BMPP Chapter 10

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The containers are the bits of my heart as my second ship falls #ChuJin_x_ShaoCi_x_YinHan #duct_tapes_the_pieces_of_my_heart_back_together_with_the_cute_first_chapter_of_The_Protagonist_is_in_the_Right_Position_to_Get_Along_With_the_Villain

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Why was this happening?!

#Help! After passing the climax of the text, I was forced into a kiss with the male lead. This poster is a man#

At this moment, Shao Ci’s mind had almost finished forming the contents of the post that he would use to ask for help.*

*T/N: Shao Ci, your post would summon fujoshis & fudanshis.

Taking a closer look, Yin Han’s face was flawless. His skin was extremely white and delicate and his eyelashes were very long. He was worthy of being the male lead created by the author. Now, Shao Ci had even earned a kiss with such a man. No, now was not the time to think about this kind of thing. System, come out and explain!

[Host, this is a very normal thing, after all, people’s sexual orientation are also likely to change. The host you have been using has been dedicated to brushing up on the target with goodwill. When the degree of goodwill exceeds a certain value, things are bound to happen, even the other party becoming bent.】

Shao Ci: “…” Why does the system sound so reasonable, he can’t immediately refute it.

[However, the host should pay attention. Although the system does not restrict the host and the target to marry, if the target changes, the host is not allowed to be as close to the original target as before. Therefore, it is better to make friends. 】

Shao Ci: “!” God, what friends, you casually change the target of the Befriending the Most Powerful Person system, and somehow still feel qualified to say the word dedicated! If I had known earlier, this System would have been drowned in spit.

After a long kiss, Yin Han raised his head and stared at Shao Yan. He said in a gentle tone: “Although there have been some misunderstandings before, I finally understand your heart now.”

Shao Ci: “Cough, cough, cough…” You misunderstood. Shao Ci wants to say this but he does not want to meet death so young so he has to choose silence.

Before, at the base, the system already made him make a fool of himself by resembling a gay guy… Oh *chuckles* everyone already regards him as a gay guy

Although Shao Ci was not feeling very happy, under the special effects of the system, other people’s perspectives can only see the flushed face, excited due to the words of Yin Han.

Yin Han’s eyes brightened. He bowed his head and gently kissed Shao’s forehead. “I will definitely be good to you and never let you fall into danger.”*

*T/N: Oooh, vows

Chu Jin took a look at the wound in the abdomen, his face pale as paper, his eyes squinted at the two people in front of him. This beautiful picture almost pierced his eyes* and his heart was pained but he couldn’t look anywhere else as his punishment.

*T/N: how I feel looking up from studying and seeing PDA

Shao Ci finally turned his head as if responding to Chu Jin’s stare.

At this moment, Chu Jin’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated as if he could already see Shao Ci anxiously rushing to his side to help himself in the next moment.

However, his illusion didn’t come true. Shao Ci seemed to look at him with a stranger’s eyes.

As if Chu Jin was struck by lightning, he coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood under the double blow of his body and mind. The cracking of his heart could almost be heard.

He suddenly remembered that when he was injured in the mission, Shao Ci was so anxious to rush to his side. Also at various banquets, hiding in the dark, secretly watching with reddened cheeks… When did it start, when did Shao Ci no longer look at him in this way?

Yes, even if Chu Jin was no longer willing to admit it, these moments have completely become the past and become a picture that only exists in his memory.

Now, Chu Jin discovered that he did not know when he had started to be so concerned about Shao Ci. Even now, he does not want to admit that he has always been on his high horse and played around with his feelings. If only he could speak to Shao Ci, this time it would have nothing to do with his future plans.

But everything was too late and who can be blamed for the way things turned out? All this is his fault. He doesn’t know how to cherish. He thinks that everything would remain the same forever. He never cared about Shao Ci.

Everything would not be like this if he understood earlier…

“Ha ha ha… hahahaha…” Chu Jin suddenly laughed, touched the wound in the abdomen, and caused the wound to tear painfully but this did not matter, he just kept laughing not knowing his eyes were already moist.

*T/N: I know I’m supposed to hate him but *eyes get a little watery while translating*

The illusion of Shao Ci appeared before him. Shao Ci extended his hand to him with a smile as if they had returned to the past. Chu Jin almost didn’t realize that he was dreaming, suddenly reached out and wanted to catch the other side. If this was real, he would never let go of this hand again.

