BMPP Chapter 13

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Hmmmmm…it seems zombies are always ready to jump into eating tofu #There_will_Always_be_Protagonists_with_Delusions_of_Starting_a_Harem_Chapter_46

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Although Shao Ci had mentally prepared to stay here for a while, it was merely the second day and he was already on the verge of dying.

Because he always soaking in the strengthening fluid, Shao Ci began to feel that his whole body was going to be mush. He looked for a place on the side to settle down and sat down.

The biggest problem was the lack of food. Besides the strengthening fluid, there were only plants on the wall.

As Shao Ci could not absorb the strengthening liquid, his hunger was making him feel faint with blurred vision. He could only lean on the wall and look at the mutant plants on the wall. He wondered whether he would die of poisoning if he gnawed on the mutant plants. No, he would be devoured by the mutant plants before that.

Yu Shao lay on Shao Ci’s thigh, unable to understand why Shao Ci was not playing with him.

The next moment, the wall next to them suddenly moved, a few vines drilled their way in with several shining crystal nuclei. It looked like the crystal nuclei of mutant corpses, which were very powerful – the color was bright like candy… Of course, the degree of hardness was totally different compared to ordinary corpse nuclei. As for the nuclei of mutant corpses, the people of S City Base’s Research Institute had done research, almost harder than diamonds.

The crystal nuclei were delivered directly to Yu Shao. He naturally accepted the crystal nuclei and chomped it. Two or three bites later, there was nothing left of the crystal nuclei.

“Oh f*ck.” Shao Ci was horrified when he remembered that he had been bitten yesterday. He almost ended up with his own crystal nucleus.

Although it was known that zombies can also evolve by eating the same kind of crystal nuclei, such a casual gnawing of nuclei was like feeding a domesticated animal….and what’s up with these mutant plants? Why do they listen to Yu Shao?

Shao Ci was unable to understand and he didn’t really want to think as he was on the verge of fainting from hunger.

A nucleus was handed to him. Shao Ci looked at it with some surprise and saw that Yu Shao was blinking his red crystal-like eyes, holding the crystal nucleus in his hand and pushing it towards his mouth.

Does he want to give me something to eat? Shao Ci was touched for a moment. “Thank you, but I can’t eat this thing…”

Yu Shao cocked his head and put the crystal nucleus into his own mouth. This was a regular incident. However, next moment, his head came together with Shao Ci’s face to kiss his lips intimately.

Shao Ci was stunned, “!?” Oh fck, what is going on?

Next moment, the crystal nucleus was pushed into Shao Ci’s mouth by the tip of Yu Shao’s tongue. Shao Ci struggled unceasingly, he would really die if he ate it.

Although Yu Shao looks small, his strength was not easy to resist at all. Once he reached out and grabbed Shao Ci’s chin, he couldn’t move. He could only let the other side’s tongue do whatever it wanted in his mouth.

He could only use his tongue to push against the crystal nucleus so that he does not accidentally swallow it. Not knowing whether it was his illusion but there was a sweet taste in his mouth.

Then something more shocking happened. The crystal nucleus, which was supposed to be harder than a diamond, slowly melted into a cold liquid. Surprised, Shao Ci swallowed it all unexpectedly.

*Cough cough cough* As soon as Yu Shao removed his lips, Shao Ci fell to the side and suddenly coughed on the ground.

He actually ate a crystal nucleus directly!!

Shao Ci’s body did not feel good. No one has ever eaten crystal nucleus directly! Those ability users used their hands to absorb crystals’ energy. Was it actually able to be done this way?

Yu Shao had a satisfied look.

Shao Ci looked at him with tears in his eyes and felt that he was going to die soon.* Yu Shao looked at the shiny things rolling from Shao Ci’s eyes curiously and took a lick. Then, as if addicted, he grasped Shao Ci and cleaned all his tears.
*T/N: Shao Ci – drama king

Shao Ci: (qaq)

Unexpectedly, after a while, Shao Ci no longer felt that he was going to die nor did his stomach feel strange plus the feeling of hunger had completely disappeared and he once again felt invigorated.

“Nuclei are edible?” Shao Ci spoke with relief, “Anyway, my small life is saved.”

There was no light here. Shao Ci could only sleep when he feels sleepy. Fortunately, he was still full after the crystal nucleus he ate before.

The next day, like yesterday, the vine delivered several nuclei.

It seems that the vine was used to sending crystal nuclei. Shao Ci didn’t know why he had gotten involved last time. Curling himself up, he felt greatly miserable. Wait a minute, this might have been caused by Yin Han’s protagonist halo. In the original text, something would happen to the people close to Yin Han. Was he not the same position now, just a little luckier than the rest?. Instead of being directly devoured, he has become the reserve food of the Zombie King.

Yu Shao ate some of the crystal nuclei before feeding Shao Ci. He probably didn’t know what kissing meant, just thought it was fun. 

Shao Ci was ashamed but he could not refuse… otherwise, he would starve to death.

After experiencing the same feeding-nucleus play as yesterday, Shao Ci once again choked and tears flowed out.

Yu Shao immediately moved closer, licked Shao Ci’s tears, and then kissed him on the cheek as if he were satisfied.

Shao Ci: “… Wait a minute. It’s not something delicious!” Oh no, Yu Shao seems to have developed a hobby.

In the next few days, Shao Ci tried to correct Yu Shao’s habit but it was totally useless. The times he did not cry, Yu Shao would gather him up and bite him on the shoulder for a long time. Although they were all gentle bites, Shao Ci was scared out of his wits several times.

Due to staying here every day, Shao Ci was quite bored and resigned himself to studying the walls. The buildings here were definitely man-made. Since they were man-made, there ought to be an exit…..of course, if the exit was blocked by the mutant plants, it would not be easy to handle.

