CPFLWV Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Sudden Crisis

In the past, Shen Qingjia chose the sewer to the industrial zone as an escape route but did not stop here. Instead she immediately went to another seemingly safe human base in the industrial zone in the north of the city. She didn’t know much about the rumors that made it so popular then, that ordinary people could get abilities.

It took Shen Qingjia nearly two days to explore the terrain and recover her energy. Shen Qingjia decided to go explore the incomplete industrial zone.

“I’ll go with you.” It was a pleasure to be on good terms with Zhu Ai but for this reason, it was also good to be able to say goodbye to this future villain BOSS.


“My leg has completely recovered.”

She added, “And I have awakened my powers to help you.”

Zhu Ai opened her overly fair hands, her palms seemed to have turned into the mouth of a small spring, constantly pouring out water.

Level 1 water ability!

Shen Qingjia’s pupils shrank and in the end, she had no reason to refuse.

It’s just a little over a month since the Apocalypse had begun. In most people’s eyes, water abilities have little use – low fighting power, unable to hurt or kill anyone. Perhaps only the ability to quench thirst makes them seem less useless.

In the previous life, if one asked what type of ability was the strongest, no one could answer it accurately because any insignificant ability could show its strength if it was used in the right way. But if one asked what ability had the greatest effect on a zombie, most people will answer water ability.

The zombie virus was fierce and domineering. Besides ability users, ordinary organisms could hardly escape becoming infected and turning into mutants. Several months into the Apocalypse, it was found that ordinary water inhibited the growth of zombie viruses and that water ability users could melt zombies whose level was lower than their own. Since then, the water ability users gradually gained more attention.

Speaking simply, a level 1 water ability user was invincible when facing ordinary zombies!

In the industrial zone, there were only construction company personnel. Shen Qingjia and Zhu Ai crossed the wall and entered. After the death of more than twenty corpses at the hands of Zhu Ai, Shen Qingjia and Zhu Ai gradually approached the central area of the industrial zone. Shrubbery could be seen in the distance. If Shen Qingjia’s memory was not wrong, beyond the shrubbery was her destination.

The industrial area covered a wide area. This shrubbery was just a place reserved for staff to rest and relax. Walking into the shrubbery that was half a person’s height but still managed to block their sight, Shen Qingjia’s vigilance increased little by little. The hearts of the two people were pounding rapidly and Shen Qingjia extended her spiritual detection ability to its limit.

The industrial zone was clean and quiet, very different from Y City where blood and limbs could be seen strewn everywhere. Apart from lacking human beings, it looked no different from the peaceful time before the Apocalypse. However, Shen Qingjia knew since they entered the industrial zone that they were surrounded by nearly 300 zombies.*

*T/N: Boya, Matcha Lemonade was right about the 80% chance of being the pig teammate (refer to Chapter 3.1) #why_SQJ_are_you_trying_to_attract_the_aggro_of_the_villain

More than 300 zombies meant that not only will they be attacked by zombies coming out of nowhere but that there will also be zombies who evolved to Level 1 and even Level 2.

Shen Qingjia, who has died once, cherishes her life so much that she doesn’t want to die here.

“You seem to be familiar with this place.” Looking at Shen Qingjia, who was leading the way ahead, Zhu Ai couldn’t help mentioning.*

*T/N: don’t talk ZA, SQJ is trying to get you killed!!!!

Shen Qingjia was silent. Can she say that she studied the so-called “strategy of getting an ability in the industrial zone” several times because of strong envy and hatred of the ordinary person who acquired an ability here in her previous life?

*T/N: Just say it, you already gave yourself away a bit in 3.2

Without directly answering, Shen Qingjia said, “If I say there is something here that can allow ordinary people to acquire powers, would you believe it?”

Slightly angered, Zhu Ai gave Shen Qingjia a complicated look. “Which family do you belong to?”

In the Apocalypse, mobile phones were completely disabled and turned into scrap iron. Information was obstructed like a traffic jam. Except for the core members of big families, ordinary people could hardly get so much information. Since childhood, Zhu Ai had been fed up with the persecution of her so-called family. Naturally, she didn’t have a favourable impression of anyone part of a rich family.

“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything to do with those rich and self-important families.” Shen Qingjia waved her hand. “Believe it or not, I have my own channel of information.”

Zhu Ai was silent.

Regardless of whether she believed or not, Shen Qingjia continued walking and speaking: “For me, nobody in this world is worthy of being relied on, only a strong self is the most trustworthy.” She clutched the sharp osteotome* in her hand. “The best way to make oneself strong is to have power.”

*T/N: another name for deboning knife

“A month ago, there were countless meteorite showers in the sky. Most of these meteorites were vaporized or crushed when they passed through the earth’s atmosphere. They fell to earth and caused a lot of radiation. Organisms either mutated or did not and some became ability users.”

