BMPP Ch. 18

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After being kissed by Shao Ci, Yu Shao was shocked slightly. Then he reached out and hugged him. “Xiao Ci gege is so cunning… In that case, I can’t do anything excessive to you any more…”

Hey, did you really want to do strip play here?

Shao Ci was definitely relieved.

“Xiao Ci gege, you stay here. I’ll take care of something else and be back soon. Don’t run around?” Then Yu Shao stood up, touched his face and left quickly.

Even if there was no Befriending the Most Powerful Person system, Shao Ci would not run. Here in the centre of S city where the number of zombies were the most, running was simply looking for death. So he sat here very calmly and waited.

Until an acquaintance appeared in front of him.

“Xiao Ci…” The pale Yin Han slowly came forward as Shao Ci’s face had turned somewhat ugly. He opened his hand gently to Shao Ci and said, “Come with me.”

F*ck, why are you here?!

Shao Ci was frightened at first and when he realized that Yin Han had not yet advanced, he began to say, “No… No… I can’t leave yet…”

“Why?” Yin Han’s smile faded for a few minutes. “Clearly now is the best time to escape. What reason do you want to stay here? Follow me.”

Saying this, Yin Han directly grasped Shao Ci’s hand. In this instant, Shao Ci only felt that the place touched by Yin Han was like being shocked by electricity. Subconsciously, Shao Ci threw Yin Han’s hand away.

【In order to enforce the idea of making friends with only one person at a time and to safeguard the rights and interests of the current target, the system added a new function, which will make the host uncomfortable if it touches anyone other than the target. 】 The system sounded.

Shao Ci: “!!” F*ck ah! System, can you not protect the rights and interests of the target, what is with the sudden appearance of this function ah?!

Looking up to see the extremely unsightly complexion of Yin Han’s face, Shao Ci suddenly explained, “No, I absolutely don’t mean to abandon you, just…”

“Have you fallen in love with that monster?” Yin Han did not hesitate to say, “For him, you would rather stay here than go with me. He is more important than me in your heart? Aren’t we lovers?*”

*T/N: *spit-takes tea* whe-when did they confirm their status as lovers?

What kind of love triangle was this? And when did they become lovers? Shao Ci felt obliged to say, “No, it’s not…”

“Then you leave with me and I’ll believe you.” Yin Han held out his hand again. His voice trembled a little, even with the hopeful look in his eyes. “As long as you grasp my hand, whatever happened before, I can forget it ever happened before.”

Shao Ci was stunned. He looked at the hand in front of him. He did not move for half a day. The light in Yin Han’s eyes slowly disappeared.

“… I’m sorry.” Shao Ci could only say that.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Yin Han burst into a low laugh. “I lost…” I lost to a monster…” After that, he stretched out his hand and held Shao Ci’s shoulder.

Shao Ci was still looking at him helplessly. He felt a burst of electric current rush through his body at the moment Yin Han’s hand held his shoulder. His face turned white with pain and he struggled constantly. “Wait a minute… Don’t touch me anymore… AH…”

Under such stimulation, Shao Ci fainted directly.

“Why…” When Yin Han saw that Shao Ci was in such pain only after being touched by him, his heart was so pained. Before, the relationship between the two people was definitely not like this…In the end, was it because his strength was not enough?

In the next moment, several vines suddenly emerged from the ground. Yin Han had been on alert since the beginning and flashed away quickly. When he looked back, Shao Ci had been surrounded by vines.

“I still think about who you are but now it turns out you are just an ex.” Yu Shao came in slowly from the outside. “Dare to come near Xiao Ci gege again and I will not let you go easily.”

As his sentence ended, countless vines burst open the floor and drilled towards Yin Han’s face.

With the experience of last time, Yin Han was more skillful in avoiding the vines but there were still too many vines in the end. Soon, he fell into the encirclement of the vines.

Gritting his teeth, Yin Han, regardless of the danger of being touched by vines, drilled directly through a gap on the vines, aiming countless ice cones towards Yu Shao.

“You’re too weak.” Yu Shao looked at the ice cones indifferently and with a wave of his hand, all the ice cones shattered.

