FEPL Chapter 4.1

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So far, it feels like Wu Meili is the main character when the synopsis sounds like it’s supposed to be the child #I_like_it_though

Welcome our second proofreader, Espresso Short-Hot-Doppio! They helped me catch the misnaming of mother so Ma = Niang from now on.


Chapter 4: Warehouse/Stars/Wrath of Heaven

The wind was getting stronger and the sky was growing darker.

4 people, a mother and her sons, were working together. Eventually, before the heavy rain arrived, the roof was completely and neatly repaired.

Climbing down the wooden ladder, Wu Meili finally remembered what she had forgotten.

“Erlang, give me the key to the warehouse.”

“Alright, Niang.”

Zhou Erlang immediately nodded and took out a rough brass key from his sleeves.

Wu Meili took the key and simply inspected it for any sign of damage before speak to Zhou Dalang.

“Eldest, carry the ladder, follow me and put it away in the warehouse. When you are done, you can rest with your two brothers.”

“Ok, Niang.”

Zhou Dalang responded sincerely, turned around and lifted the ladder, closely following Wu Meili.

Within walking distance a room with brass locks, referred to as the warehouse, appeared in front of the two.

Wu Meili stepped forward expressionlessly. Key in hand, she opened the big lock on the door

The door of the warehouse creaked open. She waved away the dust and asked Zhou Dalang, “Eldest, did you take this ladder out a moment ago?”.

“Niang, I did.”

Zhou Dalang answered promptly with a nod and walked forward with the ladder in his arms.

Wu Meili had a worry and so stated it: “Eldest, wherever you take the ladder out put it back, and remember to be careful to not hurt yourself.”

“Okay, Niang, I’ll be careful.”

Zhou Dalang gently mumbled his agreement and responded with a smile. Then, in the whistling wind he walked into the dark warehouse.

Soon, Zhou Dalang came out empty-handed. Wu Meili immediately took a step forward to quickly close the door of the warehouse and lock it tightly. Finally, she carefully returned the brass key into her sleeves.

Looking at Zhou Dalang who was still waiting, Wu Meili moved her windblown hair behind her ear and satisfied, said with a smile. ”Eldest, go to rest now. There are no other matters to finish.”

“Niang, you should also have a good rest. You haven’t stopped all day. You must be tired already.”

Zhou Dalang took a step forward, grabbed Wu Meili’s arm, and walked slowly towards the bedroom.

Wu Meili looked at her eldest son and felt pride. This child that she worked painstakingly to raise, remembered to be filial.*

*P/N: [Wikipedia: In Confucian and Chinese Buddhist ethics, filial piety (Chinese: 孝, xiào) is a virtue of respect for one’s parents, elders, and ancestors]

“This little amount of manual labor? Niang is not tired, she can still work for decades! “

She patted her eldest son’s arm with her hand and said with an exaggerated laugh.

“Go, go to your room, let’s go and see my daughter-in-law, Hehua. She’s pregnant now and yet we don’t know how she’s doing?”

“Ok, Niang.”

Zhou Dalang did not know how many times he said this as he supported his mother and walked towards the bedroom.

Moving the curtain aside, the two, mother and son, entered an ordinary room.

On a simple wooden bed, a slim 18-year-old woman was lying on it peacefully, talking to her younger brother-in-law’s wife, Luya.

Hearing them, the 16-year-old girl turned her head and looked at them. She stood up in a hurry and shouted affectionately.

“Niang!” Then, the enthusiasm in her words dropped as she greeted the second person who came in, dully.


*P/N: Eldest older brother

Hehua, on the bed, responded by looking in the direction of the visitors and said in a cheerful tone.

“Dalang, you’re back. Come here and sit down to rest. Niang, don’t stand up, please sit down!”

In her own home, Wu Meili did not feel uncomfortable in the room of her son and daughter-in-law.*
*T/N: I guess this refers to the trope of the mother and daughter-in-law usually not getting along.

She readily found a comfortable place to sit and asked, “Hehua, how are you feeling, does it hurt anywhere?”

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