Horror is Love, Horror is Life Synopsis

I feel like this is a salvageable idea for later but the title…hurts me everytime I look at it


In the whole of Jiangnan, there was but a single river.
-We’ll never get free-
The nobles called it the river of forever and would visit following promises of immortality. With their golden adorned goblets, they would arrive at the river that runs red. The ruby-like color that would bubble as it ran over the rocks dyeing them a flaky brown.
-Lamb to the slaughter-
The commoners also called it the river of forever but they stayed far away. They built their homes as far away as possible and mothers held their children.
-What you gonna do when there’s blood in the water-
You might ask why the river runs red…and it’s a secret everyone knows.
-The price of your greed is your sons and your daughters-
The mouth of the river finds its home on the Mount Hope. Its peak pierces the sky on a regular day and on rainy days, the mountain itself seems an illusion. The rainy days are most days.
-What you gonna do when there’s blood in the water…-
Remember that saying: save your money for a rainy day. Here, where the rainy days are most days, no one works and the gambling is endless. Tell yourself it’s just a coin being put on the table, a card flip later and it’s a tooth, a finger, a wedding ring, and suddenly there’s a mother’s wail, a wife being kicked into the house, a child who opens their sleepy eyes to a mountain view.
-Look me in my eyes-
What happens on the mountain is a never can tell but if you watch closely, there’s the husband or a wife sitting at the table the next day. The liquor is fast and quick, never running dry. Its red color awakening and burying sorrow as it catches the light.
-Tell me everything’s not fine-
And the home falls into silence.
-Oh the people ain’t happy-
But so quickly the house that empties refills and even more are built. The nobles come to find their forever, the commoners stay away, and the king pretends there are no problems as the other rivers run dry.
-And the river has run dry-
Oh, you aren’t here to stay?
-You thought you could go free-
There’s only one river for miles. Why not stay forever? Welcome to Wuxi.

(Inspired by the lyrics from Grayson’s song Blood Water)

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