BMPP Chapter 15.1

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My Cherry Will Explode in the Apocalypse seems pretty cute, especially when the “damsel”-in-distress didn’t actually need saving *builds ship*

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The men were about to open their mouths all at once.

Shao Ci panicked. He quickly pulled Yu Shao’s sleeve and said, “Isn’t it just an ordinary ability user? What’s there to know?”

“Xiao Ci gege, if you say anything more, I’ll think you’re speaking up for that man?” Yu Shao still had a smile on his face, but his eyes were very cold.

Shao Ci was so frightened that he closed his mouth. And those men, for fear they would be killed off when another finished speaking, scrambled to be the first one to talk.

Originally, Yin Han did not give up after Shao Ci was taken away. Instead, he used his powers to look everywhere and overturn everything but there was still no trace of him. Later, he promised that if anyone could find Shao Ci, he would be rewarded with a lot of money.

Suddenly, the people in the surrounding bases were all excited. While money was still important, it was more important to be able to make Yin Han, a powerful ability user, owe a favor. After that, the whole institute was emptied out but no traces of Shao Ci could be found at all.

These people just came to explore casually, not expecting to bump into Shao Ci and Yu Shao. They did not know whether they were lucky or unlucky.

“Well then, you can go.” Once Yu Shao spoke, the vines wrapped around them fled without trace.

Shao Ci could not believe that Yu Shao would say so and let them go considering he was the villain of the original text, “Really letting them go like this?”

Yu Shao said, “If Xiao Ci gege doesn’t want to let them go, I can catch them again.”

“No, no, that’s not necessary.”

Shao Ci shook his head quickly.

“The important thing is to let these people go in order to attract Yin Han.” Yu Shao said casually, “Otherwise, these people would already have become nourishment.”

Shao Ci said in a surprise: “Attract Yin Han? Why?”

“That’s right.” Yu Shao nodded and approached Shao Ci’s ear and said, “Because I think he’s a very dangerous person so I have to kill him. Don’t tell me, Xiao Ci gege would hate to part?”

“No, I’m not reluctant to…” Shao Ci tried his best to hide his anxiety. He believed that Yin Han’s protagonist aura would not be so easy to deal with. Maybe something could happen.

Yu Shao laughed and said, “This is what Xiao Ci gege has said. I will remember it all.”

Why can Shao Ci sense the dangerous aura emanating from his smile?…qaq He wants to leave this man quickly. Even Chu Jin would be better than being at risk of being bitten to death.* *T/N: a short revival of the ChuJin x ShaoCi ship is spotted

[Reminding the host that the system has the capability of choosing a target to switch to. The cost is only one more random task for the host in the future. ]

Say, why can’t all the functions be stated in the beginning? Now that this broken system has this capability, there’s nothing to worry about.

Shao Ci: “… It’s so good that it can make people feel great! Anyway, remember first and see if there is a chance to use it.”

Shao Ci followed Yu Shao out of the door with trepidation, saw the sunshine outside, breathed the fresh air, and felt like he was alive. The days before, in the underground, were really inhumane.

Yu Shao, however, looked at the trees not far away and squinted slightly. “It’s really quick.”

The next moment, the surrounding air became cold. Several ice cones emerged from the ground with a thunderous sound, but Yu Shao avoided them easily.

Afterwards, Yin Han came out from behind the tree. He didn’t seem to have had a good rest during this period. Underneath his eyes were black and his skin had become wan. His eyes stared at him coldly. “Return him to me.”

“Oh? Are you talking about Xiao Ci gege?” Yu Shao pulled the nearby Shao Ci into his arms, looked at Yin Han with a malicious look in his eyes, and said with a triumphant smile, “Unfortunately, Xiao Ci gege won’t go with you. He’s mine. Isn’t that right, Xiao Ci gege?”

Hasn’t this happened once before?!

Shao Ci stood in front of Yin Han but under Yu Shao’s coercion, he had to nod and say, “En… I’m yours.”

“As long as you are killed, everything will be the same as before, these little things are not important.“ Yin Han’s face remained unchanged, but he was relieved when he looked at Shao Ci.

Yu Shao raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s really courageous to come alone.”

Yin Han glanced at Yu Shao and said lightly, “It’s just a monster. I can handle it alone.”

Shao Ci: “…!” He had to admit that Yin Han’s tongue was very poisonous but now his abilities were lower than Yu Shao’s. It’s dangerous to say such a thing.

Yin Han slowly came closer. With every step, the grass under his feet was frozen by ice. After walking all the way, everything around him was almost covered by ice.

“Such a fierce appearance ah.” Yu Shao hid behind Shao Ci, pressed down on his shoulder and squinted slightly in the direction of Yin Han. “Xiao Ci gege, I’m so scared.”

Shao Ci: “…” It was already too much for him to know what was good to say.

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  1. Oh yeah I really miss Chu Jin by the way! ( I actually shipped Shao Ci and Chu Jin and I don’t regret it ( `ε´ ) )

    Now we’ll see who get’s our adorable ‘straight’ and soon to be eaten MC!

    I have to say Shao Ci is screwed either way! Either by Yu Shao or Yin Han!

    Thank you for the chapter Translator-sama!

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  2. Uh oh… confrontation is dang soon, and who knows what’ll happen afterwards? I wonder if ice bro will be okay, and if Shao Ci will do something to help him when zombie bro tries killing him… Not a fun situation for lil Shao Ci lol

    Thanks for translating!


  3. Translator-sama thank you so much for the chapter. Can’t wait for more~


  4. I’ve been missing these chapters TTATT

    I don’t know why wordpress decided to just shut off the notifications on this site.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    The discord notifications saved my life.


    (YH x SC is my best bet)

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