BMPP Chapter 14.2

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To paraphrase, Author-san said it will be bloody in future chapters…

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“Alright.” Yu Shao, satisfied, loosened the vines twining around Shao Ci. “There’s no reason to stay in this place. Let’s leave together.” Suddenly he looked down at Shao Ci in close proximity. “Where does Xiao Ci gege think it’s good to go?” As long as you want to go, it doesn’t matter if it’s a base full of ability users.”

Anyway, nobody can’t kill you!

Shao Ci still had to wait for Yin Han to upgrade before he could be saved. How could he meet with Yu Shao now? He promptly said, “Find a place in S City’s downtown, where there must be a lot of intact buildings, food*, and zombies.”
*T/N: it originally said Japanese cuisine (和食)

“Let’s listen to Xiao Ci gege.” Yu Shao’s intimately stroked his cheek, then grabbed his hand and walked towards the closed door of the laboratory.

Suddenly, several vines appeared on both sides of the door, the door that had been closed was pulled open, and a path emerged.

Yu Shao took Shao Ci’s hand and walked as leisurely as if it were his backyard. Not knowing how long they walked, Yu Shao pushed open another door and they came to a remote corner of the institute.

Surrounded by long and lush mutant plants, however before Yu Shao stepped in he automatically retreated, the ground seemed cleaner than before the Apocalypse.

“These children are very dangerous. If they step on them, bad things may happen. So Shiao Ci gege should be careful, ok?” When Yu Shao said this, Shao Ci, who was not tense, suddenly became nervous and very careful about not step on anything and trigger any tentacle play.

“Well, someone broke in here.” Yu Shao’s eyes narrowed slightly, his expression became cold in a moment, and his red inorganic eyes became snake-like.

“Other people! ?” Shao Ci’s heart tightened. Sure enough, the voices of other people were coming from the other side of the wall. In other words, the soundproofing of the Institute was too crappy.

“Let’s search this side again. Maybe we can get some good things.”

“Yes, this institute was famous before. If we get ahold of the rest of the strengthening fluid, we can upgrade.”

“Nothing yet?”

The voices were getting closer and closer. In the next moment, the door on one side opened. Several people came over and immediately noticed that there were people here. All of their attention was attracted by the red eyes of Yu Shao. They immediately raised their guns in a panic and shot at them.

Shao Ci also spent several months at the S City’s base. At a glance, it can be seen that the bullets they used were specially developed by the base to have enough power to take down the most formidable zombies.

But there was no chance to use them. The bullets were blocked by the surrounding plants before they were fired, making sure that not even a hair of the two was harmed.

The group wanted to run away but were quickly tied up by vines. They looked at Yu Shao in panic and tried to resist with their ability. But their powers were insufficient to take Yu Shao’s life. Only then did they realize that they were afraid of losing their lives. Finally, they broke down and shouted, “Monster!”

“Help, I don’t want to die yet!”

Shao Ci: “…” When you say such lines, you are ready to be cannon fodder.

Yu Shao looked at them indifferently, as if he was looking at a few insignificant bugs. Feeling impatient, he decided to kill these people quickly and let them become nutrients for the mutant plants, one of them noticed Shao Ci standing at the side and stunned, opened his mouth to speak, “Shao Ci? You’re not dead?’

Yu Shao’s action paused slightly when he heard this.

“Are you silly? How can a normal person stay here? He must be a puppet of that monster! “

“It’s a pity that Yin Han is still looking for someone outside this institute… If we can take him out with us, we’ll definitely be able to get a lot of crystal nuclei.”

“At the moment, it’s important to survive! How can we deal with that monster…”

“Oh?” Yu Shao reached out and grabbed Shao Ci’s shoulder and said softly, “Xiao Ci gege, the man named Yin Han is still looking for you. Do you think we should go out and take a look?”

“! ?” Despite Shao Ci’s desire to go, he knows that Yin Han had no chance to win at all. Although Yin Han was the only hope for him to get away, he felt that the protagonist’s halo was not very safe if anything were to happen. “No need… There’s nothing to go and see…”

“But I think that man cares a lot about Xiao Ci gege. How can we make him wait outside?” Yu Shao smiled innocently and then pulled Shao Ci to face the several people who were tied up.

The men were so frightened that they dared not say a word and looked at Yu Shao in horror.

Yu Shao’s eyes were cold and he whispered, “Tell me all the things you know about Yin Han, and if it’s true, I’ll let you go.”

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  1. Yu Shao is eating vinegar… The protagonist is in danger. Shao Ci’s integrity and chrysantemum are in danger. Yet we rotten readers are delighted hahahaha~

    Thank you very much~!!!

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  2. Oh noooo, they’re really going to duke it out… probably. Since both ice bro and zombie bro seem to really like Shao Ci, they likely wouldn’t want to share him.

    Eh, good luck, Shao Ci.

    Thanks for translating!

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  3. Ohshit so harem member no. 2 gonna confront harem member no. 1
    I hope they don’t drag poor shao ci in the middle,(unless it’s on the bed, then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

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