CPFLWV Chapter 8.2

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When the captain heard her statement, he immediately corrected her with a serious face and said, “It’s ability users, not maggots. Song Shuxian, you really should change your knife-like mouth otherwise you don’t know how many ability users you will offend if you go on like this.”

“Those maggots… Well, those ability users were once ordinary humans, not trained in special combat skills, and now they want to fight with zombies of the same level whose skills, strength, and experience are far higher than theirs? And those ordinary people are even worse than that, unable to even look at the gore and blood of battle directly… Forgive me for not being able to evaluate this battle.” Song Shuxian said expressionlessly.

Among the major bases in Y city, the best ability user was only at level 3 and this level was only because the base leaders had stocked up on crystal nuclei from zombies. Combat experience was almost entirely disregarded.

Furthermore, ability users often needed to absorb crystal nuclei in order to improve their abilities. Those who believed they were different from ordinary people and were immeasurably satisfied with their strengths became complacent and hesitant to dirty their hands at the risk of dying at the hands of more evolved zombies!

One actively evolved, the other was passive and evasive… This was true of all men who dared to represent the highest fighting capability of mankind. The future of mankind was indeed uncertain!

The captain said helplessly: “After all, the corpse tide was too fast, the base had no time to prepare.”

Song Shuxian sneered, “Once you enter the Apocalypse, you must always be ready for battle and death!”

Seeing the tense atmosphere, a handsome young man in his twenties* rushed out to mediate, “This is justifiable, after all, both the ability users and ordinary people have just recovered from the start of the Apocalypse. It is impossible to be as fearless of death and pain as a zombie and to be able to be perfectly a hundred percent ready for combat!”

*T/N: Does anyone else feel like this is the protagonist?

Song Shuxian snorted coldly, but she no longer spoke. Now the most important thing was to eradicate high-level zombies, even someone as headstrong* as Song Shuxian knows the importance.

*T/N: but she’s right thoughhh

This woman named Song Shuxian, no one knew what she was thinking. She was clearly one of the most powerful ability users in the base but her attitude towards other ability users was completely hostile. Although the attitude towards ordinary people was not friendly, but compared to the attitude towards the ability users, it could be regarded as “respect for the wise”.

As the corpse tide approached, all members of the first team of ability users sprung into action instantly, either turning invisible, burrowing into the ground, or using camouflage to hide their own traces. In the next second, there were hardly any traces of human existence.

“Uh, that’s…?”

Suddenly a voice of astonishment could be beard from the young man that had spoken before.

“Damn it!” The captain whispered, “Do you want the zombies to find us?”

“I’m sorry, Captain… but that’s incredible. Look at three o’clock, a thousand meters away from us.” There was also a sound of overwhelming surprise in the young man’s tone.*

*P/N: I guess the author felt we didn’t know he was astonished the first time

All the invisible ability users immediately looked at the direction pointed out by the young man with their sniper scopes. In the distance, they saw an area surrounded by corpses. Two women were standing, each on a building several stories high. They were constantly generating a lot of water or flame with their hands and shooting them towards the zombies below.

In the sniper scopes*, it could be seen that they were two young girls. Their skill in using their ability was incredible. The water ability girl controlled the flow of water to stretch into a film about 45 meters long and wide before throwing it down towards the dozens of zombies. The heads of the zombies were covered and then melted, leaving the crystal nuclei to fly towards the girl’s hands.

*P/N: thanks for the reminder that they are peeping on two women and not doing anything

The girl with the fire ability’s way was more gorgeous. With every wave of her hand, several flames were compressed to the size of fists.* Once a zombie touched even a little spark, it immediately burnt into ashes. The crystal nuclei were also carried by the flames back to the girl on the tall building to be absorbed.

*T/N: reminds me of Yang from RWBY

Their movements were orderly and continuous. Even when surrounded by tens of thousands of corpses, they were still calm and at ease. Every second, more than a dozen zombies died under their hands.

Whether in terms of killing technique or accuracy, the battle between the two girls was pleasurable to watch and was as gorgeous as art.*

*T/N: the song of ice and fire just popped into my head

Suddenly, the female water ability user seemed to sense something, turned around and looked directly towards the team of ability users*!

*P/N: Caught you peeping geezers!

Even though her face could not be seen clearly, it was still possible to feel those piercingly cold eyes overflowing with murder in that distance! Almost everyone felt like they were being stared at by the devil and their hearts stopped for a moment!

“That look… It shouldn’t be possible to notice us from such a distance! Can she see through our invisibility? I didn’t see wrong?!”

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