Bad Fiction ~ Horror is Love, Horror is life

There’s a synopsis too

Another attempt to write ideas that 🎶 hit me with that ddu-du-ddu-du🎶 #really_hoping_Blackpink_comes_to_Canada #watching_my_hiatus_end_gives_me_a_little_pressure #cries_at_the_lack_of_tentacle_play_while_translating



A faded door closed with three girls inside. Snickering comes from behind the door with an apple card. The apple card tacked to the door with the scrawled English name Mandy shook.

The door next to it was ajar. From the slam, it began to slowly close.

This door also had an apple card with an English name, Affia.

Visible through the door, on the opposite wall, was a bookshelf. The top shelf had textbooks collapsed on each other like they were trying to hold each other up and save a GPA. Every other shelf below this one was jam-packed, an abyss of blackness interspersed with flecks of red and white, made up of movie discs, video games cases, and books.

There’s an Edgar Allan Poe collection with ash-dark pages, one cover and some pages shoved into the abyss while the other half hangs off the shelf. A CD with the words The Martyr in French had already been squeezed out onto the floor.

Next to the bookshelf was a twin bed pushed against the wall with an eyeball on the dark comforter, easy access for a “nap” after returning from class.

Beside the bed was a corner desk shoved beneath a corner window covered by a green curtain, the only color in the room which gave it a something-is-living-here vibe.

At the desk was a shadow, a black hoodie tinged by the blue of a computer screen. If Affia had been less absorbed in her computer, maybe she would have turned her head and wondered why the slamming of the door was necessary. Personally, she always had her door open. If someone wanted to talk to her, they could but no one ever did, spending time in their own rooms, the living room, or each other’s but never hers.

Affia’s fingernails clacked across the keys, text filling the Baidu search bar: Horror game Jiangnan. The indie game had opened during exam month for all the quick-fingered beta testers. Although she was irritated she had missed it, it coincidentally helped her save her GPA. The beta test had finished and today was the day it opened to everyone!

Affia figured this was a better way to spend her break rather than making the trek home to see her favoured elder sister that had a career and a child, her brother that would pull out one of many instruments he was proficient at to perform at the annual family gathering, her parents that would try to keep her from being locked up in her room. Thinking of her grandmother with her bubbly face that was always set in a smile and the crow’s feet that crowded around her eyes nearly…nearly convinced her to return but it wasn’t enough. In contrast, Affia’s grandfather barely smiled and Affia was definitely the one he smiled at the least.

He was the first to suggest she move out after discovering traces for her love of everything horror. He avoided her like the plague, considering the things she brought into the family house unclean.

Although Affia was an introvert, she was quite filial. She moved not so far at first to finish high school and now she was here for university, an off-campus dorm that was cheap and far away enough that there would be no accidental meetings with family members or people from the neighborhood.

Affia emptied these thoughts, staring at the loading bar that filled her screen. A red filling raced to 100%. The bar disappeared and the door that had been slowly closing clicked as the lock hit the door frame.

A careen of a violin string loudly filled the room. Affia jumped a little, less from actually being scared but more because she remembered that her roommates were still here. Plugging in her headphones cuts off the second careen. She placed her favourite Five-Nights-at-Freddys headphones over her ears.

We’ll never get free – a woman’s breathy voice greeted her ears.

Affia shivered, feeling as if the cold voice was right by her ear.

Her eyes return to the aesthetic landscape on the screen. The sun glimmered off the mountain peak causing her to squint. The trees rustled like they were whispering to each other. The grasses were knee-high.

Affia’s vision floated down the mountain. Where were the cicadas? In the corner of her vision, a sliver of white slipped through the trees. Affia wanted to turn around but she could only gaze straight. Feeling her eyes burn, Affia blinked.

When she opened her eyes, her vision was filled with a large door. The thick doors were an obsidian-black covered in deep ruby-red snakes. The way they caught the light made them seem alive. She reached out to touch one.


Affia jumped and reached to adjust the volume on her headphones. Her hands touched the soft hair covering her ears.

“Don’t pretend not to hear me!”

A pale small hand snakes around Affia’s wrist, gripping it tightly. Affia’s eyes followed the pale arm, feeling her shoulder pull in its socket as the girl wearing olden-day clothes walks ahead.

“You have to be careful here.”

Affia’s voice was faint as she asked, “Why?”

The young girl turned, revealing a small palm-sized face with dainty lips and long dark eyelashes covering anxious black eyes that flicked around.

“Have you seen any people?”

Affia cocked her head in a confused manner.

The girl sighed. Placing her forehead to Affia’s forehead, she whispered, “We have to take care of each other. “

Affia blushed a bit after feeling the girl’s breath on her face. The girl stepped back, pulling Affia forward again, “Come! Our Masters have returned from the river.”


I am still searching for good horror game Yuri so I’m like, okay, why not try my hand at writing one? Plus, I like yuri where more than one ship can be made. #goals #the_girl_on_the_cover_was_generated_by_an_online_waifu_maker #isnt_it_cuteee

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