Love Fraudster 愛情欺詐師 Synopsis

Feeling like there wasn’t enough BL…  #for_now_unable_to_find_good_untranslated_horror_game_yaoi


(From Raven Blues Day):

Author : Gù chǔ 《顧楚》

Official Description :

A fraudster should not only be able to speak well, but also master all kinds of knowledge — at the very least, be good at disguise.

Love Fraudster — Putting a show while wearing a mask called love in a romance drama, this is what he’s interested in…

Actually, this is a false impression.
There are a lot of [fake] gong lord, and also there are a pure Virgin Mary and the delicate ice cold Queen [fake] shou lord……So inevitably there will be one you will like!

The pits is guaranteed. Please rest assured.

Red warning : The lovely MC slag son attribute is working full time. Proceed with caution…

Content Tags: travel through the time and space, switching soul, game, entertainment circle.

Protagonist (MC) : Lín Qí
Supporting role : Qín Chí, Jì Qí Xuān, Xiǎo JīDàn (Little Egg), and many others.
Others : Guide , Mission.

Multiple characters come and go to by the guise of the fake shou real gong. Scammer is gong. Total gong no CP (couple). Quick transmigration. System mission. BE (bad ending).

I’m starting from Chapter 6

Chapters 1-5 – Raven Blue Days

Chapter 6

Chapter 7.1, 7.2

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

I Want Some More

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