BMPP Chapter 16

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“No, I don’t wanna…” Shao Ci bit his lower lip and stretched his hand out to hold onto Yu Shao’s sleeve. “I’ll listen well in the future…” He’s not going to become a zombie!

Seeing Yu Shao’s indifference, Shao Ci ground his teeth and kissed the fair cheek of his captor. He broke all his rules and said, “I love you.”

To make it simple, confessing was an important way to improve feelings. At this point, it’s okay to do such a shameless thing if it would save his life.

“In order to survive, Xiao Ci gege can even tell such a lie.” Yu Shao said so but he reached out to hold Shao Ci and sighed slightly: “So cunning, I know it’s false but I’m still very happy…”

Such a rotten method is so useful?!*

*T/N: When Shao Ci has become nearly as shameless as his system…

“Don’t think it will fool me to forget the past but I will still keep it in mind for today.” Yu Shao changed the topic of discussion, “Xiao Ci gege, you care about Yin Han. So, as long as you don’t use healing powers to heal your wounds, how about I don’t go after him? This is your punishment.”

Shao Ci’s face became ugly. If he didn’t heal such a serious injury, wouldn’t he have to lie in bed for ten days to half a month? Maybe that’s what Yu Shao wants.

If this was the only way to save Yin Han’s life, he would tolerate until it passed.

“If that’s what you say, then I won’t use powers.” Shao Ci said this sentence almost in tears… Even if there was a system to shield him from most of the pain, it was still very uncomfortable!

“Well, good boy.” Yu Shao whispered, “Sure enough, I still like you the most. Unlike my brother who is full of lies, what I say is true…”

Shao Ci listened to him say these words but his ears had already grown calluses. In the end, he finally fainted because of blood loss.


When he woke up, Shao Ci found himself in a soft bed. His body ached everywhere, especially where he had been punctured by vines. He looked down and saw that the wound had been wrapped with gauze…He was too dizzy to wonder how Yu Shao had done it.

Shao Ci struggled to get out of bed using the nightstand and looked around. It was probably a hotel room with a soft carpet on the floor and small adjoining bathroom On the opposite side of the bed, there was a ceiling-to-floor window which occupied the entire wall.

Looking out of the window, many tall buildings can be seen. If you have better eyesight, countless zombies can also be seen below. Yes, it’s really S City’s downtown. Shao Ci had just said it casually but now Yu Shao had really brought him here.*

*T/N: Wowwwwww, not recognizing his love for you is realllll

Looking at the weather outside, he probably slept all night and now it’s the next day.

Then Shao Ci turned around and looked in the direction of the door. He knew clearly that he could not leave but he still decided to try his luck and put his hand on the handle of the door. He pushed the door open easily.

Then, he saw the corridor full of vines and various variant plants. Yu Shao stood at the door and smiled at him. “Xiao Ci gege, what’s wrong? Want to run away? That won’t do.”

Suddenly seeing Yu Shao smile, Shao Ci was shocked. He subconsciously took a step back and pulled on his abdomen wound. His legs turned to jelly and he started to fall towards the ground.

Several vines drilled out of the ground to support Shao Ci so that he could not fall to the ground miserably, although being supported by the vines was not much better.

“I didn’t want to run away, I just wanted to take a look around…” Shao Ci quickly explained, “And how can I run away with so many zombies below?”

“Is that right? I’ll just have to believe you this once.” Yu Shao slowly came over, bent down, stretched out his hand and pressed several times on Shao Ci’s wound. The white gauze was quickly dyed light red and Shao Ci could not help hissing a few times.

“So careless. The wounds are all easy to reopen.” Yu Shao grasped Shao Ci’s hand and said lightly, “Although the wound healed by the healing ability can recover quickly, if no powers are used, the wound will recover slower than ordinary people and during this time, the whole body will be powerless…”

Shao Ci looked at Yu Shao with astonishment: “!” In that case, what’s the difference between him and a handicapped person? And why does Yu Shao know a setting that had not been written in the original text? Was this the power of a genius scientist?…

“Now is just the beginning.” Yu Shao’s tone of voice began to get a little excited. Holding Shao Ci’s hand to his cheek, his light red eyes seemed to emit light, “After a few days, Xiao Ci gege can not even pick up the spoon… No matter what you do, you can only rely on me. Without me, you can’t do anything. Without me, you can’t live. What a wonderful future!”*

*T/N: Love how he said all this aloud #Yu_Shao_wants_that_hospital_setting_type_of_romance

… It’s not wonderful at all!! There were still a few days to go? Now he’s already too weak to walk okay?

Shao Ci felt that his three views were being remolded once again since crossing over but considering that Yu Shao is not a normal person… No, there was never a doubt he was not a normal person. It should not be surprising that he came up with such a strange idea. As long as pressed on for this period of time, in the future, he could be free!

Then Yu Shao picked up Shao Ci, carefully placed him on the bed, and reached out to touch the wound on his abdomen again. “It must be very painful. If you want to cry, it’s okay. I won’t laugh at Xiao Ci gege.”

“It’s still tolerable.” Shao Ci spoke and quickly realized what he had said. If Yu Shao listened and messed with his wound to the extent that he could not bear it…he quickly said, “I am hungry… I haven’t eaten for more than ten hours.”

Sure enough, this sentence succeeded in diverting Yu Shao’s attention. He took out a crystal nucleus again. The red crystal nucleus emitted a beautifully colored light under the sunshine. “In fact, there are many things in the city. Does Xiao Ci gege want to eat the food of normal people?”

Of course, was this still something to ask?!

However, Shao Ci knew that he couldn’t express his thoughts in his heart. He followed the other side’s hints and said, “Whatever food you feed me, it’s good.”

Sure enough, after hearing Shao Ci’s words, Yu Shao’s eyes happily squinted up upwards at the edges and bowed his head and kissed Shao Ci. “I ought to give Xiao Ci gege normal food but now you are injured. The nutrition provided by those foods are still too little…”

So, crystal nucleus are more nutritious than ordinary food? In fact, Shao Ci doubted whether he would be foolish enough to continue to eat the crystal nucleus but when he thought about how ability users would normally take the crystal nucleus to absorb energy, this was just another way to absorb it.

Then, there was the routine mouth-to-mouth play with crystal nuclei. After that, Shao Ci had to take a few gasps to restore his breathing. He took the cup Yu Shao handed over and drank the water within it. Fortunately, this time Yu Shao didn’t force him to cry any more and this shameful thing would only be done once.

“Speaking of which, would it be too boring to just stay here?” Yu Shao leaned closer to Shao Ci and held his face as he said, “Doesn’t Xiao Ci gege think so?”

Although it’s boring, it’s not a common thing for Yu Shao to want to do something. Shao Ci almost sprayed water out of his mouth as he said, “No, I think it’s interesting to stay with you. How can it be boring?”

“So happy that Xiao Ci gege would coax me.” Yu Shao smiled and said, “In that case, I will temporarily move the original plan back a few days so that those people in the base can enjoy a few more days of leisure.”

Shao Ci continued to drink water, “…” Always used to feel invisible when doing something good, now one has found their purpose and realized that they must sacrifice themselves to please the villain BOSS in order to save others, ah, why was this so touching?

In addition, he was finally beginning to understand how Yu Shao thinks. As long as he toes the line, nothing terrible would happen.

“But after drinking so much water, Xiao Ci gege will want to go to the toilet.” Yu Shao suddenly
said such a thing.

Shao Ci spurted water directly this time.

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