TEWRCFC Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Zombie, what do you dislike?

As soon as Xiao Ziling and his party rushed to the third floor, they heard a rush of footsteps behind them. Looking back, Gao Qijun and his gang had also rushed over. As expected, the fire ability users attacked rapidly and finished killing quickly.

The entrance to the third floor had been cleared and Chu Zhitian’s team had disappeared into some corner of the supermarket.

Gao Qijun ignored Xiao Ziling’s team standing at the entrance and ordered his men to collect supplies quickly.

Li Yongjun said, “Let’s start too. Everyone, be careful.” The group quickly dispersed and rushed to the shelves to collect the food and materials they needed.

Xiao Ziling did not join them but instead observed the rampage as he stealthily walked into the depths of the supermarket. Soon Chu Zhitian’s people could be seen in the distance. At the moment, the team was divided into two groups, one was responsible for keeping watch, the other was in charge of gathering food. Their goal was to stockpile dry goods into portions that would be easy for one person to carry instead of burdening everyone with a large load.

Xiao Ziling hid in the blind spot of the guard’s sight to observe the team and found that Chu Zhitian was not among this group of people at all.

It seems that Chu Zhitian and his team were operating separately. So where is he? What was he doing?

While Xiao Ziling was thinking, a sudden cold wind came from behind him. He did not pause to think – a forward roll to the side in order to quickly aim at the corner of the eye, who was this sneak attacker?

With both feet firmly planted on the ground, one hand on the ground, one hand reached towards his back to quietly pull out the Tang knife*.

*T/N: that ninja pose (explanation about Tang knife below)

Although there was no one in sight, Xiao Ziling knew that the enemy was hiding behind the merchandise rack in front of him, ready to strike a lethal blow.

Was it a human or a zombie?

Xiao Ziling immediately excluded human because he had not done anything to interfere with the others. Although he was observing Chu Zhitian’s team, he did not attract their attention. After all, Xiao Ziling was not the only one to size them up.

Then, it should be a zombie and this speed means it should be an evolved zombie. Xiao Ziling scolded himself in his heart, “Wow, not even a week and there’s already an evolved zombie? How come we have to meet? Your mom, what misfortune is this?”

“Bah!” A metal sound rang out. It was the Tang knife. At the moment, it held back a dark shadow with sharp nails and thin shriveled arms.

Xiao Ziling kicked off with his right leg, propelling himself three meters backward without taking his eyes off the zombie. He dared not be distracted.

Sure enough, it was a zombie and it was a zombie that had not only evolved once but was at level 2. This was a sign that the zombie had at least two strengthened abilities.

Just their short clash let Xiao Ziling know that the zombie should have evolved both speed and a hard outer skeleton. His eyebrows furrowed and his childish face was filled with bitterness. Spitting in contempt, he spoke: “Your mom, why do you hate me yet bring me back to life?”

Before his rebirth, Xiao Ziling hated to encounter zombies with speed or hardened outer skeletons. Speed, needless to say, counteracted his superiority. The zombies with hard outer skeletons made Xiao Ziling’s moves almost useless every time he attacked. It made him so depressed that everything was to no avail that he could cough up blood. Now, it was that time for coughing up blood.

Now this zombie perfectly had these two abilities. Xiao Ziling felt something bitter fill his mouth. He was in a terrible mood. Not only was this a difficult bone to gnaw, it was exactly the kind that he can’t gnaw.

Without waiting for Xiao Ziling to finish thinking, the zombie lashed out with its claws, stimulated by the allure of a fresh meal.

Once again, he dodged the attack of the zombie. Xiao Ziling’s right leg swung upwards and kicked viciously from the side. The zombie was kicked to the ground and slid more than ten meters. The fallen zombie seemed to feel pain as it howled several times and suddenly jumped up. It once again hurried into the shelves to hide.

Xiao Ziling, surrounded by merchandise shelves which blocked his sight, faced the crisis of being attacked from any direction.

“Spiritual eyes, open!” Under the sunglasses, his ability was released.*

*T/N: I thoughtttt he got rid of the sunglasses thoughhhh

Perfect, the 360-degree 3D view clearly revealed the place where the zombie hid. Xiao Ziling stepped, surging forward to the zombie’s hiding place.

“Clatter!” CRASH! The merchandise racks crumbled everywhere.

“Ah…” As the zombie roared, Xiao Ziling used all his strength and waved his Tang knife to cut the neck of the zombie.

“Ka!” Half of the Tang knife was embedded in the bone and in pain, the zombie madly struck out with a punch towards its fresh meal.

Xiao Ziling propelled himself away using the strength in his left arm. The Tang knife, originally in his right hand, could not be pulled out because it was deeply embedded in the neck. In the air, Xiao Ziling flipped over and steadily landed again. His left arm was numb with pain. It seemed that the blow just now, though not causing injury, still had some effect on his arm.

Frowning at the angry and roaring zombie in front of him, Xiao Ziling had indeed not expected to be able to cut off the neck of the zombie with his primarily awakened power. It seemed that the zombie focused more on evolving a hard outer skeleton. No wonder it lost slightly in speed.

At this time, Dong Haozhe, who was in charge of keeping watch, saw the shelves suddenly crumble with a loud noise, accompanied by the roar of the zombie. He made a gesture to Chen Jingwen to inform the other team that he was going over to check it out.*
*T/N: teeheehee, at least the side characters get names #thinking_of_BMPP …but at the same time, that was some bad keeping watch

Dong Haozhe carefully approached the place where the sound occurred and looked around vigilantly to prevent sudden attacks from zombies in his blind spot. Passing the shelf that blocked his view, he saw a unique zombie, it was thin and not covered with rotten meat like ordinary corpses. Instead, the skin was hardened and gave off a light golden sheen.

An evolved zombie! Dong Haozhe was shocked that the supermarket had evolved zombies. At this time, there was a straight sharp blade stuck in the throat of the corpse, about two fingers wide, curved at the end – a Tang knife. Confronting the corpse was a man wearing black sportswear and a pair of oversized sunglasses that covered half of his face.

Dong Haozhe couldn’t distinguish gender or age because he was unable to see the face clearly. However, Dong Haozhe felt that this should be a young man. He was confident in his intuition.

The zombie lunged towards Xiao Ziling. The unarmed Xiao Ziling could only dodge by speeding backwards for a moment. Several times, the zombie was close enough to frighten the bystanders into fearing that the zombie would be upon the young man in the next second.

Dong Haozhe was ready to move when he saw the danger but he found a familiar figure behind Xiao Ziling.

He looked at the battle calmly with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes indicated that Dong Haozhe was to stay on the sidelines for the time being.

Dong Haozhe laughed and relaxed. “This boy is lucky enough to be noticed by Chu Ge. Perhaps we will have ourselves another genuine comrade.”

The most important to Chu Zhitian’s people were their brothers. Everything else was fleeting.


*T/N: I think the MC has full tang

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    Ni ma means “your mother”. For the Chinese, insulting family is something really offensive. Basically, “your father/mother/sister/…” is a curse word.

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