BMPP Chapter 15.2

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Yin Han extended his finger and suddenly more than a dozen ice cones rose and hurtled towards Yu Shao’s body. Before touching Yu Shao’s body, these ice cones were caught by black vines, not allowing them to continue forward even a little bit.

On the other side, there were countless vines attacking Yin Han but the moment they touched his fingers, they were immediately frozen.

“Sorry, these ice cones don’t seem to hurt me.” Yu Shao shook his head.’But my vines can’t handle you either. It looks like you are a lot of trouble.

As soon as Yin Han’s eyes became cold, all the vines were covered with a layer of frost, as if becoming one with the ice cones to form numerous ice spines. They quickly rushed towards Yu Shao, dense to the point that they could not be avoided.

Just as the ice spur was about to hit him — “I’m almost tired of it.” Yu Shao’s expression became indifferent.

Yin Han’s face changed abruptly. He put his hand over his chest but blood poured out from the corners of his mouth. He felt as if something suddenly grew out of his body “…. What is this?”

“Just when you were touched by the vines, the seeds of the vines entered your body.” Yu Shao enthusiastically introduced, “The vines will germinate and grow within your body, nourish themselves on your powers, and grow directly out of your body when you are finally squeezed dry… How interesting.”

Shao Ci: “!” F*ck, so ferocious, and the vine seed couldn’t be guarded against making it impossible for an ordinary person to win against the villain BOSS.

Yin Han’s voice said, “Even if I die, I will kill you before that…”

But at the next moment, more blood was pouring out of his mouth. His body shook and he could only support himself by a column of ice. He looked very sick and weak.

“I’m sorry you didn’t have that chance.” Yu Shao smiled and the frozen black vines that were originally hurtling towards his body broke through their encasing to head towards Yin Han.

Shao Ci: “!” F*ck, if Yin Han was pierced, the essential part of the story would fall apart and he would be Yu Shao’s for a lifetime!

Shao Ci did not know where strength burst out from as he rushed towards Yin Han. He shook off Yu Shao’s hand and blocked the vines with his own body as he pushed Yin Han behind him.

Like a sharp knife, the vines pierced directly into Shao Ci’s body. Stirred up like living creatures, they constantly absorbed blood. If he were a normal person, he would have died painfully.

Fortunately, under the pain shield of the system, Shao Ci can only feel the pain within the tolerance limit. But even so, with the continuous blood loss, his face had become extremely pale, looking very painful.

“Xiao Ci?!” Yin Han’s face changed as he supported Shao Ci’s body. Although his face remained calm, his eyes were full of panic.

“I…” Before Shao’s words were uttered, he coughed up a large mouthful of blood, most of which splashed onto Yin Han, “Cough cough… oh, I’m sorry… Dirtied your clothes…”

“Now is not the time to talk about clothes.” Yin Han suddenly embraced Shao Ci and said, “When I kill this monster, I’ll take you back… You have healing powers. You’ll be okay.”

“Let… Let me see your wound first… Shao Ci closed his eyes and used healing powers on Yin Han’s body.

The germinated vine seed grew very fast but under the impact of the power, the newly-born root system withered rapidly until only the seed was left. When the seed was about to be wiped out completely, it rushed directly into Shao Ci’s body at a very fast speed.

Shao Ci sprayed blood again under such impact. Hey, wait a minute. The person who had to suffer such a move became himself in an instant… Why his existence so miserable?

“Until when do you plan to reminisce?” Yu Shao, with a voice of grievance, spoke from behind. “It’s clear that you’re going to accompany me…I overlooked the possibility of being forgotten when you see someone else.” Speaking the last few sentences, his voice had changed from sweet and intimate to his usual iciness.

“You monster.” Yin Han’s eyes looked past Shao Ci at Yu Shao. Due to being drained by the vine seeds, his body was on the verge of collapse and seemed like he couldn’t do the simple task of moving.

But Shao Ci was very clear, in the future Yin Han would be someone irreplaceable! However, with his current strength, he was absolutely unable to deal with Yushao.

“Stop it.” Shao Ci grabbed Yin Han’s hand and said the rest of the words, “You go quickly… I… It will be alright… You leave quickly, and then…”

Then you must come and save people! He could not have sacrificed so much in vain!

After saying this, Shao Ci used the teleportation skill provided by the system and suddenly pushed Yin Han away.
Yin Han didn’t expect Shao Ci to push him away at this time. He reached out to grab Shao Ci but the next moment was dark.

Under the system’s prompt sound, Yin Han’s figure disappeared in place instantly.

After all this, Shao Ci finally breathed a sigh of relief. He collapsed backward and was held up by Yu Shao, who had been watching.

“I’ve heard what Xiao Ci gege just said. It’s sad. I’m really surprised that you didn’t want to stay with me so much and did so much for that man.” Yu Shao’s face was terribly cold. His hand slid down the back of Shao Ci, touched the vines that pierced Shao Ci’s body gently, and pulled on them hard. Shao Ci’s body jerked instantly.

“It hurts, huh? This is the punishment for bad children. If I get angry, I will do something bad.”

Now it’s already scary. Did he want to finish him off by scaring him to death?

Shao Ci thought that he had saved the Yin Han before and did not know what to do when he faced Yu Shao. He immediately resigned himself to Yu Shao’s mercy and said, “… Let me die like this.”

The next moment, the vines in Shao Ci’s body were pulled out stiffly. This process was more painful than before (although the shielding effect of the system has almost reduced the pain of 10%) but Shao Ci felt pain as long as he had the brain power to mend what happened in his body and his tears fell down.

“You can’t say that.” Yu Shao spoke coldly, then lowered his head, gently kissed away the tears on Shao Ci’s face, and his tone lightened again. “Xiao Ci gege, you promised to stay with me even if you died… Don’t think you can get rid of me so easily.”

Shao Ci suddenly remembered that Yu Shao was the Zombie King. What he said, he could really do it as long as Shao Ci turned into a zombie.

… No, he doesn’t want this kind of development!

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  1. Yin Han x Shao Ci~

    Hara-san, thank you for the guidance!

    YS x SC ship you may have tried to entice me to your dark side but nay! Hara-san and my trust with the YH x SC ship will prevail! ML species are known for their ice block-ness!!!!!

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    Thank you for the chapter~!!!

    This was a rollercoaster ride.

    Can SC escape the Yandere Zombie King and return to his hubby? I really hope so!

    I will pray to BL Gods tonight!

    May the BL Gods be with you YH x SC ship!

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  2. ovo;;

    haha… Shao Ci is in a tough spot now…Will our unfortunate MC escape his fate as a zombie waifu, or will he succumb to the zombie king’s advances? Stay tuned until the next chapter…

    Mmh, but I do wonder what’s going to happen to him now.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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