CPFLWV Chapter 7.1

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Sometimes, this text makes me feel like I’m translating a xianxia…

Since midterm season has arrived, translations will probably slow down.

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Chapter 7: Acquire power

“Zhu Ai, you should stay away from me.” Shen Qingjia’s voice sounded weak. She turned her head and smiled slightly. “I don’t want to be seen in such an ugly way…”

Zhu Ai couldn’t even do anything but look on helplessly as the girl who once saved her from her own darkness collapsed on the haystack like a broken bone, paralyzed and trembling constantly.

“You fool…” Zhu Ai clenched her fist and spoke in low voice.

“You fool, you deserve to suffer alone!”

She walked quickly into the distance and stopped with her back to Shen Qingjia. Perhaps all she could do now was to keep her promise to preserve the girl’s last dignity.

At this time, Shen Qingjia felt like she was being crushed in a mill, every cell and every tissue was broken and peeled, decomposed and reconstructed. From head to toe, her skin felt like it was being dipped in magma and ice. With every breath, her throat and lungs were filled with
unbearable pain. Even the exhaled carbon dioxide had wisps of blood.

The pain turned into a tiny insect that burrowed through her veins, rolled around in her muscles, and gnawed on her bone marrow as if to devour her whole body. Involuntarily, Shen Qingjia spasmed as her consciousness gradually became muddled.

In her previous life, Shen Qingjia thought that the lucky man who had acquired the power was exaggerating when he said, “This is not a level of pain that human beings can endure.” But now she understood what he meant!

“Fool… It’s clear that you’re an ordinary person, and yet you fantasize about abilities…”

“How could I possibly endure such pain…”

“My appearance is not ugly, where can I find someone strong to depend on…there is no need…”

“Such pain… Better to let me become a zombie…”

As her thoughts become more and more indistinct, the dark weaknesses that had been suppressed in the depths of her soul suddenly emerged, tempting Shen Qingjia to abandon her vain attempt and embrace happiness.

Shen Qingjia gradually became aware of her five viscera and six bowels being squeezed little by little as blood spilled from her mouth. Her mind slipped in and out like a candle flickering in the wind which could be extinguished in the next second…

Suddenly her finger touched something cold and Shen Qingjia’s consciousness regained a trace of sobriety. Then, she found that the cold thing was the deboning knife that she had constantly kept at her side recently. She was alive with the help of her only weapon, her only hope to reach the paradise of complete freedom… Shen Qingjia’s muddled consciousness paused for a moment.

“Since I was reborn, was I not meant to have powers? What am I giving up now for?!”

“This unimaginable chance at rebirth has happened. Why can’t I fight this mere stab of pain?!”

“Fantasize…? It is because of this vain attempt that I can live on!”

“I don’t want to!!!!”

Not knowing how long it took, the pain attacking Shen Qingjia’s entire body faded away. An ocean of warmth spread from her lower abdomen over her whole body and her body seemed to be soaked in a holy light, comfortable and incredible. The warmth gradually converged in her brain, her broken organs and tissues healed slowly and her skin became more fair and tender.

Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, Shen Qingjia finally completed the painful transformation.

Zhu Ai sat beside Shen Qingjia and reached out to hold her gently, as if holding a child. She did not know what kind of pain Shen Qingjia had experienced. She only saw Shen Qingjia’s body entirely soaked in sweat. She felt as if she was holding someone that had just been fished
out of the water.

Shen Qingjia laughed with difficulty, “Zhu Ai, I’ve survived…”

“……Very good.”

Shen Qingjia lay in the arms of Her Majesty, the future villain BOSS. It unexpectedly gave her quite a sense of security. Naturally, in all her time in the Apocalypse, she has never experienced such a calm and steady warmth in such a soft and fragrant embrace.

It was the next day when Shen Qingjia opened her eyes again. Last night, she thought her body and clothes were soaked with sweat. Today, she woke up
feeling completely dry. Obviously, Zhu Ai must have helped her to wash her body and clothes.

Shen Qingjia was a little embarrassed internally but she was soon overwhelmed by the joy of acquiring an ability. Just as she saw Zhu Ai returning with a fish, she waved quickly.

“Zhu Ai, come on, come on!”

Zhu Ai put the fish down and looked at her. “What’s wrong?”

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