INC Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Extensive Way to Extract Water

Through the porthole, Wu Zhe could see it was already dark.

Occasionally visible on the shore in the distance was farmland. As it turns out, just at that moment, it was possible to see a farmer returning home with his ox.

Judging from the farmer’s appearance, robe and hairstyle, this period seemed to be around the time of the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Don’t think about it. First of all, think how to not starve to death here. Wu Zhe shook her head and the black hair on his head reminded him that he was not a lucky transmigrator.

In my world, have I been declared dead? My parents must be very sad. Would they find the erotic books mixed in among the bookshelves when collecting my remains?

And there are also several yuri games that haven’t been completed before he became a protagonist to be conquered…

Or the imprisoned foreign female heroine…


Keeping calm, Wu Zhe started thinking about how to survive.

Wu Zhe began to analyze his situation.

Without water and food, it would take at least two days for the two bastards to see the result of the bet.

My presently female body, seems to be about 14yo, has begun to develop and accumulate fat. If there’s water, it should last for two days.

Wu Zhe laughed and looked at his whole body. Apart from the dry extremities, most of it was dripping wet.

Close-fitting silk clothes filled with river water would especially make people feel cold all over.

How difficult can surviving be? If I was the original woman, perhaps I would worry. But I am a man. These wet clothes are a source of water.

Wu Zhe raised his arm and looked at his pink clothes. Having previously watched movies and TV dramas, he guessed it was of medium quality, not a grand household but not bad enough to lose face either.

Since this woman was worth twelve silvers, it must because they were going to Yuanliao Hall and she had to be changed into better clothing for the Journey.

By the way, the voice that once sounded in my mind said that clothes have [evolved]?

Can this dress harden? Or elongate like a tentacle? Can it even evolve into a key to unlock things? Wu Zhe suddenly had a thought.

[Energy is insufficient and has not been discovered any combat-type evolution. Evolved clothing only plays a decorative role and cannot form an extension.] The metallic voice in his mind suddenly replied again.

Who are you? Wu Zhe hastily tried to communicate to the voice with his mind but there was no reply.

Evolved clothing was originally just decorative, incapable of changing into a weird tentacle ah, no wonder it is called evolution rather than variation…

Did he feel an indescribable regret? Actually, being a tentacle monster was no worse than being a weak girl.

Wu Zhe, who was accustomed to weird tastes, felt a little helpless before trying to change his physical body with his mind.

The artificial voice spoke abruptly: [Currently unable to modify the body]

Currently? Within that word there were many implications. Suddenly, Wu Zhe felt that it may be possible for him to regain his male body.

Well, at least now the problem of drinking water has been solved.

There’s no way to boil it. Should I give it a little try? Will there be parasites? Wu Zhe looked at the river water and tried to gather it to his mouth.

The metallic voice spoke: [Water, even with high purity, contains some impurities. The parasitic substances in water that may endanger the human health will be eliminated automatically by the body]

Oh, it sounds like a guide book. Wu Zhe slowly pondered and understood that it was up to him to explore how to evolve, the voice was only some kind of aid.

Wu Zhe drank a little and it had no special taste. Perhaps I ought to express thanks that this world does not have pollution.

[Changing of clothes consumes bodily energy and soon the bracelet will fall apart]

Wu Zhe was so frightened that he wanted to find a place to store a bowl of water.

[The body can drink one time and a proper amount of water can be reserved.]

Wu Zhe was surprised. After thinking about it, he did it according to the voice’s tips.

A large bowl of water was drunk without any feeling of swelling. Even touching the stomach, there was no bulging. So much water seemed to have vanished out of thin air.

… Wu Zhe was speechless.

He basically confirmed that he was occupying with some mysterious body.

Maybe it could be called: some kind of super evolved biological robot…

Like the liquid metal man in Terminator?

The clothes on his body have dried and possibly due to its special characteristics or evolved clothing, he was warm. In order to save energy, he forced himself to shrink in the corner of the cabin.

Wu Zhe felt the weakness of his body when he hunched his body and retracted into the corner.

Aiy, the body of a three-dimensional female creature is indeed too weak that it would have been better to cross into a king. But I will not commit suicide, after all, this so-called evolved body may be able to turn back into a man in the future.

In order to save energy, Wu Zhe forced himself to sleep.

Like the power-off in a robot, Wu Zhe just had this thought and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, sunlight came through the porthole.

[Warning! Body is low in energy!]

This sentence woke Wu Zhe up.

If it weren’t for the noisy metallic voice, Wu Zhe would still be in a trance thinking that he was in a room full of posters.

With a slight sense of hunger in his belly and being more awake, Wu Zhe reconfirmed the fact that he had crossed over.

White arms, weak body, yes, he had crossed into a girl.

[Warning! There are many ways of energy intake!]

What ways of energy intake? There’s nothing to eat.

Wu Zhe was stunned and looked at the cabin door. There was no change outside.

As he looked out of the ship from the porthole, the metallic voice sounded again.

[Exposure to sunlight confirms that photosynthesis is an evolutionary function, loading, 1%, 2%…..]

Photosynthesis? Wu Zhe almost screamed out.

Wu Zhe was surprised to find that the white arm that had grabbed the window was beginning to show a faint green color.


Verdict: Ugh, I tried to translate Chapter 3 and I’m like, why is this MC so dumb? 😶🔫

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