“The ability users become ability users because their bodies are mutated by radiation. A little radiation did not change me so I have to accept more radiation!”

“I’ve had enough of the days when my life is controlled by others and my will is completely suppressed and humiliated! Without power… I would rather die now…”

The last sentence was so low that Zhu Ai standing right beside her couldn’t hear clearly.

Zhu Ai was silent for a moment, “This time I will do my best to help you… Just return to the person you used to be.”*

*T/N: Zhu Ai’s inner thoughts:  okay, so there’s some demonic possession going on

As soon as her voice fell, a dark shadow suddenly leapt out from behind a bush. It was very fast. Before she could move closer, a strong, rotten, bloody, and pungent smell assailed her nostrils.

Zhu Ai was surprised. Subconsciously, she threw a water arrow from her left hand and pulled Shen Qingjia back to her side. But the next second, her face became troubled.

The baptized zombie did not melt into ashes the moment it touched the water, just like other ordinary zombies. The water only corroded some of the skin.

Level 1 zombies!

By chance, their hearts jumped into their throats at the same time.

This was a middle-aged male zombie, missing a hand. Most of the body was still intact and the missing hand only seemed to stimulate his ferocity. The corroded black face was distorted and ferocious, the muddy eyes were full of brutality and madness, and a dark red liquid of saliva or blood flowed from time to time from the mouth.

It seemed to be a variant zombie but the speed was not very fast compared to strength. Shen Qingjia stood firmly on her feet. The next second, the zombie appeared in front of her, the sharp nails of its left hand aimed towards Shen Qingjia’s heart. The strength of a level 1 zombie is several times greater than that of ordinary human beings. Even if it only touched her a little, it would be enough to make her skin rip.

At this critical moment, Shen Qingjia held the handle of the knife tightly and cut down towards the arm of the zombie with great force. Zhu Ai threw a water arrow blocking the sight of the zombie. Although the body of the Level 1 zombie was no longer rotting and its defense has improved, it was still essentially flesh and blood. The sharp blade cut the arm of the zombie in two.

Dark red blood flowed from the broken arm but the zombie felt nothing at all, still focused on filling its stinky mouth.

Shen Qingjia stepped to the side before thrusting her knife into the back of the zombie’s head.


The zombie fell to the ground, Shen Qingjia quickly opened the brains further. When she was concentrating, she had no feeling but now the crisis had passed and her whole body was feeling fatigued and weak. This body is still too weak, even weaker than that of the previous life without a hand!

Shen Qingjia was relieved when she picked up the nucleus from the nauseating mess of brains of the level 1 zombie. Her spirit sense had not noticed anything yet. Suddenly, she felt like she was being peered at by a dangerous beast. Every cell in her body was screaming in fear and her spine was taut. A layer of goosebumps rose on her body!

Shen Qingjia couldn’t believe it. Looking back, she saw that Zhu Ai’s face was cold, her dark hair hung limply, and her dark eyes held immense killing intent. Her right hand, which she had put in her coat pocket, suddenly pulled out a gun.

The King of Guns, Desert Eagle!*

*T/N: Everytime I see Desert Eagle, I’m reminded of The Novel’s Extra

The gun pointed at the exhausted Shen Qingjia, Zhu Ai’s index finger was ready to pull the trigger without hesitation!*

*T/N: Shen Qingjia, just let her kill you. Bringing someone into a place with 300 zombies and only meeting one is just too lucky.

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  1. I don’t think SQ is a pig teammate. Zhu is the one who insisted on coming along. SQ just decided to not be stubborn about her coming since she’d be helpful. I honestly don’t blame her for be so power hungry, she’s lived one life under the thumb of those stronger and would rather die then do so again. If anyone is in the wrong here it’s Zhu. She was made aware of SQ’s plan and didn’t leave. Pulling a gun is only going cause more problems.

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      1. SQ shouldn’t have to give every single detail to someone she doesn’t trust and is forcefully tagging along. SQ is basically working with her because she doesn’t have a solid reason to ditch her. Imagine instead of Zhu, it’s dr.doom forcefully tagging along, would you tell the soon to be superpowered dictator that you’re going into a zombie hive? If you would, you’re a very trusting individual.
        SQ is not trying to get zhu killed nor trap her imo, she just isn’t going to trust someone soon to have a track record of being evil (or so they say). Basically she just protecting herself. From the look of things she was right to do so, just went about it the wrong way cuz zhu is packing a GODDAMN HAND CANNON!

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      2. Fun indeed. I do hope Sq get something. Perhaps a power good against pig- I mean humen, that way she’ll still have to fall back on zhu.


      3. Pig Teammate could be the guy that originally pushed her out of the group. Maybe SQ didn’t volunteer to help her in the original timeline.


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