The vine seeds that had invaded Yin Han’s body as he drilled through the gap sprouted as much as possible. He immediately fell to the ground, coughing up big mouthfuls of blood. As he held his chest, he looked at Yu Shao viciously.

“As you were once a favourite person of Xiao Co gege, I’ll let you go just this once… You can’t live like that anyway.” As Yu Shao spoke, he picked up the fainted Shao Ci and looked at him with a smile. “Xiao Ci gege will take good care of me so you can go safely.”

Yin Han wanted to say something but the blood kept pouring out of his mouth. His body was powerless so he could only watch the two men leave.

… No, how could he die here?

Yin Han took out a bottle of semi-finished strengthening liquid from his bosom with stubbornness in his eyes, which was originally taken in case, but now it has to be used.

Was it not because he was lacking in strength that he was worse than that monster? As long as he gets stronger, Shao Ci will come back.

Even if Shao Ci doesn’t like him anymore, he would have to stay by his side.

When Shao Ci came to his senses, he was already lying in the hotel bed and he had a headache when he tried to remember what had just happened.

He was unaware of if Yin Han was okay…but that was not important, who knew what Yin Han would think of him when he upgraded in the future? After he just said that, it would be good if Yin Han didn’t kill him together with Yu Shao.

All the good feelings he had worked so painstakingly for, utterly defeated in an instant and for what ah?

“Don’t worry, Xiao Ci gege. I didn’t kill that man.” When Yu Shao saw Shao Ci’s face full of sadness, he said, “Because I know Xiao Ci gege cares about him very much, I restrained myself so praise me quickly.”

Wait. Are you such a considerate person?

… Maybe the protagonist halo played a role.

After persuading himself, Shao Ci reached out, rubbed Yu Shao’s head, and blurted out, “What a good boy!”

“Speaking of Xiao Ci gege, you still have vine seeds in your body.” Suddenly Yu Shao spoke and reached out his hand to feel the wound on Shao Ci’s abdomen.

Shao Ci had forgetten about the seed. Suddenly, he was frightened by Yu Shao’s words. He had not forgotten the sad situation before when Yin Han almost died. “Can you take it out?”

“Although I would like to take it out, I can’t do it at the moment… The vines should be put into Xiao Ci’s body before they can be taken out*…” Yu Shao said.

*T/N: *a little confused*

Ah, was the original plot rated 18+ before? Why after he entered, does it seem to have died?

Shao Ci burst into a cold sweat. “Won’t I die…” Why does it always feels like life is not guaranteed at all?

“It’s alright. As long as I’m here, there will be no problem.” Yu Shao spoke slowly again, “As long as Xiao Ci gege stays with me… Otherwise, I don’t know if this seed will germinate.”

Shao Ci: “!” This was definitely threat ba! But why did he have a feeling that a flag has been raised?!

Well, it was no use worrying about this now. Everything had already developed to this level. Compared with Yin Han dying, this seed was nothing.

A month later…

In S City’s base, people nervously looked in the direction of the laboratory. Today, the air was not cold but because of the cold and penetrating air from the laboratory, everyone was wearing thick clothes.

A month ago, everyone was shocked when Yin Han returned covered in wounds and blood stains. Then, Yin Han proposed that he drink the strengthening fluid which had not been thoroughly tested and fell asleep.

One hand pushed the door open and Yin Han, dressed in black, emerged. There were still drops on the slightly long black hair. There were still traces of frost on the beautiful face. The dark eyes were too deep to see the bottom. Just standing there made people’s hearts palpitate.

The powerful momentum made the people standing outside take a step back.

“Let’s go.” Yin Han looked in the direction of the city center, gently reached out and touched the clothes which had been stained with Shao Ci’s blood. With an indescribable meaning in his eyes, he spoke, “Now I want to do something I have to do.”

He wanted to lock that disobedient lover to his side forever.

Onto this Arc’s End, We Go

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  1. “Yanderes in an Apocalyptic Zombie World”

    I would name it that or “Yandere Triangle”

    Thank you for the chapter! Nooo misunderstandings got them, dammit! That relationship destroying parasite!

    I hope YH succeeds in his endeavor!
    Fighting, Yin Han!
    Just hold on for a little while, Shao Ci!

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  2. *stil praying for YHxSC*

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