BMPP Chapter 14.1

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…That one sentence that makes you feel like Shao Ci’s chrysanthemum is ready for action… #just_do_it_YuShao #keep_going #definitely_completely_a_M #best_way_to_return_from_hiatus


Oh f*ck, why did the upgrade finish so suddenly? Also, why does this feel like he was caught cheating?

Shao Ci, who was caught in the act, looked at the diary that he had just laid down. He felt guilty and felt obliged to explain in a weak voice, “I just happened to discover this place… Come in and see…”

“Oh?” Yu Shao slowly walked in, flipped over the diary on the table at will, and then casually threw it aside. “There’s nothing good to see, don’t you agree?”

“En…” Shao Ci nodded palely and trembled with fear. Watching Yu Shao, he always felt that he was the kind of cannon fodder that would be killed within three minutes after running into the villain boss.

“Why such an ugly look? I’m not going to do anything.” Yu Shao reached out and embraced Shao Ci. He was intimately close to him, rubbing his face on Shao Ci’s neck as usual. “After all, you, Xiao Ci, are my favorite gege*.”
*T/N: gege = older brother 

Shao Ci was stunned once again and looked at Yu Shao. “Wait a minute, how do you know my name?” He was sure that he hadn’t mentioned a word of his name at all since he arrived.

This was not a xuanhuan*, merely the latest type of writing. Don’t tell him mind reading exists.
*T/N: xuanhuan = Mysterious fantasy

“I heard what you said above before I caught you, Xiao Ci gege.” Yu Shao said lightly, “Wherever these plants are located, no matter what happens, nothing can be hidden from me.”

“You said you could experience the outside world through plants?” Shao Ci said hesitantly, “Then did you intentionally cause me to fall down that time?”

“En.” Yu Shao showed a slight smile, gave Shao Ci a rewarding kiss on the cheek, moved closer to Shao Ci’s ear and said, “Xiao Ci gege smells so good, unlike other dirty human beings. I loved it from the beginning. I really wanted to taste a mouthful. I wondered to what degree the flavour would allow a person happiness enough to leave a lasting impression.”

When he said this, he also bit Shao Ci’s ear lightly. Shao Ci was so frightened that he could faint and his body stiffened. It’s not that he’s timid. No matter who stayed around the Zombie King who almost killed himself before, they wouldn’t be able calm down.

But at this time, Shao Ci nevertheless wanted to roast Yu Shao with a sentence, you yourself used to be human! It’s really good of you to casually forget you were once part of humankind!

“But then I changed my decision. How wasteful it would be if such an adorable Xiao Ci gege died.” Yu Shao smiled and held Shao Ci’s cheek in his hand. His pale red eyes were a little feverish. He said, “I want you to stay with me forever, unable to part for a lifetime. So long as Xiao Ci gege is obedient, I won’t do anything.”

“Of course I will.” Shao Ci nodded hurriedly. At this time, of course, the most important thing was keeping his small life. As for ethics and other things, they had been lost a few days ago and now there was no more pressure.

And as long as Yu Shao’s ability level was the highest, even if Yu Shao wanted to drive him away, he wouldn’t go. It’s all the fault of this damn wishy-washy system.

“Okay, why don’t we have lunch? Xiao Ci gege must be hungry too.” With Shao Ci’s assurance, Yu Shao’s attitude was much milder. He took the red crystal nucleus and put it in his mouth. Then he leaned over and pushed it into Shao Ci’s mouth with a kiss as usual.

In fact, Shao Ci always wanted to say that Yu Shao should economize and not let him eat crystal nuclei in order to avoid this exceedingly shameful first step. But he had absolutely no courage to actually say this out loud.

As usual, the nucleus slowly melted in his mouth. Shao Ci had also become so accustomed that he figured out a way to avoid being choked by the nucleus liquid while swallowing. It could even be said that the nucleus liquid was actually a little delicious… As long as one didn’t think about where it came from, it was totally bearable.

“Disobedient, why didn’t Xiao Ci gege cry out?” Yu Shao frowned slightly, reaching out his finger to touch Shao Ci’s cheek with a look of regret.

“!” Shao Ci: “This… I can’t cry every time.” Why would such a shameful hobby be remembered even after upgrading?

The next moment, Yu Shao pulled Shao Ci into his embrace, bowed his head and kissed him again. This time, unlike in the past, there was no crystal nucleus hindering him. Instead, it made Shao Ci feel more ashamed as if some secret place had been forcibly opened.

Moreover, Yu Shao had a faint fragrance on his body that could make people so addicted when they smelled it.

“Oh…wuwu…!” How long will this kiss go on? Shao Ci felt breathless. He wanted to struggle for air but his body was still tied up by the vine. The only foot able to move tried to push him into a standing position but he found that he had no energy in his legs at all. The other side’s legs had found an opportunity to squeeze themselves in between his legs.

When Shao Ci was on the verge of fainting, his body was finally released and he gasped for breath, only to find that his tears felt that now was the right time to fall.

Yu Shao leaned in and kissed him gently to remove his tears. “Sure enough, I like my Xiao Ci gege best.”

Shao Ci leaned away to look over at Yu Shao and found a flush on his fair cheeks. He smiled to himself. He looked so loveable and shy that Shao Ci could not see a terrible villain boss anywhere.

“…” Shao Ci suddenly felt that his future was hopeless. Who could tell him why the Zombie King was created to be such a person? He would rather meet a brutal person even if he was beaten up every day…he stopped to let this thought pass. He was currently very content with his situation.

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  1. Yu Shao is eating all the tofu!

    ML is already confirmed to be a walking vinegar jar, so once he finds Shao Ci again… good luck!

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕

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  2. lol Shao Ci best prepare himself for the things to come… I wonder if ice bro and zombie bro will immediately try to duke it out upon seeing each other… and I wonder what Shao Ci would do in that situation.

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  3. -gasps from hidden corner-
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    I’m very happy with this Zombie King’s Personality!
    He remains very cute and sincere!
    I’m dead. Also, the last paragraph was a bit confusing?

    “ He would rather meet a brutal person even if he was beaten up every day…he stopped to let this thought pass. ”

    Uhhh. Mmmmm from my understanding. This sentence means that Shao Ci would rather…. get beaten up every day by a brutal person then to give up his current situation? Or something?


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