Teaser ~ Reborn as a Good Child 重生之做个乖孩子 Chapter 1

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Author: 生缘浅


Bai Yihan, as a little brat spoiled to the heavens, finally failed his family, ran away with his lover and courted disaster. After his rebirth, he decided to turn over a new leaf and try to be a good boy. However, many things aren’t the same as before…..

Papa and Mom: It’s unforgivable, someone must have bullied my son for him to become so good.

Big Brother and Big Sister: If my little brother’s sensibility is at the expense of his suffering, I would rather he is always a little brat!

Mu Jingyuan: If you are being beaten, you should stand up, but you hide… It’s getting cold. Someone so broken is amusing to tease with a smile.

Bai Yihan: … You owe me a lot for being such a little brat in my last life!


Chapter 1: Resurrection from Death

Early in the morning, the room was quiet, the person in the bed was still sleeping. The sunshine stubbornly penetrated the gap of the curtain and sprinkled on the face of the sleeping teenager in the bed. It coated the teenager with a light golden halo, which makes him look more dazzling, just like an angel whose eyebrows were neither too thick nor tol light, whose lines are gentle but not losing the spirit of heroism, whose eyes are slightly lifted from the corners of the eyes are quietly closed, and whose eyelashes are long and curled. Under the eyelids there was a small shadow, under the straight nose bridge, the full rose lips slightly opened a little gap, revealing a little pink tip of the tongue. His skin was very white, not the pathological pallor, but a beautiful pearly white with delicate cheeks in the sunlight that showed a little light pink tinge like a quiet porcelain doll, beautiful and unreal. If someone walked into this room at this time, he will think that he has crossed into a dream world and met the sleeping little prince.

After a while, the eyebrows of the person on the bed wrinkled slightly and the quiet expression became very painful. A thin layer of cold sweat oozed from the bright forehead. It seemed that they could not wake up in a nightmare. Under the thin eyelids, their eyes kept rolling, like they were waking up in a struggle. After a long time, he seemed to have overcome the nightmare and suddenly opened his eyes!

However, what kind of eyes they were, as if he had gone through the vicissitudes of life, heavy and desperate, which was incompatible with his beautiful appearance.

Bai Yihan opened his eyes and his chest fluctuated violently. After a long time, he finally calmed down. He wanted to sigh. Why didn’t he die? Why was he alive when he clearly felt the pain of a bullet hitting his heart and life’s rapid passage? His family had already gone bankrupt and their lives were very tight. Not long ago, Grandpa passed away and they only had a simple funeral. He spent his last savings. He thought that the Bai family was also one of the richest families in Huacheng. However, once the foundation and pillars collapsed, the family fell from heaven to hell, all because of his stupidity. Grandpa was so angry before he died that he had to receive hospitalization. Treatment, rehabilitation costs? Their family’s current situation could simply not afford it! And the little money he saved himself was not even able to make a splash! Why save him? His existence could only bring bad luck to the family who loves him. He had obviously caused the policeman to shoot him with his feigned action. Why did he not die?

He lay quietly and his mind was chaotic. From his beautiful eyes slid a tear, which disappeared quickly into his temples. After a while, he finally felt something was wrong. He moved his left finger and right leg. He was shocked, his eyes finally focused, and what he saw made his pupils contract slightly. What’s happened? How can it be so?!

This was his room before his family went bankrupt! Champagne curtains, warm tones, low-key luxury filled the whole room, everything was so familiar, but the villa was clearly sold in order to repay the bank’s loan!

He sat up in surprise, pulled up the leg of his light blue pajamas and looked at his right leg, which had been broken by someone he had offended. Now he was lying on the bed. His skin was white, his calves were long and slender, his lines were beautiful, his hair was very light, under the round ankle bone, was a white and beautiful foot. His feet were very thin, his toes were round, and his toenails were tender. It doesn’t even look like a man’s foot. At this moment, because of shock, the toes curl up slightly and look pitiful and lovely.

He raised his left hand to look at it closer the light. It was a very beautiful hand with delicate white skin, slender fingers, and well-trimmed nails with a healthy pink. At this time, in the light, the beautiful pink flesh of hand looked like the most perfect sculpture.

However, Bai Yihan remembered clearly that this hand was trampled on by the man with his foot and hit with a stone until it was so swollen, twisted and bloody that it no longer looked like a hand at all. Even the best surgeon in the world could not recover it. But now, it was in front of him, as if it had never been injured. He slowly clenched his fist and felt it. The strength of this hand and the intact right leg on the bed shocked him. He completely did not know what happened. He picked up the mobile phone at the head of the bed to see the date, this is… four years ago? He jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom.

Looking at his slightly green but frosty face in the mirror, he raised his left hand and looked at it again and again. For a long time, he covered his face with his hands, just laughed and laughed. Tears flowed through his fingers and into his sleeve along the white porcelain wrist.

God pitied him, let him return to the time before all the tragedies. This time, he would be careful to guard the love given by his family. He would be good, be a good child that no longer dared to make trouble…



1) Has a good MTL if using Baidu translate

2) Cute and fluffy like recommended

3) I feel like this MC is basically most children when they grow up and realize their parents were right about life.

4) *looks at the 226 chapters* …not my cup of tea but I feel like I’ll read it if someone else translates it.

Back to studying~

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