cup of milk tea that a sister who had a crush on her had just given her at the school gate, Jing Ling felt that her whole life was going to be sweet. She put the cup into a trashbin by the roadside then turned left into an alley.

This was not the way he went home. After going straight for about 30 meters, turn right and you would see a three-story building that completely blocks the way. Obviously, this was a dead end and he knew early on where he wanted to deliberately bring the two people.

The alley was very quiet and after partnering with the system, the listening ability was even better, so much that the conversation between the two behind could be heard clearly.

“I am in a real mood now. Lin Yuanhang, have you seen it? I had a two-month wife in-game, gifted her a mobile phone, and finally took a flight for a thousand miles only to find that the other person turned out to be a man! md, no wonder the video does not tell me the address!”

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  1. Hmm, seems interesting. By the way, I’m pretty sure the Chinese slang ‘md’ stands for a swear. It’s not mom and dad lol. But I think Chinese forums and social platforms are pretty heavily censored so people use abbreviations like ‘md’ (which I’m pretty sure equates to f*ck or something in English swears). Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Very intresting. Thank you for picking up this novel. I hope that translator-san can translate thia novel till the end. Onegaiiiiiii~


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