QTVW Chapter 5.1

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The Li family was located in the center of the city. The whole house was constructed into a classical castle style and occupied an extensive area. If you did not take the shuttle, it would take half an hour to walk from the outer wall to the Li House.

When An Mulan followed Ling Xihan to Li House, it was dusk. At this time, it was not completely dark. From time to time, luxury flying cars landed in the vast parking lot. This magnificent castle, under the sunset, showed a strong historical charm.

An Mulan looked at this scene which inexplicably felt familiar.

She remembered that when she was still alive, she had seen many such sceneries. When she was young, she had the idea of traveling to see them for herself after she retired.

But now, she looked back at the woman in front of her eyes and lowered her head in silence.

She walked quietly by Ling Xihan’s side and watched her dealings with the nobles. In these moments, she suddenly changed her personality. She had a gentle smile on her face and looked very peaceful and easy to get along with. It was totally different from the indifference shown to her.

As An Mulan thought about it, she felt that this Ling Xihan was more real.

Although she was doing tasks in virtual space-time, everything in this space-time was real. Virtual space-time had its own set of space-time rules, which will automatically served to complement the BUG of the novel.

So even the cold Ling Xihan of the novel, when facing celebrities, was also a social person who knew the principle of gentleness, harmony and wealth.

And these days, An Mulan found that Ling Xihan was not truly cold-faced*, she was very socially-oriented. Even the times when she was confronted by An Mulan, Ling Xihan did not have a cold face as expected of a villain BOSS.
*T/N: someone who does not show feelings on their face

Maybe because they were not familiar with each other or maybe because she was useful but whenever it was just Ling Xihan and her, she was habitually silent, but did not display the cruel means from the novel that would make people hear the wind and lose gall*.
*闻风丧胆 – wén fēng sàng dǎn – feel terror-stricken

As she pondered, An Mulan also arranged a friendly smile on her face and greeted acquaintances on the path.

After reaching the door of the Li’s house, Ling Xihan submitted the invitation to the electronic screen on the door. After registering, they entered and a retro carriage stopped in front of them.

Ling Xihan helped An Mulan into the carriage, showing her care and attention towards An Mulan with every move so that outsiders could see their feelings were very good. People in the upper classes were used to acting; few of them stick to the truth but this mask was the most basic.

They got into the carriage and, after a short time, arrived at the castle garden from the Li family’s gate.

Ling Xihan stepped out of the carriage and graciously took An Mulan’s hand and led her into the crowd.

Since they left the closed area of the carriage, Ling Xihan had a gentle smile on her face. She talked with people very happily and introduced An Mulan to her business partners.

An Mulan knew it was a good opportunity to express herself. She immediately put on a proper gentle expression and greeted every introduced person.

Her every move was elegant, the very standard of a lady, which made her get the unanimous praise of the people around her and some giving Ling Xihan envious looks. The look in Ling Xihan’s eyes became more gentle.

After more than half an hour of pre-opening time, most of the guests that were expected to arrive had arrived. An Mulan and Ling Xihan had a tacit understanding as they moved to the edge of the crowd as the talking gradually quieted down.

Just then, the castle lights converged on the stairs and from the top, two women slowly came down holding hands.

One of them was a noble lady.

Her age was obviously not young, but it can be seen that her looks were well maintained to appear like she was in her early thirties.

Big pearls adorned her hair, ears, neck and even her dark purple dress was adorned with countless glistening diamonds; she looked like her body was luminous with the charm of a mature woman.

At this time, she raised her jaw slightly, her expression self-confident and noble. This was the female master of the Li family.

She was holding a girl of a young age and she looked five points similar, wearing a red cheongsam embroidered with exquisite peony flowers, which bloomed on the girl’s chest, waist and thigh until she seemed to be surrounded by peony flowers.

The expression on her face was also gentle, elegant, and quite charming.

Immediately after An Mulan was shocked, she realized that this woman was the protagonist of the birthday party, Li Jiarou, the eldest daughter of the Li family.

When the two females arrived before the head of the Li family, everyone seemed to return to their senses. The head of the Li family, Li Jiarou’s father, stood a little prouder and said, “Thank you for coming to my eldest daughter’s birthday dinner with your busy schedule. Don’t be polite. Enjoy the wonderful evening.”

After he spoke gracefully, he stepped aside and left the most central place for Li Jiarou. Li Jiarou smiled at him and then stepped forward. Another young man in a black evening suit stepped forward politely.

The man was tall and upright, the woman was beautiful and elegant. The two people were like the most suitable couple. Under the public’s eyes, they danced the first dance of tonight’s dinner.

An Mulan saw this scene and laughed in her heart. She knew that this man was Master Zhang. He looked like a human being but who would have thought that he would do such a thing?

Tonight was doomed to be an uneasy night. According to the plot and host’s memory, in this evening, there would be many shady matters.

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