QTVW Chapter 3.2

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When you notice the yuri moment in Quick Transmigration: Record of Cannon Fodder’s Counterattacks…#I_ship_it


After dinner, the time was still early and the sunset shone on the glass of the villa.

An Mulan looked at the time and saw it was about 8 p.m. Before she went to bed, she took the initiative to extend an invitation, “Yin Han, it’s still early now. Would you like to go out and walk off our food with me?”

Ling Zihan thought, she had nothing else to do anyway. When she went out the other day, she had dealt with everything properly, and it was time for her to rest for a while. So she nodded and agreed to the proposal.*
*T/N: I kinda want to know what she thinks will happen on this walk

An Mulan’s face immediately showed a happy expression. She lifted her hair behind her ear and hurried upstairs to change clothes.

They went out, walking in the sunset, next to the river by the villa.

Now, it was midsummer and the willow trees shook their leaves in the wind releasing fragrance briefly. The atmosphere was quiet and serene, giving people an unspeakable sense of peace, which was extremely rare in Ling Xihan’s life.

She looked down, at her side was the half-a-head shorter An Mulan. Seeing that she was wearing a knee-length dress and was brimming with the temperament of a student, she turned her head and asked, “How old are you now?”

An Mulan did not know that the other party would suddenly ask this question but she still responded obediently: “Sophomore*.”
*T/N: grade 10/2nd year of high school

Sophomore, Ling Xihan thought, An Mulan was now 18 years old, it was too early for everything to become clear. Although it was undeniable that she was a good partner but the future possibilities were too vast so it was better to plan slowly.

After their walk, they returned to the villa. Ling Xihan returned to her room and An Mulan, after showering, looked over the accounts*, reflected on her day, and went to sleep.
*T/N: accounting in bed #too_hardcore

The next morning, after Ling Xihan had awoken and washed her face, she went upstairs. She saw two small dishes and a bowl of porridge on the dining table. It was obvious that the Chinese-style breakfast was arranged.

She went downstairs and found An Mulan reading on the sofa in the living room. When An Mulan saw her, she put down her book and greeted her with a smile. She said, “Good morning, I’ve prepared some breakfast. If you’re not in a hurry, you can eat something to pad your stomach.”

Expressionlessly, Ling Xihan went to the table and ate breakfast before going out.

An Mulan took it upon herself to study university books while in this world because she had already decided on playing the obedient card. Therefore, putting in some effort was necessary.

At noon, An Mulan cooked lunch, packed it, and took a shuttle to Ling Xihan’s company, which was located in the urban area.

She got out of the shuttle and looked at the elegant building, which was hundreds of meters high, and she said to herself, “Definitely a rich person.” When the original host was alive, she never had the chance to see such a high building, let alone the owner of it all, her fiancee.

She looked at it for a while and inwardly smiled before calming her state of mind, went to the electronic equipment area and entered her personal information. After the electronic equipment identified her, it read: three minutes later, the assistant president will come down to pick you up, please wait patiently.

After waiting for less than three minutes, a young woman wearing a close-fitting suit and exuding a shrewd, experienced, and imposing aura stepped out of the transparent elevator to stand infront of An Mulan.

She looked at An Mulan, sizing her up, and then readjusted the expression on her face, making her look very unfriendly. She spoke coldly to An Mulan, “Miss An, right? I’m Xihan’s personal assistant, Zhang Yao. I wonder what your business is at the company.”

An Mulan smiled and said, “Hello, Miss Zhang! I am the fiancee of President Ling. Please tell President Ling that I have something for her.”

Zhang Yao’s face sank and her voice sharpened. “Xihan is in a meeting. Don’t give her any trouble.”

An Mulan did not take offense, passing by Zhang Yao to head for the lounge, which was shown on the map beside the elevator. She went straight to the sofa and sat down. She took out the books in her backpack and read them carefully.

Zhang Yao, who was left standing alone, trembled with anger. She stared at An Mulan fiercely and left with the elevator.

An Mulan raised her head after she could no longer feel Zhang Yao’s cold gaze. Her eyes fell on the place where Zhang Yao had stood before. In her mind, she recalled Zhang Yao.

Zhang Yao’s name had been mentioned several times in the plot of the novel. She was indeed Ling Xihan’s close assistant and they were very close. Even in the novel, the woman who finally replaced An Mulan and became Ling Xihan’s wife was her.

Zhang Yao, as written in the book, was a person with a very strong backing and large capabilties. She was the sister of the city’s local tyrant, the eldest son of the mafia. She was an extremely narrow-minded woman. In order to become Ling Xihan’s wife, she secretly killed all the fiancee candidates.

But even if she finally achieved her wish, after Ling Xihan became more powerful, she was still abandoned by Ling Xihan and ended up in a tragic situation.

In the memory of An Mulan, the former host, Zhang Yao had left a deep impression, although she could not associate the name to a person at that time.

In the early years when the original host lived in a psychiatric hospital, Zhang Yao personally broke her leg and cut open her face. After that, she was fed many medicines to induce insanity.

And the woman just whispered in her ear, “Who made you Ling Xihan’s ex-fiancee? You deserve this.”

After Zhang Yao vented her anger, she let the doctors abuse her, which made the original host’s difficult days even more sad and she eventually died early.

Therefore, Zhang Yao was also one of her targets of revenge.

Mulan felt a headache when she thought about it. Like this, most of the people in this novel were her targets of revenge.*
*T/N: oof, definitely got to latch onto that thigh then #thigh_or_die

There were too many enemies. She wistfully thought, why can’t I be worthy of a handicap where my enemies are retards instead of having obsessive-compulsive disorder?

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  1. This novel reminds me of another chinese novel where the main character gets transferred to a parallel universe and tries to be better basically. Thanks for the chapter~


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