QTVW Chapter 4

I Need a Recap

When the way the author wrote the NSFPOS (Not Safe For Parents Over Shoulder) scene in this chapter resonates with me…

Thanks to Anon for topping up the full chapter counter and for giving me frappes in this season of trying-to-murder-me midterms (/^•^)/<3 <3🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️


An Mulan sat in the lounge, thinking about how to take revenge on Zhang Yao.

As far as Zhang Yao was concerned in the plot, she had a cruel mind and an overly imaginative obsession with Ling Xihan. Unlike other people in the story, she was one to guard against her heart, which was beneficial for taking revenge on the sly.

Thinking of this, An Mulan had an ominous foreboding, Zhang Yao met Lingxi Han’s chosen fiancees once the first time* and viciously destroyed them with malicious schemes so it seemed that Zhang Yao may soon start to attack her. An Mulan shivered involuntarily at the thought of the woman’s means of dealing with the original host.

*T/N: referring to the original host’s life

She gritted her teeth and thought to herself: During this period, she must grip Ling Xihan tightly and never let go. She must never give Zhang Yao a chance to harm her.

With this in mind, she took a college textbook out from her backpack and read while keeping an eye on the people in her surroundings.

After waiting for some time, An Mulan suddenly felt that someone was looking at her. She immediately raised her head and blinked her eyes. She saw that outside the lounge, Ling Xihan was discussing something with a group of people. The look just now was probably a random glance from Ling Xihan.

When An Mulan saw the President coming, she stuffed the books into her bag. Before she could walk over, Ling Xihan had already her conversation and come into the lounge. She frowned as she looked at her and asked coldly, “Why have you come?”

An Mulan’s expression was stiff as she stood up somewhat awkwardly and whispered to her, “I… I prepared some lunch at home, thinking that you may not have had a meal, so I came to give it. Sorry for coming without careful consideration, did I disturb you? I will leave now.”

Ling Xihan also saw the lunch box on the sofa. She squinted at her and said, “Now that you’re here, come up with me.” As she spoke, she walked out the door, handed a stack of papers in her hand to the assistant beside her with a few words, and headed for the elevator.

An Mulan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Anyway, this will be over soon.”

She packed up her schoolbag, took the lunch box off the sofa and chased Ling Xihan.

When the elevator arrived at the highest floor of the building, Ling Xihan gazed fixedly at Zhang Yao as she walked towards the president’s lounge at the end.

An Mulan, out of the corner of her eyes, caught a glimpse of Zhang Yao’s face – lonely and grim. She hastily hurried to follow Ling Xihan, making sure not to be more than half a meter behind.

They entered the lounge one after another. Ling Xihan unfastened the buttons on her shirt and a delicate white clavicle appeared. She sat casually on the sofa with the appearance of a model trying to seduce. An Mulan looked around the room and sat on the sofa not far from the side of Ling Xihan. She unpacked the lunch box and placed the meals on the wooden table close to Ling Xihan.

After doing this, she exposed a reserved smile and said, “I think the meals outside are all machine-made and have a relatively simple taste, so I came to you to deliver the meal of my own initiative. Next time I will tell you in advance, I hope you don’t get angry with me.”

With that, she passed the chopsticks to Ling Xihan’s hands and then looked at her with bright eyes.

Ling Xihan shook her head and said, “Tomorrow at this time, you can come directly to this lounge and wait for me.” She was covertly telling An Mulan she was permitting her behaviour.

An Mulan’s mouth curled at the corners upwards and sat on the sofa, eyeing the lounge.

She found that the decoration style here was very similar to Ling Xihan’s villa. The furniture here was very monotonous; there were only two brown sofas of the same style, two short wooden tables, the rest of the space was empty, the color of the walls and floors were entirely cold tones, and this room was extra large. Add all these together and it gave a sense of loneliness.

An Mulan sat quietly and when Ling Xihan had finished lunch, she immediately began to tidy up the lunch box. Ling Xihan, on the side, looked at her and said to her, “Tonight, there is a birthday party at the Li family residence. You will stay here and come with me when it is time.” Li family banquet? An Mulan’s heart was moved and she smiled as she said, “Okay.”

