CPFLWV Chapter 7.2

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Shen Qingjia coughed dryly. “That – do you want to know what powers I got?”

Zhu Ai stared at Shen Qingjia, who was immensely pleased with herself. She looked somewhat like a child who showed off to their parents when they had gotten two percent. She could not help curling up her lips and smiling.

Shen Qingjia stretched out her right hand and a flame suddenly rose on her fair and tender fingertips, burning about half a meter high, the color of vermilion.

Shen Qingjia’s eyes were fixed on the flame as she sighed with satisfaction, “This is my light of hope, my fire of freedom…”

In principle, once a person gained a power, absorbing the crystal nuclei into the body would allow resonance with the energy of heaven and earth thereby allowing them to achieve a higher level in their ability.

In the future, ability users would temporarily divide powers into eight categories.

Elemental: A power that manipulates elements of nature.

Spiritual: A power that controls consciousness and spirit.

Control: A power that controls all kinds of organisms and substances.

Ruler: A power that masters certain rules of nature.

Aliens: A power that causes its user to undergo physical changes

Fantasy: A power to master strange laws beyond the laws of nature.

Phenomenon: A power that controls what can occur.

Assist: The ability to maintain life without fighting strength.

According to future ability researchers, every human body should have the potential to stimulate a power, large or small, which was firmly decided in the body’s genetic map in peaceful times.

When the Apocalypse first started, countless meteorites filled with intense radiation fell from the sky. A small amount of radiation from a long distance unlocked the potential in some people’s bodies and they succeeded in becoming ability users. Shen Qingjia’s potential was harder to unlock until this lifetime when she found meteorite crystals. After experiencing nine deaths and still managing to stay alive*, she finally unlocked her potential.
*T/N: idiom meaning narrow escapes from death

Generally speaking, each crystal nucleus only resonates with one category and the manifestation of an ability is often related to the individual’s psychological factors. Shen Qingjia acquired fire power largely due to her previous life experiences.

She wants to destroy and redeem…

Zhu Ai closed her eyes for a moment, feeling something, before opening your eyes, “This level of energy fluctuation…You should also be on the verge of breaking through to the second level.”

“Surely there will be good luck if you survive a great disaster!” Shen Qingjia nodded.

She looked at the fish Zhu Ai had brought back and said half jokingly, “You can completely leave it to me in the future!”

Zhu Ai gave her a blank look.

Although Shen Qingjia meant well, the “lunch” was still dealt with by Zhu Ai. Looking at the accuracy of her present control over her fire powers, it would be very good if she did not roast the two fish to ashes.

Shen Qingjia naturally felt extremely happy but the great villain BOSS frowned and looked worried.

“I just think that water system powers are too weak to kill or wound humans…” Zhu Ai murmured, “After all, in the Apocalypse, the most dangerous thing was not the mutant animals and plants but the human heart.”

In the Apocalypse, with the destruction of the state, the disintegration of the army, the collapse of the law, the loss of morality, and the lack of faith, almost everything that could restrain human behavior had been destroyed.

If God desired it to be destroyed, it must first be made crazy; if God wanted to make it crazy, it must first be unconstrained.*
*T/N: I kinda like this *collects it for later quote art*

Shen Qingjia was somewhat surprised that the future villain BOSS would worry about this kind of thing. In contrast, the villain BOSS’s little flower vase friend was only a 17-year-old girl but she had an excellent ability.

“You must be the strongest!” Shen Qingjia’s tone of voice as she spoke would have seemed harsh and unrealistic if she wasn’t speaking to Zhu Ai: “The strength of the water ability lies in your later development and wide range and… Now it’s only the beginning.”

Zhu Ai looked to the rising sun on the horizon, raising her hand to cover her eyes and also cover her smile.

Yes, whether hope or despair, there were unlimited possibilities for future development. Now everything was just beginning.

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