QTVW Chapter 3.1

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Ling Xihan stood at the door and scrutinized An Mulan from top to bottom.

Under the light, An Mulan looked very warm. She wore only a nightdress that fell short of covering her entire thighs. Even if she wore an apron over it, it would still cause people to be tempted. Thin clothes could not completely hide her petite but well-developed figure.

Ling Xihan’s eyes seemed to roam back and forth across An Mulan’s body – the plump chest, the slender waist surrounded by apron ribbons, and then the long straight legs. Her eyes darkened; she closed the door and walked over.

Ling Xihan went over to An Mulan and looked down at her. She looked at the four plates of home-made dishes on the table and raised her eyebrows.

When An Mulan looked at her eyes, she had already opened her lips and laughed with a little embarrassment on her face. After putting the dishes in her hands on the table, she shrank back awkwardly and said in a low voice, “I didn’t know you’re coming back tonight. I’ll go and change my clothes.”

She turned to go upstairs but a cool hand grabbed her wrist and said, “No, that’s alright*. Didn’t you prepare dinner? I’m hungry.” After that, she let go of her hand and went to the bathroom to wash her hands.
*T/N: :} :} a feast for the eyes and the stomach is such a killer combo

An Mulan smiled and said to the back of Ling Xihan, “Then I’ll go and get dinner.” With that, she turned and went into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, she breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Beauty is such a good thing. Only this kind of unintentional honey trap can cause a villain’s heart to be moved.”

When Ling Xihan came out of the bathroom, she immediately felt something was different about her villa. As she walked to the dining table, she carefully looked at her surroundings. Only then did she find that the room had many new additions during her two days away.

They were small things, like rows of vibrant flowers on the windowsill, a bright yellow square tablecloth on the tea table in the living room, and a blue aquarium in which two little goldfish are swimming.*
*T/N: aquariums don’t seem small…

Small changes like these could be seen everywhere. Although they all looked like worthless things, they made the whole room more lively with a family atmosphere because of the details. And all these were the credit of the young girl in front of her.

In her heart, she was very satisfied with this girl, who was tender and lovely with generous and appropriate behaviour.

She walked to the dining table, pulled out a chair and sat down. She looked at the four dishes and soup on the table. She found that although they were all home-cooked, they looked very delicious. She was a little surprised.*
*T/N: isn’t home-cooked food usually better than outside food?

Ling Xihan knocked on the table with one hand as she thought to herself, this was not in line with the information found by the assistant. According to the information she received, An Mulan was a lady who was not treated well by her family. She was too timid to have any opinions but her behavior basically conformed to that of a lady. She had chosen An Mulan as her marriage partner largely because she was soft and easy to handle but it didn’t necessarily have to be her.

But as far as the situation was concerned, the girl in front of her was not what she expected and caused her to have some interest. Since this was a girl of her taste, she didn’t mind keeping her like that.

An Mulan came out with rice and saw the dark unreadable expression of Ling Xihan under the lamplight.

She calmed down and warned herself that it was a battle of attack and defense. She must be cautious. Only by having a detailed strategy could she have a chance to survive.

Thinking of this, she calmed down. She put a bowl of rice in front of Lingxi Han, handed her chopsticks, turned off the kitchen light and took off her apron.

After that, she sat down at the table, smiled at the powerful woman and said, “All I did was cook some dishes. I didn’t know you’ll be back tonight so all I cooked were some of my favorite dishes. If you think it’s not delicious, I’ll do something else.”

Ling Xihan shook her head quietly and said, “This is good. Let’s eat.”

After that, she picked up her chopsticks and raised a small bite of stir-fried meat close to her mouth. When she bit into it, a light taste filled her mouth. The meat was fresh and tender. Although the taste was light, it was not boring. The vegetables also had their own flavor.

Ling Xihan seldom had the chance to eat such dishes. Her eyes narrowed in satisfaction before she tried other dishes, experiencing the same fresh taste.

With a rare expression of praise, she said to An Mulan, “It tastes good. You cook well.”

An Mulan blushed, smiled shyly, and said, “It’s all small dishes. It must be because you are seldom home that you are fond of it. When I’m at home, I sometimes try to do something by myself. Now that I’ve moved out, it’s convenient for cooking many things.” She paused, her tone somewhat low, in line with the loneliness in her heart from not being loved at home.

But she soon regained her spirits and said happily, “Xihan..if you like it, I’ll make it for you every day.”

Ling Xihan observed An Mulan’s behaviour and she nodded in response.

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