Ling Xihan didn’t stay long in the lounge and went back to work. An Mulan immediately followed her. Ling Xihan felt that An Mulan was especially close to herself today but it was not a bad thing so she didn’t refuse to let her follow into the president’s office.

An Mulan, feeling like she was about to be eaten alive by Zhang Yao’s gaze, went into the office and chose a chair nearby to sit down. She watched Ling Xihan walk to her desk and start signing documents. She also opened her backpack and took out the book she had been reading carefully. But internally, she was recalling the information about Li’s family.

Li family was a militaristic aristocratic family. Similar to An family and Qin family, it was also known as one of this world’s three famous families. Ling Xihan had long been ready to enter political circles which made Li family a focus of her attention.

After all, this was Ling Xihan’s first time taking her out into the gaze of the media. Today would not only express the union of the two families but she would also be introduced to Ling Xihan’s acquaintances tonight. Therefore, she must perform well at this evening’s banquet in order to raise her favourability in Ling Xihan’s heart.

In the original host’s intermittent memory, she did not attend the party because she had been locked up by her father because of her divorce. Later, she realized that the protagonist of the banquet was Li Jiaruo, the eldest daughter of the Li family, whose twentieth birthday was on that day. Li Jiarou is also a pitiful person. When referring to her, the book once wrote a sentence: a female paragon of nobility.

She was in the Li family not only because she was very outstanding but also the only daughter. Hence, the Li family treated her very kindly and naturally made sure to invite a lot of celebrities to attend this birthday party.

At the beginning, the guests and hosts really enjoyed themselves and the ceremony was quite successful. At the banquet, news of the union between the Li and Zhang families was announced.

But the next day, the major newspapers and media published a “Li family’s daughter” exposé. In the early morning of the second day of the banquet, Li Jiarou was found in public, naked and intertwined with about seven or eight men.

Li Jiarou’s reputation was utterly destroyed, her marriage was ruined, and she committed suicide the same day.

In the middle of the story, it was from the mouth of Mr. Zhang’s younger brother, Zhang Yao, that the truth of the story was revealed.

In fact, it was Mr. Zhang, who took a fancy to the female lead and was very dissatisfied with his marriage partner but could not refuse because of family reasons. So he thought of such a way, which not only solved the marriage problem, but also allowed them to suppress the Li family forces for thousands of years until they eventually destroyed it.

An Mulan saw the storyline and ridiculed it in her heart: the female lead of this novel indeed carried a Mary Sue halo. Every man can fall down beneath her skirt and all women end up with a bad ending.*

*T/N: except for your hubby

This moronic kind of “true love” was just a piece of writing with three incorrect worldviews. As the administrator of the space-time system, she entered the task world to complete the task under the random screening of the system. It could be imagined as a covert way of supervising and keeping space-time order.

An Mulan suddenly thought: tonight is the banquet time, she should take advantage of this matter and avoid catastrophe, a good crackdown on Zhang family’s forces and the possible gain of a confidante.

So, for the rest of the time, An Mulan deduced how the evening banquet would progress, memorized all the important points, and then she just had to wait for the official opening of the battle.

She looked up around the office in a good mood, then her eyes fell naturally on the body of Ling Xihan.

Ling Xihan was sitting in an office chair at this time. Her face was still cold and heartless, her lips were raised, and her eyebrows were gently frowning. The document speed was very fast; she stopped from time to time, then bowed her head and signed something quickly and smoothly. Her earnest work looked really refreshing.

Due to Ling Xihan’s mood being great, An Mulan’s courage was much greater. Her eyes reflected Ling Xihan’s features from her beautiful eyebrows to her narrow dark eyes, her straight nose, her light pink lips, and her temperament fell slightly short but this face was beautiful enough. Even in this future world where everyone was beautiful, her face was very outstanding.

An Mulan was all smiles. Suddenly, she met a pair of eyes in which she could not see the mood. While she was shocked, she heard the owner of the eyes say, “How do I look?”

“You’re beautiful,” An Mulan blurted out, then her heart became alarmed as she immediately saw the other side’s eyes narrow, she thought and continued to say softly:”…I like it very much.” After that, her cheeks turned red.