However… he didn’t catch anything, just grabbed the air tightly.

After that, Yin Han took Shao Ci away from the factory and he saw that the people under Yin Han were in the open space outside monitoring Chu Jin’s men.

Shao Ci still didn’t know that he had been fooled, definitely a problem with his IQ.* When he thought about how Yin Han had been seriously injured in dealing with several mutant zombies, he was ashamed to wonder what would have happened if he didn’t rush over.

*T/N: Author, I second the last part of that sentence

“Sorry, I didn’t tell you about this before…” Yin Han realized he should quickly explain: “This was a test to see what Chu Jin was going to do so I didn’t tell you just in case.”

Of course, the more important reason was that Yin Han wanted to see who Shao Ci likes in the end. If he had rushed to save Chu Jin, he would have already been imprisoned to play with later.

Shao Ci nodded as Yin Han revealed the matter. In the face of Yin Han, who still has the leisure to think about things that could have happened?! He has to think carefully about how not to get involved with Yin Han…

On the other hand, Chu Jin was still alive. He was still a level 7 ability user. He was only hit hard enough to cause him to vomit a few mouthfuls of blood.

Yin Han said that killing such a person would only dirty his hands (in fact, it was mainly to show off his good moral qualities in contrast to Chu Jin for Shao Ci). After ruining Chu Jin’s legs, he threw him to his men to send back to the city base.

Although his ability could still be used, his legs can no longer stand up again. The goal of strongest was a goal that could never be realized. For those who are proud like Chu Jin, it could be considered the end of his life.

Later, during the time when Chu Jin was still in a coma, Yin Han used his own strength to shock the management of the city base and obtained the control of the base. Originally, they already believed in respecting the strong so this incident did not cause much trouble.

The original text should have the scene end like this but Yin Han still decided to go to the old research institute and he was also very interested in the information to be found there.

Of course, Shao Ci felt he had to lift up both hands and feet to support this action. The reason for this was to kill the zombie king who had not yet grown up. Conveniently just hang him up and beat him, nothing more.

In this way, the group rushed in the direction of the old research institute.

This time the travel went smoothly. There was no zombie tide and there was no variant zombies despite it being near the institute… Shao Ci suddenly realized that it was a serious problem if there were not a lot of mutated zombies near the old research institute. This was definitely not normal.

Everyone thought of this too and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“I discovered something.” Xiao Zheng, the only person in the team who had a name, suddenly said: “There are not many zombies in the vicinity but the number of mutant plants is unusually high. Maybe this is due to the researcher’s strengthening fluid?”

Shao Ci saw that the plants around the institute were really lush. When the car rolled up, it was like a tropical jungle. There were no animals. Only a few ordinary zombies that everyone was too lazy to kill.

In the Apocalypse, animals and plants have mutated but not to a danger level comparable to zombies so basically everyone ignores them.

However, it was mentioned in the original text that the vicinity of the institute was not the same as other areas so Shao Ci was still uneasy instead of being relieved.

The car drove directly to the entrance of the institute, and everyone got out of the car with vigilance and observed the building in front of them.

The institute was almost completely covered by plants and its original look can vaguely be seen but the door is open as if inviting everyone to enter.

This picture was like a horror film scene and Shao Ci was shocked, trying to recall the original story.

It was said that contained at the center of the institute was a research room with the original strengthening fluid being researched. It was researched by a rather talented scientist but it was not necessary to mention any name.

The Zombie King was originally a zombie who was taken in by the research institute to experiment with the strengthening fluid… As a result, it was conceivable that once the research institute was gone, the Zombie King would use the strengthening fluid.

But the strengthening fluid was too strong. It needed a long time to absorb causing the Zombie King to sleep for at least two or three months. Now was the perfect time to kill it!

The more Shao Ci thought, the more he felt at ease to go with everyone.

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  1. my heart break for chu jin…💔💔💔
    he see to love him but realize it too late…😭😭😭

    Im in yin hanxmc but…somehow chu jin is unforgettable……


  2. my heart break for chu jin…💔💔💔
    he see to love him but realize it too late…😭😭😭

    Im in yin hanxmc but…somehow chu jin is unforgettable……


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