BMPP Chapter 17.2

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After returning to bed, Shao Ci burrowed himself into the quilt. He wished that he would never have to come out. No matter how much Yu Shao coaxed outside, he acted as though he hadn’t heard it.

“Xiao Ci gege, I’m wrong. Come out quickly. I’ll never do that again.” Yu Shao sat at the bedside and said softly, “If you come out, I’ll take you out for a walk next time… Xiao Ci gege also wants to go out, right?

After listening to this sentence, Shao Ci forgot everything from before in an instant.

Although very shameful*, the yearning for the outside world still overwhelmed the shame. Spending all day in here bored to no end, Shao Ci very much wanted to go out to stroll. Plus, there couldn’t be anything more for Yu Shao to do wrong**.
*T/N: *nods* Author-san, I agree but I’ll *blames the System*

**T/N: why raise this flag for yourself, Shao Ci?

Seeing that the quilt was pulled open, Shao Ci, whose eyes were red, looked over carefully and said in a low voice, “Is it true?”

Yu Shao had the feeling that his heart had been struck. He kissed Shao Ci on his face several times, then hugged him and the quilt together and murmured, “Xiao Ci gege, you will always be by my side…”

Shao Ci, who had experienced such shameful things, said the next words with no shame in his heart, “Of course. I’ll be there for you.”

Because the words of Shao Ci were so sincere that even Yu Shao can’t find anything wrong. He went outside happily with Shao Ci.

After going downstairs, Shao Ci first noticed that the building was almost completely covered by mutant plants. Then he found that Yu Shao had prepared a wheelchair outside. So intimate…

“Xiao Ci gege can go anywhere he wants.” Yu Shao put Shao Ci on the wheelchair and said with a smile, “There is no one else here.”

The street was really empty. Having no one was normal but Shao Ci was shocked that there were not even zombies. Most ability users do not dare to come knowing that the city center was the place with the most zombies. Now they were probably frightened away by Yu Shao…

Although Yu Shao was known as the Zombie King, he would also eat mutant zombie nuclei when there was no human food… If he wanted to, he could also use his ability to produce a number of mutant zombies.

“Speaking of which, Xiao Ci gege’s clothes have been worn for a long time. It’s time to change to some new clothes.” Yu Shao suggested, “Let’s go to the nearby shopping mall?”

The street was very quiet. Only the sound of the wind blowing could be heard. The originally chaotic street was now clean*, probably because Yu Shao had used his mutant plants to clear, as the shops on both sides of the road still had the same messy look.

*T/N: it was kind of funny to imagine Yu Shao ordering zombies to pick up garbage

It was not long before they came to the nearby shopping mall, which occupied a considerable area. It had been robbed of its food since the beginning of the Apocalypse but few people took clothes and daily necessities so they were in good condition.

Shao Ci had no idea that he would have such a leisurely shopping time after his death. He could take whatever he wanted from the whole shopping mall and not have to worry about where a zombie will jump out from.

Yu Shao was very happy to choose several clothes and said, “Now try it on.” As soon as he spoke, he began to stretch toward Shao Ci’s clothes, unexpectedly intending to change clothes for Shao Ci right here*.

*T/N: *prepares popcorn* you raised this flag for yourself, Shao Ci

F*ck! Even if no one was around in this place, there were still ghosts.

Shao Ci’s body was shocked. “Wait, not here! It’s just a few clothes. I can just wear them later anyway.”

[Daily task refreshed: the current task is to kiss the target once. Please refuel the target. ]

Shao Ci: “!” What? !

Previously, although he was pretending to be a jilao*, the task was very ordinary – healing or praise and so on. What’s up with this task? What happened to befriending? Would you do this to your friends?

*T/N: slang for gay guy

Even if everyone thought he was a jilao, Shao Ci still wanted to avoid becoming one.

Yu Shao, like sensing something, frowned out of the window and whispered, “Hm, there’s a bug coming in…” *

*T/N: wow Yu Shao wow

Shao Ci who was in an internal struggle did not notice Yu Shao’s unusual movements at all. Then, he finally made up his mind and grabbed Yu Shao’s sleeve gently with his hand.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Yu Shao immediately leaned over to him and said, “What’s wrong with Xiao Ci gege?”

“You can come over a little more…” Shao Ci said and when Yu Shao came over to him obediently, he took a deep breath and kissed him on his lips.

At this moment, Shao Ci felt that he had no more moral integrity.

What he did not know was that Yin Han, who had come all the way to find him, was hiding in the opposite building and had just witnessed all this.

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