Perhaps this sentence touched Ling Xihan’s sensitive nerve. She let out a soft laugh, put down the pen in her hand, and then got up and went to lean over* An Mulan. Although she was thin, her tall figure completely enveloped the small Amulan.

*T/N: kabe-don but on a couchhhh (>•<)

She lifted An Mulan’s chin lightly/gently* and her fair and cool fingertips slid down her cheeks to her lips. Then she pressed and rubbed them as if she were testing the softness of her lips with her fingers.

*T/N: originally in the text

For the first time, An Mulan felt so frivolous* that she was really embarrassed but was unable to move because she was suppressed by the other party’s momentum so she could only sit there and blush.

*T/N: maybe because she usually takes initiative (refer to ch. 1.1)

An Mulan felt the fingers on her lips dyed her body a warmer temperature and then the fingers suddenly increased their strength. Two fingers pressed down on her lower lip creating a space for which to enter.

The fingers caused chaos in her mouth, pressing down on her jaw, capturing her tongue, and even pushing them further on to a deeper place to make An Mulan cry uncomfortably.

Ling Xihan eyed the girl’s red cheeks and misty eyes, clear tears and saliva added color to this beautiful picture.

She pulled her fingers out satisfactorily, tracing her drool-covered fingers along An Mulan’s cheek before sliding them down one side of her earlobe to her clavicle. She slowly pulled back her hand when she felt An Mulan’s quickly beating heart and turned back to her desk.

Only An Mulan, who was left gaping, had a look of shame and indignation flash across her face, and then shouted wildly in her heart: Hello! Did you wash your hands?!*

*T/N: her reaction is my reaction when this began

Ling Xihan took out paper towel from the desk to wipe her hands*, then tapped on the electronic screen and said to the assistant at the other end of the screen, “Acquire two dresses, one in my daily size, the other is the princess skirt.”

*T/N: *wonders why she is so prepared*

The man opposite seemed to ask some questions. Then Ling Xihan suddenly turned around, looked at An Mulan from head to foot, and said, “36, 24, 34.”* Then, hung up.

*T/N: the hourglass figure

In An Mulan’s mind, a group of grass-mud horses were running wild! This woman could guess her BWH ratio just using her eyes?!

Afterwards, until the little assistant brought in the dress, An Mulan kept her head down, looking like a flower vase in the President’s office. Her eyes did not blink when she saw it.

After the assistant put the dress on the sofa, he closed the door and left.

An Mulan looked at the princess pink dress, lifted it up, shook it, turned it around several times and asked in a low voice, “Change now?”

Ling Xihan nodded and came around the desk to pick up her dark dress and said, “In a few minutes, we have to leave so change now.” With that, she began to unfasten the buttons of her shirt one by one and locked eyes with An Mulan.

The shirt was wide open, An Mulan blushed and glanced at the other’s figure carefully. She found that although Ling Xihan was tall and thin, there was definitely some meat on her body. Her waist was very good-looking. Against the broad shirt, her waist was quite slender but it did not give people a feeling of vulnerability because it had the outline of four abdominal muscles.

An Mulan: “Good and strong!”*

*T/N: she wants vigor in her hubby, I see

Ling Xihan frowned, took off her trousers and underclothes, and then asked indifferently, “Quickly change, don’t dawdle.”

What’s wrong with An Mulan admiring? She felt that this person was very dense. How can she still be indifferent in such an ambiguous atmosphere? Facial paralysis was indeed a good thing!

She used her coat to cover herself while changing and in a hurry, was not careful with her dress.

Her hair was stuck in the zipper at the back of the dress.

Ling Xihan had already changed into her dress. The tight skirt wrapped around her figure perfectly. She glanced at the busy An Mulan. Then she asked enthusiastically, “Can I help you?”

An Mulan immediately gave her a pitiful and teary look, Ling Xihan could not help laughing as she came over. The cool fingers seemed to be unconscious of the fact that as they traced across An Mulan’s back, her body trembled.

She turned her head carefully and the grievance on her face could not be hidden. Ling Xihan suddenly felt guilty. She quickly took her hair out of the zipper and pulled the zipper up. She thought to herself that this pitiful innocent expression was really suitable for An Mulan. She was eager to see it more and wondered if she should bully her more often in the future.

An Mulan, unaware:…

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