BMPP Chapter 12.1

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Commenter @akumakawa, you are making some really good predictions

Kk…working on cutting down on the Translator’s Notes and keeping it at this: The ship built itself so fast as soon as Shao Ci said bedroom #really_enjoying_this_YuShao_x_ShaoCi_ship #seeing_if_I_want_a_YuShao_x_YinHan_x_ShaoCi_ship #a_ChuJin_x_YuShao_x_YinHan_x_ShaoCi_ship_sounds_very_fun


Yu Shao? Was that the name of the Zombie King?…… those were the two words on the work permit.

Wrong! Now was not the time to care about this kind of thing, he was about to be bitten to death by the Zombie King! The system actually dared to give him a new target. System, you want to try to be friends with the Zombie King?

Shao Ci only felt a sharp pain coming from the bite on his neck. He felt the blood slowly leaving his body. His face turned pale instantly and his body lacked strength. Even if he had the strength to resist, he could only use his powers to treat himself.

Although he won’t die, it felt like he had become food reserved for the Zombie King. Why does the Zombie King just keep sucking blood? Does he remember that he is not a vampire but a zombie?

[Daily task reset. The current task for befriending the target: please treat and refuel the host. ]

Shao Ci: “!” Who needed treatment? It’s too much of a Holy Father to treat the person who attacked him.

Although he felt this way in his heart, he still sent his abilities towards the body of his Zombie King with a casual attitude. It’s unknown what healing powers will do on a zombie.

The next moment, the Zombie King opened his mouth, raised his head, looked at Shao Ci with his beautiful red eyes, and then cocked his head.

Shao Ci was so frightened that he almost cried. He wondered if the Zombie King was finally ready to end him with a bite. His eyes closed tightly. But the imaginary pain did not come for a long time. Instead, a soft and cool thing touched his cheek.

“?” Shao Ci couldn’t resist the temptation of curiosity. He opened his eyes gently and found that the Zombie King’s lips were sticking to his face — he was kissed by the Zombie King!

Then the Zombie King was like a kitten, with curiosity in his eyes (Shao Ci did not know how he could see curiosity in those eyes), and licked his cheek gently with the tip of his tongue.

Does this mean that he wanted to lick and find where it tasted better? (x)

The joy of surviving was quickly smothered by the prince’s intimidating kissing and licking. Shao Ci did not dare to move but watched all this happening stiffly.

The next moment, the white slender hand of the Zombie King lay on his chest and the neatly-trimmed nails slit the shirt in an instant.

Shao Ci only felt his chest became cool. He looked down and saw that most of his chest was exposed to outside. Subconsciously shivering under the stimulation of cold air made his body extremely sensitive.

The Zombie King seemed quite interested in rubbing his fingers around on his chest, which made his irritated skin feel numb.

In Shao Ci’s opinion, it seemed that the other party was considering where was better to eat and his whole body began to feel worse… Sure enough, it’s more complicated for a Zombie King with IQ to eat people than an ordinary Zombie King.

Next, the Zombie King lowered his head and licked it at his clavicle. As he sucked on his mouthful curiously, Shao Ci’s back arched.

An unknown feeling instantly spread from that place and Shao Ci’s body instantly softened. The next moment, his cheeks flushed red visibly and he shamefully wished he could drill into the ground, “Bedroom…wait, wait, why, why that place…”


*Sigh* I couldn’t hold the comments in:

1. At the part when the nails cut the clothing, I felt I could imagine the imprisonment play Commenter @nimblebubbles was talking about more easily #YuShao_dont_hold_backkkkkkkkkkkkkk #why_is_he_so_good_at_foreplay_though

2. “Eat better” 😂😂😂😂😂 *dies of laughter after spit-taking my Starbucks frappe* #ah_Shao_Ci_is_so_cute_and_innocent

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  1. *Dark Corner*

    Chapter 12.1: *crashes through my door*
    Hello~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Kookie: Wait, wha-!

    Chapter 12.1: *throws Kookie into the Confusion Sea*

    Kookie: *starts drowning*(´×д×`三꒪д꒪ 😉

    Chapter 12.1: *dances away into the sunrise*
    ☆゚°˖* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
    Mission accomplished~! Au revoir~☆

    (It is said to this day that they could hear a certain Kookies’ drowning muffled scream of confusion and frustration)


    But seriously, I’m starting to doubt which is the ML? I feel like MC is unconsciously cheating if the ML turns out to be the Ice block.

    I don’t blame MC though, that shtty system of his, is the kind that has a really shameless and useless goal. He was force into this and I feep bad for our babeh!

    Thank you for the chapter! I hope I get out of the Confusion Sea. It hurts my heart to be here ( ´•︵•` )

    And thank you for the shoutout! I feel loved, Senpai!
    (。O⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ O。)

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  2. ?!
    Zombie bro?! You’re moving too quickly! Aaaaaa Shao Ci must be confused af

    Ice block dude didn’t even get that far with him haha… uh. What’s the end pairing? All of them? None of them? Will Shao Ci forever play around with the hearts of strong men? The world may never know… until the story progresses enough, that is.

    Thanks for translating!

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  3. Ah, ML where are you??? I don’t know if I should show support and protect MC or shove him out to those hungry yans and buy a camera…

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  4. I feel so surprised! So the one who will deflower MC is not the novel’s protagonist?!

    So befriending the zombie king entails getting Shao Ci’s blood sucked, some healing, and then molesting everyday?

    Thank you very much for the chapter~!!

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  5. But if he’s bitten, won’t he become a zombie too?
    Lol the zombie king is thirsty af, even Yin Han hasn’t gotten to eat that much tofu~


      1. WHAT!
        This felt so timed. Like.

        I’m watching you! Giving you them eyes of scorn!
        I was the only one who believed in the zombie king route.
        Can.. can I have a freebie?
        As the only believer. I would like to say I deserve some special treatment coughcough cough


      2. What?
        Oh my god. Stop being tsun.
        That’s just a direct invitation asking me to join your Discord. Sheesh.

        I’m also tsun. So like. If I was perhaps asked nicely, I could possibly consider joining your discord. I guess.


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