When he sat down to rest that day, he was shocked to find that there was a very hidden gap in the wall where he rested. Shao Ci immediately searched the wall and found a space on the wall. While he didn’t know if it could still be used after such a long time, there must definitely be an exit behind it.

Shao Ci was excited to have happened upon such an amazing secret but he dares not do anything more. If he really opened the door and irritated Yu Shao, it would be bad.

But there was a voice in his heart telling him that there must be something hidden behind it.

After that, Yu Shao seemed to be growing up. He grew taller and taller day by day with a speed visible to the naked eye and the strengthening fluid in the pond decreased rapidly. Now, the pond was much shallower than before.

At first, he could not speak at all. The next day, he could do simple pronunciations and complete sentences the third day.

During this period of time, the daily feeding did not stop. Watching Yu Shao grow bigger and bigger, Shao Ci felt more and more pressured. Several times, he almost fainted.

When Yu Shao’s IQ returned to its original level, would he realize that he was a zombie and that Shao Ci was a human being and then kill him directly? Shao Ci was so worried that he could lose his hair.

Finally one day, when Shao Ci woke up, he did not even see Yu Shao but saw a two-person-sized cocoon placed in the middle of the pool and the strengthening fluid in the pool was absorbed by the cocoon at an incredible speed…..Without a doubt, Yu Shao was about grow up completely.
*T/N: teeheehee, the cheats the novel world puts in to make sure Yin Han doesn’t get Shao Ci back so easily

“The opportunity has come.” Shao Ci gritted his teeth inwardly and did not think of escaping yet. His System’s target was Yu Shao. He could not finish his tasks if he escaped plus he genuinely wanted to know what’s going on.

However, Shao Ci quickly went to the hidden gap. After thinking about it, he took out the work permit hidden on his body and put it in the space for verification.

Then, the door opened.

In front of Shao Ci’s eyes appeared an illuminated laboratory, except that the exit was blocked. Shao Ci went straight in and saw there was a lot of information on the table but he couldn’t understand it at all.

Fortunately, there was a thick diary on the table. If this was a game, it was absolutely the most critical prop. Shao Ci took a deep breath, sat in a chair, and opened the diary.

The owner of this diary was Yu Shao. When other people used zombies to study the effects of strengthening liquids, Yu Shao studied mutant plants and specifically applied for a very hidden laboratory deep underground for mutant plants.

Later, because of the wrong estimations, the whole institute was reduced to hell when the strengthening liquid was used on the body of a zombie. Yu Shao was not involved because he was hiding here but he was aware of the situation outside.

Yu Shao was indeed a genius with a high IQ. At the same time, his feelings were extremely indifferent, only interested in his own research. After the collapse of the institute, he neither felt afraid nor wanted to escape but instead started a crazier research.

He began to study how to make the most powerful zombies. He not only improved the strengthening fluid of other people’s studies but also included the methods of manipulating the mutant plants he previously studied. Finally, he developed an incredibly effective strengthening fluid.

The zombie that would be produced in this strengthening liquid would not be a complete zombie. It could be considered a new kind of organism that combined mutant plants with zombies.

Then, at this point, there was not much food left in the laboratory. Yu Shao came up with the idea of making himself the first experimental object.

That’s the end of the diary.

Shao Ci stared and gaped: “!” He always felt there were a lot of gaps. Compared to the original text, this Zombie King seemed stronger, was this okay?

He had no idea whether it was the butterfly effect of his entrance that caused the plot to change or whether the world had originally not completely followed the original text.

“I suddenly feel worried about whether Yin Han’s power can win against Yu Shao’s.” If Yu Shao’s power was the greatest, he would not be able to leave.

Shao Ci sighed and stood up to see what was going on outside.

The next moment, Shao Ci suddenly felt something cold crawling over his waist. He looked down and saw that a vine stretched out from nowhere and had tangled itself around his waist.

Shao Ci: “!!?” Wait a minute, what kind of tentacle play is this?!

Then, Shao Ci was bound by vines, unable to move, unable to struggle. He looked in the direction of where he entered with confused eyes and saw a tall figure slowly emerge from it.

Yu Shao, who was originally a beautiful teenager, had completely turned into a young man. His appearance was as delicate and beautiful as before. He has a smile in his pale red eyes. He was wearing a white labcoat from who knows where. He put one hand in his pocket lazily and the other hand held a bright red crystal nucleus.

“Think about where you went… If you don’t obey me, want today’s lunch will be cancelled?

The author has something to say: either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be able to build the gymnasiumI I

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  1. Woahhhhhhhhhh.
    Okay okay.
    Okay okay okay.

    I did not expect such a personality developing after he fully awakened.
    Tbh. I thought he would turn into a loyal dog type of character. (Which I fucking love. They are so sweet and earnest.)
    But damn. This surprise is very very good lmao!
    Woah! I wasn’t prepared!
    He’s into some weird stuff!
    Why is he so aggressive lol

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    1. Though I do miss his cute and simple character from before.
      My cute little zombie grew up. I’m crying.
      Also, tbh, I would love to see the process of him growing.
      It’s strange how it got skipped over, and wouldn’t the zombie, as he started getting more intelligent. Start showing more signs of his personality?
      But… Hm. He stayed the same simple character?
      Strange. Strange. Very strange.
      Hoshiandme is perplexed.

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      1. What? Really?
        I can’t see how you feel that.
        But MC over here was with him through whole process and interacting with him.
        He noted how he could form complete sentences to and I’m assuming they held actual conversations.
        So my confusion derives from since they were already talking, why when he fully woke up is he so aggressive?

        Like… they are more then friends but less then lovers lol


      2. Oh and Translator-sama!
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