BMPP Chapter 12.2

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Just as I was feeling like I needed something similar to Welcome to the Nightmare Game, Rainbow Turtle Translations translated Game, Live Broadcast and Game Loading #horror_game_yaoi #is_there_even_horror_game_yuri #Kaleidoscope_of_Death_is_good_too


Why is this happening? Is he going to die in such a humiliating way?

Not knowing where the strength came from, Shao Ci suddenly pushed the Zombie King away, used the broken shirt to cover the front of his chest, and looked at the Zombie King while grinding his teeth.

But unexpectedly, the Zombie King only looked at him with puzzled eyes and did not come nearer to bite.

Shao Ci: “…” Did he misunderstand something?

Wait a minute. All this happened because he used a power to treat each other. What’s the use of this healing power on a zombie? System, explain quickly!

[The healing power of Host can make non-human creatures feel friendly vibes. Please make good use of this to accomplish the task. ]

Shao Ci was relieved but also felt a little wronged. This power was a little too subtle as it only had such effect on inhuman creatures. Why does it seem like the System will make him use this for something in the future?

But that doesn’t need to be worried about right now.

Thinking back on what just happened, Shao Ci’s face blackened and his heart had a heavy feeling. Fortunately, no one else saw what happened just now, otherwise no one would believe he could conduct himself with integrity*. *T/N: I see, Shao Ci feels like he’s cheating

Shao Ci looked up again. The Zombie King was sitting in the water with nothing on his body. The water droplets slid down the white, jade-like body. The innocent look he gave Shao Ci looked abnormally lovable and exquisite, like a porcelain doll. A fierce villain BOSS could not be seen anywhere.

Shao Ci took out the work permit that he had taken before and compared it. The teenager in front of him looked a little younger than the one on his work permit. But the names were both Yu Shao, so it should be the same person.

After rethinking the behaviour just now, Shao Ci inferred that the psychological age of the Zombie King should be about three or four years old. After all, the strengthening fluid has not been completely absorbed and it will still take some time to complete the evolution… When he absorbs it thoroughly, his IQ should return to that of ordinary people. Considering that he was a genius before his death, he would probably be much smarter than ordinary people.

“Like this, it should be all right to do tasks.” Shao Ci tried his best to think positively. “Even if the Zombie King suddenly wants to bite me, he can only yield to my powers… en. ”

Now that Shao Ci been missing for so long, Yin Han probably wouldn’t look for him anymore. They’ll probably go back first as the Zombie King upgrades according to the original plot.

After this period of time, Yin Han would be upgraded to the most powerful level in the text and his power will exceed the Zombie King’s! When the time comes, the target of the System can be replaced and he can also be relieved!

Before that, he and the Zombie King… No, it should be called Yu Shao. Let’s get along well with Yu Shao by taking care of his childish mindset.

After Shao Ci mentally prepared himself and summoned up some courage, he extended his hand to Yu Shao.

Yu Shao tilted his head then grabbed Shao Ci’s wrist. He lowered his head and held the finger in front of him. He slightly nibbled on the fingertips with his teeth, making himself happy.

Shao Ci, “!” Didn’t put my hand out for you to do this!

He began to believe that his future would not go as smoothly as he once thought…..

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20 thoughts on “BMPP Chapter 12.2

  1. I am a feeling a little confused about the following:
    “[The healing power of Host can make the other person feel friendly vibes even when they are a non-human creature. Please make good use of this to accomplish the task. ]
    Shao Ci was relieved but also felt a little wronged. This power was a little too subtle as it only had such effect on inhuman creatures.“
    The reason I’m confused is that the first paragraph says that “even when,” meaning ALL people and non-people will be affected. But the second paragraph says that ONLY non-human beings will be affected. Which is correct, please?

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  2. Haha, I don’t think Yin Han will forget about you so easily, Shao Ci.

    Good luck, Shao Ci… in raising your first zombie boy. Try not to get eaten (wheezes in laughter at own joke)

    Thanks for translating!

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  3. So how will he survive in that underground pool??? I know his zombie boy will not need anything else than his attention, but what about him?

    Also, I imagine that once both have powered up (Yin Han and Yu Shao), I feel like they will fight for Shao Ci instead of the original story reason.

    Thank you very much for the chapter~!!!

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  4. Thank you for the chapter, i just wanted to inform you that the NU link for this chapter seemed to not be working. I also wanted to recommend a kind of horror novel, translated by Taida (who by the way also Translated KoD (Kaleidoscope of Death)) the novel is called Escape the Infinite Chamber (EIC).

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