BMPP Chapter 17.1

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Yu Shao had such an idea. No wonder he had him drink so much water!

“No, I don’t want to.” Shao Ci quickly said. Granted that he had already given up on being moral, if he really allowed Yu Shao to take him to the toilet… Just thinking about it, he felt like he was going to faint.

“Hm.” Yu Shao just looked at him with a smile and said, “Anything you want, Xiao Ci gege can just tell me.”

Shao Ci: “…!” Why does this matter seem so intimate? !

Later on, Shao Ci felt like he was sitting on pins and needles. He was afraid of going to the toilet when he needed to go. Fortunately, Yu Shao did not know he needed to go so soon.

“Great, right now.” Shao Ci bit his lip and moved the parts of his body with his hands slowly towards the bedside. Although he could use his powers to cure himself secretly, who knows if Yu Shao would find out. If he was found out, would his hard work not be in vain?

It was so difficult to move to the bedside. Shao Ci suddenly thought of four words to describe himself – physically handicapped and ambitious.

While feeling this way, Shao Ci fell unsteadily to the ground. When he was about to fall on the carpet, several vines suddenly grew out of the ground, catching him.

Shao CI: “! !”

“Sometimes Xiao Ci gege just doesn’t like to say what he is thinking. That’s not very good.” Yu Shao’s voice came from just outside the door. Then he came in and looked down at Shao Ci. “Why don’t you just tell me if you want to go to the toilet?”

“How can you say that?” Shao Ci struggled to get down from the vines but his body became more tightly entangled until he could not exert anymore strength.

“No.” Yu Shao stroked his face and said, “Xiao Ci gege should treat me as the closest person. I’d like to do whatever you say to do.”

Yu Shao bent over and picked up Shao Ci and walked towards the bathroom. In order to stop the other party from escaping from reality, he specially slowed down the speed just to see Xiao Ci gege’s face and ears turn red.

When they arrived at the toilet, Yu Shao held Shao Ci in a gesture like holding a child. He slowly pulled down his trousers and whispered in his ear, “Ok?”

“No, no, I can’t…” Shao Ci’s body stiffened up, feeling ashamed. He wished he could run into a wall as he became more aware of the intense feeling in the lower part of his body.

“It’s already this time. Doesn’t Xiao Ci gege believe me yet?” Unlike ordinary zombies, Yu Shao’s saliva contained a substance that can temporarily excite human beings.

The sensation of sharp teeth cutting through skin made him feel numb all over. The sensation is like lightning surging all over his body causing Shao Ci to become slightly distracted. By the time he regained his senses, he heard the sound of liquid dribbling.

All of a sudden, Shao Ci’s face and neck were dyed red. As it was too shameful, tears fell down.

“Wasn’t that easy?” As Yu Shao said this, he kissed Shao Ci on the cheek, helped him clean up, and pulled up his pants. “Xiao Ci gege is so cute. I like you best…”
S City’s base

After getting the information from the old research institute, S city had made great progress in studying the strengthening fluid. It had strong side effects, it could only temporarily improve strength and strength will take several months to restore after use.*
*T/N: when Yu Shao is too OP compared to an entire set of researchers…

Yin Han, who was only one step away from advancing, could grow rapidly with the use of the strengthening fluid but becoming too strong may cause mental problems or even loss of memory and other consequences.

Because of these consequences, Yin Han could not make up his mind. He was afraid that he would forget Shao Ci. Remembering the last incident, he was still in a trance. He didn’t know how Shao Ci teleported him away. Does he still have the teleportation ability? Then, why did Shao Ci not leave himself?

Anyway, Yin Han was determined to rescue Shao Ci.

At this time, the base had also found the center of S City strange, mainly the Downtown Hotel. The way it crawled with mutant plants was too eye-catching. Just with a glance, one would know there was a problem.

Only Yu Shao would be so arrogant. He wanted everyone to know where he was. Anyway, he was bored. He was very welcoming to those who wanted to die by his hands.

After learning the news, Yin Han immediately packed up his stuff and went to the city center. Last time, he was negligent. This time, as long as he paid attention, he would surely bring Shao Ci back.

Others did not know the situation at that time, nor did they expect Yin Han to lose so they did not stop him.

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  1. Here lies Shao Ci’s Dignity…

    Ripped to shreds by Yu Shao.

    Thank you for the chapters!

    Wow, I hope YH rescues his wifey soon! Or else his wifey will get bullied until he can’t fight back anymore!

    Stay strong Shao Ci!

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  2. I don’t get it.
    That bathroom scene.

    Especially the part where it says “Yu Shao’s saliva has an arousing effect”… like what does that mean?
    Were they kissing or something? Uh why? They were going to the bathroom.
    And why did YS bite MC to make him go to the bathroom? Like what? Why?
    What? Im so confused


      1. Oh. I got that.? But it was weird to read. They were just walking to the bathroom. And all of a sudden they are talking about saliva.
        Did they like kiss?


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